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The increase in statistics, the preservation of publications with photos of Instagram.

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Increase post statistics, save them to help you get into Instagram trends.

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High speed of publication saving, order processing without delays.


Saving posts and increasing Instagram statistics for a fee

SMOSERVICE offers a lot of tools for promoting your business, personal profile, representative page, blog in Instagram. We guarantee high quality of services, a competent approach, taking into account modern trends in the field. Instagram promotion is an opportunity to quickly, effortlessly and effectively raise your profile to high positions, attract an audience, find buyers, and simply become famous and in demand. Many of our clients they are engaged in emulating various actions, including saving, in order to gain a large audience in the future and earn money from advertising. Whatever your goals are, we know how to achieve them.

How do I get saved on Instagram? There are several ways:

  • Adding Instagram saves via free services. A less effective and always unsafe method. Suitable for owners of new accounts, which will not be particularly sorry if the profile is blocked. For saving blocks yet, but no one knows, what algorithms will be introduced tomorrow. And most free services do not offer such a service at all, but only purchase subscribers and likes, and even then bots.
  • Add saves to Instagram via paid tools. SMOSERVICE is the number one company in the CIS that provides a huge number of services in the field of promoting personal accounts and commercial pages, including promotion of Tickers .
  • Mutual exchange of saves with other accounts without using third-party resources. On it takes a lot of time, but you do not need to register on a special site and order paid services. However, you don't order a lot of saves, and most groups only offer the exchange of subscriptions and likes, but saves and comments are less common.

The best method for saving photos to Instagram. SMOSERVICE offers several packages for adding Instagram saves. Other services based on page promotion in different social networks are also available for the order. So, we offer promotion of the Telegram channel, Facebook pages, etc. the List of available features and tools is available on the site.

Who benefits from ordering the saving of posts in Instagram?

Save help to improve the statistics page. The number of such users is displayed only in your profile, but Instagram's algorithms continuously analyze all user actions. Ordering such a service is relevant for:

  • Bloggers'. If you are running a blog that you have already decided on, you develop content periodically, it's time to recruit viewers. Saving is one of the tools to promote your profile and display posts in the top.
  • MEDIA. Spreading information to the masses? Do you promote services, products, brands, or services? Saving, as well as other tools for displaying a certain post in the top, will help you quickly distribute the necessary information.
  • Commercial pages that are engaged in the provision of services or the sale of goods. Want to find more customers, buyers, and just users who will read your posts, be interested in their content, leave comments? All this will be a great engine of activity. Order a purchase of saves in Instagram to experience all the benefits. This possibility is already in the first time after the start of the order execution.
  • Representatives in social networks. Representative profiles often distribute information about discounts, promotions and news, just post pictures with certain content. Search for a new audience it will help you create the necessary image that is sure to be useful in the activities of the brand or the company as a whole.

Saving posts is an effective tool that is relevant for all different activities, including commercial areas and blogging. Our company provides services related to the promotion of pages in all social networks that are popular among the audience from the CIS. We also offer services for bringing ITunes tracks to the top, and promoting apps .

Benefit saves in the promotion

Promoting an Instagram account is a complex work that involves using several levers to attract the attention of the target group. To create a framework through which you will be influx of people, it is necessary to improve the statistics. This is the main purpose of ordering saves for a post.

Let's take a closer look at the advantages of ordering saves in the promotion:

  • Instagram's algorithms detect that other people are saving your posts, so they are actually interesting and, perhaps they are applying for more frequent impressions.
  • Increasing the probability of displaying a post in the top. Why do many people try their best to get to the top? You probably tried clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the Instagram app. It offers posts from profiles that are in the top. Instagram understands what you might be interested in, so it offers top entries. How does this "understanding" happen and what is it based on? A set of algorithms collects personal information about your profile. They analyze where you are going visited, clicked on, what interests you have. Many parameters are taken into account so that you can get an idea about the need to offer certain content. Naturally, if your post is shown in the top of the target group, it will give an impetus to attract real subscribers who will come to you naturally, put likes, watch posts and comment on them.
  • Increase the probability of withdrawing your account in recommendations. Recommendations are something similar to the top section, but they are not in the app, things look a little different. For example, a person found a page that was interesting to them. I saw it in an ad from a blogger, in a friend's subscriptions, or elsewhere – it doesn't matter. He went to the profile, clicked on the "subscribe" button. Below, they will be offered similar pages. Do you want your profile to be displayed on similar accounts when someone subscribes to them? The number to the positions affected in the process. Recommendations are also opened when you click on a profile that is closed. Instagram he understands that a private account might disappoint you, so he displays open profiles below, which may include your page. This tool works great on Instagram, it's free, and most importantly, it's clearly focused on your target group.
  • Users who save a post will then be able to open the save section and remember your page. A certain percentage of these people, attracted as part of the promotion, perform other actions – subscribe, put likes, etc. The result depends on the design of your profile, getting into the target group, and the current activity in your profile.

