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Share any of your videos to Russian users ' social networks.

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Reposts videos to social networks YouTube

Reposts that make the users of the app can help to disseminate information about the video and its owner. Many people miss this promotion tool, paying attention only to views, likes and comments. Let's figure out whether reposts are necessary at all, whether it is worth buying them, for whom they will be useful? We will also answer other equally important related questions.

Reposts: definition and features

So, a repost is a way to distribute video material by placing it with a link to the video itself in third-party social networks. Their list often includes Twitter, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki. You can automatically send YouTube repostings to different sites that are used by target groups of people.

Given example. In The Vkontakte feed, you can post a video to which a link to an internal YouTube resource is automatically attached. By clicking on a video, the user views it, and if they want to go to the channel and see what other videos are available, this will be easy to do.

Another form of reposting is sending the video to your friends in private messages. However, this process cannot be automated, so YouTube video seeding is performed by placing posts in shared access with the promoted video.

What role does promotion play here? Let's say there are users who want to place advertising materials on their pages. When you order reposts, you provide content for posting to people whose pages will become the base platform from which others can access your content. users will be able to view your video. A similar effect is provided by the number of views in YouTube for videos that fall into trends.

The more active the placement is, the larger the order, the more views, clicks, and subscriptions. Moreover, only the sowing itself is promoted, but the transitions will already be real. This means that thanks to the mass placement of reposts, you will attract live, real people who are ready to follow you, watch your videos, and comment on them etc.

Advantages of promoting reposts

Seeding videos on social networks is one of the key stages of promotion. Along with promoting likes, comments, and views that help increase people's engagement by creating fictitious activity, this PR campaign tool will help you build a "live base"faster.

Let's take a closer look at the advantages that promotion by reposting offers:

  • Video views are growing. It is technically important that views on your videos grow. This is done gradually, not very quickly. Otherwise, the system can track non-standard activity, which will attract the attention of moderators. That is why some bloggers complain that the videos are "taken down from the channel", although no one publicly admits that this is due to promotion. In order for views to grow naturally, you should not untwist them immediately and a lot. You can do this gradually, attracting the sowing of video reposting. Distribution of the material on social networks will help to increase channel traffic. And people who come to you will not only get acquainted with the video, but also with a high probability will put a like or dislike, write a comment, make a repost (note – at their own request and absolutely free of charge).
  • Promotion of individual videos. Often channel owners say that a large number of subscribers is not their main goal. Numbers, indicators, and channel viewability are not always important. This is especially true when a company posts only two or three videos, and then you can go on the blog has no plans. The goal is to show the video to as many people as possible in order to form the necessary images, associations, and position a potential customer to buy the product they see, for example. This is how new brands, brands, innovative products, and more are promoted.
  • Image improvement. The video, which is often found in social networks, carries a certain message to the audience. If users see the same video for the second time, they remember that they have already seen it somewhere. Then follow a logical chain, where an important place is occupied by the Association with the popularity of the owner of this video material, that his person, product or service is heard. As a result, the image is improved, the audience's trust is growing, and the discussion rate is increasing.
  • Product promotion, updating. When a conceptually new product is released on the market, in order for the audience to be positive about it, you need to create the desired images and associations in time. This is the direction in which the smoservice team works by providing services for example, it was described in more detail in the section SMM courses . In this case, the potential consumer will initially know that they need the innovation. And it is sowing on social networks that helps to quickly and widely distribute the necessary material, which will lead the viewer to certain thoughts that are beneficial for the owner of this product and the advertiser in combination.
  • Increasing sales, expanding the sales market. Working through social networks is generally profitable and win-win direction. However, the speed of achieving results depends on how well-chosen approach to the organization of a PR campaign. If everything is done correctly, sales will start to grow after sowing, the video owner will be able to move to new markets, expand the geography of work. This same principle works for those YouTube users who are engaged in the dissemination of information. Useful information is easier to sell to everyone, without adjusting to the territorial specifics of the region or country, especially the mentality in the plan Bloggers who take pictures of unpacking, reviews of popular products, funny videos can quickly develop and increase their real audience thanks to seeding videos via social networks.

Seeding YouTube video channels is generally a useful tool for popularization, which can be called universal. It is relevant in different areas of activity of channel owners on the world video hosting. Therefore, the choice of this method of promotion will be a win-win in any case.

Promotion by reposts: for who is relevant

Now we will focus in more detail on who this promotion is aimed at, and most importantly, what can be obtained as a result of the campaign.

