Platform SMOService FAQ

As a rule, an order is in the queue from several minutes to an hour, depending on the type of service chosen and the volume of the order. Sometimes, the queue can reach several hours or two days, depending on various factors.
What are the offers and the CPA system, it is written in our answers and questions section. CPA is as simple and straightforward as possible. These are people who perform a certain action for monetary or other rewards. In cases of SMM, they watch a video, like or subscribe to a page.
In your account, there is a section of affiliate program and affiliate banners. Log in to the site, enter the partner’s office and the advertising materials section, where you will receive all available advertising materials.
We have a system of cumulative discounts, a discount system. Also, discounts are available for you for a large one-time order. View discount rates on the tariff plans page and discount systems for ordering on the site. The maximum discount reaches 40% on order, for regular customers and partners of our company.
You can view the status of an order on the order management page in your account. Similar actions can be done with the subscription, view information about the status of the subscription, you can be the corresponding page. Our site saves the full history of each order, as well as detailed information about the status of the work.
An order is executed on average from a few minutes to several hours, the start time depends on the service and the volume that you ordered. In individual cases, the start time of the order can be up to two days. We try to fulfill each order after payment as quickly as possible, providing the highest quality services.
We offer you subscribers from both CPA networks and subscribers from ads brought in through social networks. CPA subscribers are added to the group or subscribed to the page for a fee. What is a CPA, you can read on our website in the information section of the questions and answers. Our service tries to work only with high-quality sources and use only the best possible methods to complete each order.
It is true, as written in the answers to financial questions, when canceling an order, its cost will be restored to the balance. If the order was partially canceled, part of the funds for the outstanding balance will be returned to your balance.
We have a special page on our site with examples of how to properly fill out the link when placing an order for each social network.