Advantages of saving to Instagram:

  • Low price. Saving is one of the cheapest actions. Their number for your account will not be displayed for other users. Only you can see how many actions were actually performed. This is one of the reasons why the cost of such promotion is minimal, but the efficiency is high. Use the page href="https://smoservice.media/pages/tools/" > SMM tools> for profile optimization.
  • You don't need to select criteria. Saves can be performed by real people, bots, fakes, filled or empty pages – it does not matter who to turn. Statistics will still improve. You don't have to think about which pages to attract and what criteria to set for promotion. Just select the appropriate package of services, pay for it and launch the promotion – everything is impossibly simple!
  • Fast and completely a safe method for improving statistics. In our practice, there has not been a single case when customers bought services to increase saves, and then received a block or ban. Therefore, we can safely say that putting a post in the top of receiving saves is a real opportunity to "force" Instagram to show your post to a huge mass of people, and for free. Bottom line: you pay for a cheap promotion service, followed by subscribers, likes, and comments. Many millions of bloggers talk about how they begun. Everyone tried to achieve success on their own, but most of the significant push occurred after one of the posts flew to the top.
  • Increased probability of reaching the top. Yes, it is the conclusion of the post in the top-the main goal of buying saves. Improving statistics leads to this result. as described in the previous paragraph, it will attract a real audience that is ready to watch you, buy products, follow updates, write comments, etc.

The increase in saving Instagram is the ability to quickly and effectively bring an interesting post to the top, thus attracting a wide range of users who will subscribe to you for free, like, comment on videos and photos, and most importantly, perform other actions that increase activity on the page along the chain.

Types of promotion of saves: packages from SMOSERVICE

The SMOSERVICE team offers several current options for adding Instagram saves, among which you can easily find the most suitable one.

Saving publications (instant start)

The package is suitable for clients who need to launch an immediate start of execution of the order. Saves start coming in the first minutes after confirmation on the site. You can follow the statistics using the corresponding function in your Instagram account.

Main features and benefits of the package:

  • Improving statistics
  • The preservation of publications with photos
  • Low cost per action
  • Minimal deletions from side saves users'

Saving publications (high quality)

Active growth of indicators displayed in statistics is the main advantage of the package. It is suitable for account owners who plan to make large orders and get the maximum benefit from promotion in a short period of time.

Main features and benefits of the package:

  • The increase in the statistics of the post
  • Saves help you put a post in the top
  • Low cost per action
  • Minimum deletions from saves by the user

Saving publications (fast execution)

Sale of saving accounts, the parameters of which are selected randomly. These may be fakes or bots, but the quality of the pages does not play a special role. In the promotion of saves, the determining factor becomes quantitative. The company provides verification services, and gives you the opportunity to buy a tick in Instagram for each client, blogger or businessman.

Main features and package advantages:

  • High speed of saving publications
  • Order processing without delay
  • The lowest price for the action
  • Minimum removal from the savegames from users

Types of increasing instagram saves: paid and free

Ability to increase instagram profile statistics in a few days. There are two promotion formats-paid and free promotion. Let's look at the reasons why it is not recommended to choose free methods:

  • The use of bots. Many services attract low-quality accounts. The content of sites is expensive, no one pays for services, then what is the point of improving and taking care of the safety of users? If you need quality services, choose paid promotion. Its prices are low, but its efficiency is much higher.
  • Reciprocal action. On free sites, you can put likes, subscribe to someone from the list of offers, comment, etc. For this for example, coins are added. You can spend them on ordering services for yourself. The main thing that such promotion is fraught with is blocking your account's actions. Instagram is able to track likes and subscriptions that were made from a third-party IP. Imagine that you and a hundred other people signed up for one user at once. Naturally, the algorithms see strange actions and perceive you and the remaining hundred people as bots. Do not provide your username and password to such services – it is not safe!
  • Risk get a full block or shadow ban. When promoting non-live accounts, which usually come to your profile a lot, you can get into the block. These pages are often created for instant and mass execution of the same type of actions, so they are blocked a couple of days after registration. You will not be blocked for saving bots, but we do not recommend abusing the use of unreliable services – who knows, maybe tomorrow Instagram will apply new sanctions.
  • Free resources will not be provided guarantees. They don't owe anything to customers who don't pay money. And if your profile gets blocked, there will simply be no one to make a claim. Therefore, it is better not to initially spoil the statistics and not risk your profile, but to promote your account using safe methods.
  • Additional condition. After registering on free sites, it often turns out that you still need to pay for something to continue using the functionality. There are situations when the user is offered to buy, for example, 20 subscribers or saves for free, and pay for the rest. Such services are unreliable for another reason. Our clients often tell us how their promotion went well in the free, so-called trial mode. When the test time ended, they paid for the services, but the situation only got worse. If you don't want to face similar problems, buy SMOSERVICE services. We guarantee reliability, high quality of services and support of the representative office.
  • No information and technical support for users. Everything is logical – a free site that did not take money from you should not advise and help when problems arise. With paid services, everything is different – you pay for the service, so you are well served.
  • Insufficient functionality of free services, slow loading. Paid sites are financially independent and can afford to provide quality services to promote in Instagram. The functionality of SMOSERVICE resources is excellent – you will not encounter persistent freezes and technical work on the server.

The SMOSERVICE team offers services for saving Instagram posts with accounts. We guarantee the reliability, functionality of the site, as well as a competent approach to the implementation of all methods of promotion. If you wish, you can make an order for other services, getting favorable discounts.