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Installing mobile apps in Google Play (Android) offers.

68 290 rub. for 1 install

The service includes 1000 downloads, installations, and app openings on IOS.

989 790 rub. for 1 install

The service includes 10,000 downloads, installations, and app openings on IOS.

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Install, open, and launch the app. Service for IOS apps (App Store).

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Install, open, and launch the app. Search for an app by key in the App Store.

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Installation of the mobile application by users, high-quality downloads.


Installing IOS and Android apps in Google Play and App Store

App promotion is accompanied by the implementation of a special plan based on the main features of Google Play and the App Store. The main goals of such promotion are to create a new product (for example, a game), popularize information materials, goods, services, and intellectual resources, and simplify the process of interaction between the client and the customer company. All this is United by one thing-the need for monetization. Promotion an application that has already been tested and launched helps to significantly speed up this process, start making a profit to cover the invested costs and generate a net income.

The company "SMOSERVICE" offers services including:

  • Google Play ads;
  • promotion in Google Play;
  • getting the app to the top;
  • promotion of the game in Google Play;
  • advertising in the App Store;
  • promotion in the App Store;
  • increasing the rating assessments';
  • promotion of the game in the App Store.

Comprehensive work on updating mobile applications, among which the promotion of the app in Google Play is especially popular, will help to raise your product to the top positions, which will increase the involvement of the potential audience.

The purpose of promotion applications

As already mentioned, the promotion of Android apps, like iOS, affects the speed and intensity of monetization — making a profit from the launch product's. The main goal is to attract as many people as possible. They must install software on their gadgets, use the offered functionality, and be interested in purchasing paid services, tools, and features.

There are free and paid apps. Most of the new products are free, because it is important for an unknown developer and not yet promoted company to develop an initial base. This becomes the main goal of promoting Android apps .

This interesting! According to statistics, half of users install applications that are offered to them automatically, that is, for certain requests, they are placed in the top 10 positions.

When a user opens a store to search for a product that is interesting in terms of functionality, they usually enter a short description, possibly a name, in the field. You can make a quick order for promotion in other social networks. Then it looks through the system's proposals, visits the pages with a brief overview, perhaps it comes to a list of reviews. This is a standard behavioral model that can change depending on the psychological component of the target audience. If we are talking about users of teenage age, they often install applications on the recommendations of friends or for a personal test. And if you like the software product, then leave it on the electronic device.

This is interesting! The first screen displays a list of 10 applications, but not always-it depends on the model of the gadget and screen diagonal.

What country the user is in also plays a role in ranking, since there is a difference in the preferences of people from different regions. All this is taken into account when you get applications and bring them to the top positions.

The goal of the developers

Why do companies order mass installation of applications:

  • actual output to the top;
  • popularization of the product;
  • informing the audience about a new product (informational, functional, material);
  • promoting a name, brand, etc.;
  • profit extraction (the application is used as one of the sales channels).

Promotion of applications in SMOSERVICE is aimed at achieving any goals of companies engaged in various fields of activity.

Features of app ranking

Ranking algorithms that work in the systems of Google and Apple are not disclosed, but in General, you can trace certain patterns. So, the main categories that define how to issue an application:

  • The category that the product belongs to. There are a lot of them, and a detailed division is necessary for the convenience of users. However, in fact, app owners also derive a lot of advantages from this. The thing is that it is easier to get to the top in a narrow group for the right requests than in a wide group where there is a lot of competition. Therefore, even at the stage of creating an application, its content is thought out and the specifics, main functions and tools, as well as auxiliary ones are worked out.
  • Popular requests. Installing applications that are placed based on the requests of the target group is effective, because after working out the main number of installations for raising the rating, it is possible to ensure long-term natural attendance, which consolidates the results of promotion.
  • Overall top. This is the section that is visible to the largest possible number of users. A great result is getting into such a list, but it is much more difficult to get to the General top than to get to the top of the category. To do this, you need to the app was interesting. Advertising in the App Store will be useful, which will help to update the product even more by actively demonstrating to the target audience.

Key factors in ranking

The main determining factors that directly affect the ranking:

  • Total number of installations. When users visit the app page in the store, they decide to download and install it. At the top, the system displays how many people are up to the current moment completed the installation. If such actions are not enough, many simply close the page. Therefore, the number of installations is also important for creating an image and creating an image of product reliability.
  • Dynamics of installations. If a promotion is made in the App Store, the time period for 72-96 hours is taken into account. When promoting in Google Play, the billing period is different and is 48-72 hours.
  • Rating. This includes user ratings. They choose the number of stars at their discretion, relevant for the app. People take into account functionality, compliance with stated promises, quality work, design, and much more. Of course, it is not difficult to guess that the more thoughtful the product will be, the higher it will be rated. The system calculates averages and displays them in the public domain.
  • Number of comments. The page with the app displays a description of the functionality, there are images, as well as a lot of other information, including a block with comments. People share their opinions, impressions, but more often they ask questions or point out any problems. In any case, the more active the comments, the better for the ranking results.
  • Dynamics of app deletes from the device. Deletions also play a role. For example, if you are promoting apps in the App Store , and the product is downloaded and installed on different devices, this has a positive effect on its overall position. However, in the case of frequent deletions, the system detects a negative trend and can lower the application at a low position. On the other hand, this factor is not the most significant and is not displayed in the public domain, so it can be safely placed in the secondary category.
  • Number of app launches after installation. Few people know, but not only the download itself is tracked. The fact of launch is also taken into account by the system and affects the assigned rating. Even if the user decided to delete the application, but ran it many times, used it for several months, this will be taken into account by the system. Each of the characteristics that assess the behavioral dynamics of the audience is not overlooked and is taken into account when ranking.

