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Increases view statistics. Allows you to promote Stories to the top.

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Instant views of all stories from high-quality Instagram profiles.

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Cost-effective option, viewing your profile history from shared accounts.

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Fast execution of the order for Stories views, with minimal delay.


Program for increasing storis views in Instagram

Viewing stories is one of the most popular actions on Instagram. Users become so a part of "instain" other people – friends, acquaintances, and bloggers. Also, using storis, commercial accounts promote their services, remind customers about products, discounts, promotions, and tell them about the work process. Therefore, increasing the number of viewers of Instagram stories is a multi-functional tool.

Recently, there has been a steady trend - users from CIS countries prefer "real life", which means posting life episodes. This is also true for commercial pages. Bloggers, regular users, entrepreneurs, and representatives now show "themselves as real" - their activities without filters, processing, and pre-planned posts posted on a schedule. People are more interested in real-time stories, so they pay less attention to viewing the feed. On Instagram href="https://smoservice.media/pages/bloggers/ " > popular bloggers> have a high rate of viewing stories.

Large entrepreneurs, PR people, marketers, and promotion specialists agree that it is the stories in instagram That will occupy the leading positions in the coming years, which account for the maximum activity of almost all audience groups.

All this is in the hands of those who follow the trends in Instagram and plan to make the most of them. And yet... How to get more than competitors? What direction should we move in and what should we use specifically for development?

First, the focus on stories is accompanied by the fact that the number of views plays an even greater role in the ranking of the page and the probability of reaching the top according to different criteria. Secondly, targeted views of your stories are another tool for attracting a live audience. And, finally, third, in connection with the existing plans of the owners of the social network to finally hide likes, more and more attention will be paid pay attention to stories.

From this, we can make an important conclusion – the popularity of storis is only increasing, so you can use them as effectively as possible, but you also need to if you want to develop and follow the latest trends in Instagram promotion.

SMOSERVICE offers a high-quality service for viewing Instagram stories. We guarantee high-quality performance, the ability to choose a suitable package of services with a focus on a number of criteria, and most importantly, safety and compliance of methods according to the current standards and known algorithms of the platform. All this will allow you to wind up interesting actions without the risk of getting a full block or block on actions, as well as not getting into a shadow ban. For example , massling instagram greatly increases the views of stories.

For whom can the order of history views be relevant?

Stories are a universal tool that works in several ways. With their help, you can remind yourself, inform current and new customers about promotions, interesting offers, new arrivals, just show beautiful or vital content. What exactly you should post in storis depends on the sphere of activity and attitude to the blog.

In particular, stories help maintain activity and information load for pages that are based on a specific topic.:

  • the blogging;
  • sale of goods or services;
  • dissemination of certain information;
  • providing a diverse thematic content's;
  • representation in social networks (relevant for brands, corporations, large manufacturers, etc.).

If most other social networks have several target groups, among which entrepreneurs usually choose one, then Instagram users are also divided by behavioral characteristics. So, there are people who prefer sharp content, disputes, intrigues, discussions. Just like if you decide to buy live followers on Instagram, they will also give you views of stories. Others come to the blog or store to get only useful information. One of the modern approaches to conducting commercial activities in Instagram is creating a certain hype, artificially reproducing conflict situations that spark disputes. As a result, the account owner receives activity, attention, and becomes memorable. Stories play an important role in this, because they can also be used to interact with a client or just a subscriber.

The role of stories in promotion Instagram

Buying instagram story views helps you promote. The number of people who saw your stories are not visible to other people. However, the more interesting the content you upload for a day, the closer your stories will be to subscribers in the upper event bar. This means that real users will more often see your materials, news and offers that are posted in the story.

It can be summed up that promoting stories helps push them to the top positions in the subscriber band – a target group that you already know. Using this method of promotion in Instagram, you work with an active audience that performs real actions in your account. This allows you to improve your statistics and attract more customers.

How stories help you develop your Instagram account:

  • A constant reminder of yourself. Often adding a lot of posts to the feed is simply not practical. How do I get information to subscribers? To create history! They can be mounted, designed, beautiful designed or vital-the choice depends on the subject of the blog and the personal characteristics of the profile owner.
  • Attracting additional attention. Let's imagine two situations. There is one entrepreneur who doesn't post stories. He adds photos to the feed once a day that many people don't even see, because viewing posts with 200-500 subscriptions (the average number per CIS user) is long and often boring. The second entrepreneur does the same, only removes interesting stories about their activities, provides information about promotions. All this he pours into storis, which he immediately promotes. People see these materials and scroll through them, getting acquainted with the offer and quickly moving on to the next blogger.
  • Providing the audience with a large amount of easily created content. One story lasts 12 seconds. This is enough to convey the main idea on a particular topic. This format of getting information is preferred by an increasing number of people who are not ready to view minute-long videos posted every day, dozens, hundreds, and some who subscribe to many bloggers and different stores, even thousands.