So, let's list the following categories of users

  • Bloggers. A blog is a storehouse of information. Usually videos on YouTube are released with a certain frequency, so that subscribers know when to expect new material. And if you don't want to flash too often on Vkontakte or Instagram, then this rule doesn't apply to YouTube. How they say that the more usable content, the better. What role do reposts play in this? It's very simple – you choose one or more of the best videos and distribute them. Then people view the content, are interested in it, go to the channel page and "hang" there. Subscriptions, likes, and comments grow like mushrooms after the rain. Isn't this the goal of promoting your blog?
  • New entrepreneur. Creating an online store is not a simple process, as developers usually promise. After starting you need to wait for the optimization to produce results. Having a YouTube channel helps speed up this process. You order reposts, which attracts people not only to your page inside the system, but also invite them to a site where you can already use services or buy goods. When you place an order for YouTube services or instagram likes, you get a guaranteed result from smoservice. Success in this depends on how well you can think through the stages of interaction with potential consumers.
  • Large company. When the name, brand, brand, product name, character, creative personality is already on the ear, that is, there is a certain audience, it makes no sense to stop. By seeding reposts, you can attract even more people, sell more actively, and continue to display materials on a territorial scale. Large companies that use all the promotion tools thus strengthen and improve their reputation.
  • Users who seek popularity. Thanks to seeding, videos can quickly become popular. When you have your first "live" audience, comments and likes will also grow. Even negative responses and dislikes are also a good result from the point of view of promotion. As they say, black PR is also a PR, and even a motivator.
  • Manufacturers of goods and information products. Information, images, and representations that increase reputation through mass reposts become a real tool that moves the entire PR process. They give a boost to your development. As a result, you can see an increase in subscribers, likes, comments, and, of course, views – this is the main goal of seeding videos.

You can promote any video channels that you want to promote by reposting them. Often, the owners of pages in YouTube do not seek to gain more subscribers, but to show their product, showing it in the best light. To do this, adding subscribers makes almost no sense at all – the main thing is to make the most active seeding.

By the way, when you distribute videos on social networks, you can ensure smooth transitions and views. Technically, YouTube tracks the promotion and considers sharp activity suspicious. For example, your video "hung" for several days. Almost no one has opened it, commented on it, or liked it. And then you ordered a promotion, thanks to which several thousand views of the video immediately appeared. Then again there is a lull until the next promotion... It makes no sense to deny that the algorithms will regard such a deal as promotion (and this will be true).

It is much more reliable to distribute videos through third-party social networks – the system in YouTube will not be able to track organized PR, and the transitions, views, and likes will be smooth.

One of the advantages of seeding a video on social networks is the long-term effectiveness of the method. For example, in Vkontakte, someone posted your video that got into the feed. This repost will now be used by other users, and not only today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. This process can be delayed even for a few days. for several years, many people keep the post in the field of view of its visitors and subscribers for months.

Free and paid reposts: what is the difference?

You can promote reposts in YouTube for free and for a fee. Turning to the first channel of promotion is accompanied by risks and difficulties, but paid resources offer much more features and useful functions. Let's look in more detail at the reasons why free rolling is almost ineffective:

  • Functions are limited, and there are few of them. Website, which admins who do not receive a salary are working on is unlikely to be modern and filled. You need to pay for hosting, as well as for site maintenance and configuration. Who will do this for free? As a rule, such sites "barely breathe", offer few features and functions, so they are significantly less effective than paid resources.
  • High risks of getting banned. In General, free promotion is often performed using bots that the internal systems of social networks recognize as fake. Naturally, if you are dealing with a fake, you may be blocked. This doesn't work with reposts, but something else is important here. What is the point of wasting your time on something that is initially inefficient? No one will subscribe to bots, so the value of posted reposts when seeding videos is simply reduced to zero – they will not be seen by real people, will not click on the link, will not subscribe and will not put a Loyce.
  • There is no support service. Free services offer paid packages where there is a support service. With free promotion, it is not available will be. At first, it may seem that the administration's help is unnecessary, but in practice, when using the functionality, there are often difficulties, channel owners need advice, there is no place to take information, and it is contradictory in search engines. If you order paid promotion in packages or in a complex, then information support is provided for you.
  • There are restrictions on actions. Free sites can't offer mass seeding. As a trial period, there may be several hundreds of reposts will be made for you, but then you will have to pay. Many users are offended to learn that the service they chose in the hope of saving money, still turned out to be paid, and even with a dubious reputation.
  • The probability of getting to the site of scammers who steal data-passwords from profiles and other personal information. Unfortunately, this option is always available. Please note that personal data cannot be shared with third parties in order not to lose your channel.

Of course, paid reposts are more effective, effective, and seeding them on social networks helps you quickly gain an audience, and this will be done naturally.

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With the help of video reposts posted on YouTube, you can promote your activities, sell more products, enter new markets, and become popular and famous. It all depends on the goals, the subject of the channel, and the frequency of video output. Reposting is a universal tool for promotion that works for the future. Like paid services where you can use the set subscribers feature VK in your group, YouTube works perfectly in the format of advertising promotion in Moscow and Russia.

Our PR Agency constantly improves the site, monitors innovations, and monitors changes in algorithms to take into account current and future trends in the field of promotion. Do you want to get quality services at competitive prices? Order promotion of your videos at any time of the day by posting reposts in social networks. You will be able to see the results in the first days after the start of the PR campaign!