The accompanying features that affect the ranking results are external links placed inside the app, as well as the cost of downloading.

The quality of the issue is determined by the relevance of the name and description to the requests of representatives of the target group. Screenshots and icons should also be created with these characteristics in mind. Screenshots with descriptions are better to do more, displaying the functionality as clearly and in detail as possible. If all this is taken into account, the advanced installation of applications will help to set the push for a natural set of downloads in the future.

One of the important nuances — after placing the product in the store, you need to ensure its "downloadability" in the first days. Then the promotion of the app in Google Play will be as effective as possible.

How many installations do I need?

You should also pay attention to the fact that the number of installations when promoting ios applications required to reach the top positions will vary depending on:

  • region's;
  • categories;
  • shop's.

Usually, you need at least a few thousand installations to ensure that the application is displayed in the top . Two or three or more tens of thousands in a few days will help you more likely to get the desired result. When ordering the promotion of applications in "SMOSERVICE", you are guaranteed to get output to the top positions.

Give some examples. So, app promotion in the App Store will be effective if 6500 downloads of the product will be provided on the first day after it is uploaded to the store with a focus on the Russian segment. The customer gets into the top 25. Which seat will be occupied depends on the category, region, and other features described above.

Advantages of app promotion

So, what are the advantages of creating and promoting an app ? Let's summarize them below:

  • Improving employee engagement. For example, the company already has a number of information products. Let's assume that getting access to the proposed data is complicated if we evaluate the situation from the point of view of existing methods of ensuring communication between companies and end users. By bringing the app to the top, you can create a strong connection between the parties, thereby motivating existing customers to cooperate more actively.
  • Monetization through promotion of IOS apps . There are companies and services that do not directly sell products, information, anything else. That is, the work to ensure the activity is performed, but monetization does not occur. However, such activities are doomed to failure without stable funding. One of the tools for controlling the situation and providing additional flows of funds is monetization through promotion in the App Store . This is achievable again, at least thanks to the ability to place ads in the app in the future.
  • Entering new markets. For example, you support activities in one region. If you order the promotion of an app that is recently created, "fresh" and generally useful, you will be able to attract potential customers from other regions. Therefore, as a tool for spreading activities on a territorial scale, we can stop at this option. You have the opportunity to offer an idea for adding new services to the site.
  • To update the results. So that business and creative activities are always relevant, remained "on hearing", it is necessary to work continuously to maintain information noise. App advertising is one of the channels through which this can be done.
  • The ability to subsequently place ads in the app and earn money from it. Many developers of modern products support a single goal-to monetize their work. Moreover, maintaining the operation and working on app updates is also paid work. Accommodation advertising allows you not only to cover existing costs, but also to extract a stable profit. This is especially true when the game is being promoted in the App Store .
  • Improving the image, creating a positive image.

The list of advantages of app promotion in the App Store can be expanded depending on the purpose of the created app and the goals of its promotion.

Related tools that enhance the effectiveness of promotion

Among the main tools, used in the promotion of applications in Google Play and App Store, you can select the following:

  • advertising in the App Store;
  • Google Play ads;
  • increasing the rating of ratings.

Do not forget that when promoting an app in the App Store, it is important to introduce the product to the audience. How to do this is up to the developer. Much depends on the scope of the company offering functionality, product, service, information, and so on.

It is also recommended to form loyalty. Be sure to consider information about bugs, problems and difficulties related to the product. It is better to eliminate them in the shortest possible time.

Stages of application promotion in " SMOSERVICE»

First of all, when promoting applications in Google Play, it is recommended to consider all the nuances related to the product being developed. This is both its purpose, its focus on a group of users who have certain characteristics, and the result you expect to get. Let's see how to start promoting in Google Play and App Store.

Where to start?

The first stage is the approval of details. Before the promotion of the Android app begins, it is undesirable to place the product in the database (the selected category). First, it is recommended to order a service that will help you raise your child to more or less high positions from the first hours. In the future, the indicators will improve within a few days. For our part, our company guarantees that the well-known features of ranking systems are taken into account, as well as compliance with rules.

Advantages of cooperation with the company "SMOSERVICE»

SMOSERVICE offers competent and effective promotion of Android applications . Our team can additionally invest several hundred million dollars in your business. We tell you more about business investments on the page . You can also promote apps in the App Store . We work with all types of developers who support activities in different regions. We guarantee the following advantages to each client:

  • Google Play ads are effective, well-thought-out, and allow you to improve your results;
  • app promotion in Google Play is performed based on known characteristics related to the ranking algorithm;
  • promotion of the game in Google Play is accompanied by the maximum result in the first time after the launch of the promotion;
  • as an accompanying service, you can order an increase in the rating ratings;
  • installation of applications begins almost immediately after ordering the service.

SMOSERVICE employs competent specialists who have optimized the process of cooperation with customers. We have been working on app promotion in the App Store for years, so we understand many of the features of the store's ranking algorithms.