Advantages of promoting storis Instagram:

  • Safely improve statistics without the risk of getting your account blocked. In the case of many other ways to increase activity, there is a risk of getting blocked if you quickly promote your account with the same actions. For example, this happens when mass ordering only likes, while comments and views are not added. And the block it threatens more users who spin bots through free services. In the case of storis, everything is as safe as possible. So far, there are no cases where sanctions are imposed on someone because of mass viewing of their stories. Massling and buying hits on the story the most secure methods of promotion. This, by the way, is another reason that explains the effectiveness of the presented method of promotion.
  • You do not spam numerous posts in the feed. As already noted, not everyone subscribes to 10-50 people. Many people subscribe to dozens or even hundreds of stores, bloggers, representative and thematic pages within a year of the account's existence. Just think-everyone posts something about once every one or several days. Of course, most of the news in the feed people just do not see. But stories are not preferred by all, and they last not a minute, but 12 seconds. By the way, once again mentioning the feed, it can be emphasized that the first positions of the subscriber are nominated posts that created an interesting for his profile. How does instagram know that a certain person actually likes This profile? There are a number of algorithms that analyze the behavioral responses of account owners. Yes, this is exactly the kind of personal information around the processing of which whole battles have been raging in recent years. Instagram sees how many times you visited different profiles, how much time you spent in them, whether you opened posts, watched stories, wrote comments or liked something. Based on this, it determines, you are interested in each page of those to whom you are subscribed, or not. The result affects the place in the output of both posts and stories. The most interesting profiles according to Instagram are displayed in the first places in the feed and in stories.
  • The user opens stories himself, and posts are displayed in the feed involuntarily, without his control. Yes, Instagram is able to analyze previously collected data on the predicted interests of its multi-million audience, but no one canceled the situation when a person came in, looked, and then again I visited the profile and changed my mind to continue actively following it, although I did not unsubscribe. This leads to a feeling of obsession, and in order to get rid of it, users unsubscribe from some pages. Storis is opened by everyone himself, based on personal preferences, wishes and needs. In the modern world, people like to feel free and do not accept when something is imposed on them. It is the storis format that corresponds to this trend, so their promotion is incredibly relevant.

href="https://smoservice.instagram/media/">Instagram Promotion> storis is a universal tool that will suit everyone. Therefore, it is possible to continue talking about the benefits of promoting stories for a long time, because this is one of the most modern levers of creating a strong communication based on participation and trust between the profile owner and his subscribers (or potential subscribers).

SMOSERVICE offers up-to-date solutions for your blog, personal page, and business. We guarantee a modern approach to promotion, accounting new trends and well-known Instagram algorithms.

Types of purchase views on storis

We offer several options for adding story views for basic packages.

General history views (all over the world)

As part of the order execution, storis is promoted to the top, and view statistics are increased. Data on your profile is improved, stories get to the first positions among subscribers, go to the top places and become even more viewed during the following time content existence (up to a day).

The users who will "watch" you are located all over the world. This means that some of them will be foreign profiles.

History views (instant start)

The increase in viewers in Instagram stories is carried out with high-quality profiles. Your content is viewed by real users whose accounts are full and do not arouse suspicion from the algorithms.

Views stories premium (the whole world)

The premium promotion format of story involves attracting shared accounts from all over the world that generate statistics for you at an average speed. These are not bots either, but people whose pages are either real or similar to them.

Premium promotion is suitable for customers who are looking for an effective package at a low price.

History views (quick execution)

After posting a story, you can order mass views in the first minutes. Quick execution will help you significantly raise your statistics and attract people to read the content all the time day.

Minimum latency is one of the main advantages of choosing a package.

Paid or free promotion?

For example, if you bought a tick in instagram for your account with money, then the history views will definitely increase. Many services offer paid promotion. However, turning to such promotion tools can have the following consequences:

  • Low quality of actions due to the involvement of bots. Free services can not get high-quality accounts, because the content of functional services is expensive.
  • You need to perform actions in return. For example, there is a rule inside the site: you go in, put likes, subscribe, watch stories. For this, you are given so-called coins that operate inside the system. Only then, when the necessary number of them is collected, you can order a PR for yourself. As a result, this takes a lot of time, little use, and for more active promotion, the site still asks you to make a payment.
  • Increased risk blocking, falling into a shadow ban. If you twist any actions with bots, you can get into the block. There are no sanctions for buying story views right now, but who knows what will happen tomorrow? Insta actively fighting against undesirable actions.
  • Hidden requirements. Often, after registration, it turns out that in order to continue using the service, you need to pay for one of the services. Often, a site limits the number of free actions a user can take. Sometimes it comes to the point of absurdity-services give customers 100-200 views of storis per month for free, and for the rest they ask for money. As a result, the person hopes that they will promote the account for free, but still faces the fact that they need to pay for one, another, or a third…
  • No support. If you have any problems or questions, you have no one to contact.
  • The site doesn't work well. Technical work is constantly carried out. And it also happens that at the end of the month, the owner did not pay for his domain and it is blocked. This means that you will not be able to use the site's functionality.

Referring in SMOSERVICE, you don't risk anything. We provide a standard price list for all customers – several price options in the direction of "purchasing views of storis Instagram". There are no hidden conditions and requirements, and the promotion is performed using safe methods and taking into account the current trends of instamir. Choose a convenient package that suits you best and take advantage of all the benefits of working with a major media company.