Buy viewers in Twitch, online broadcast promotion

Live broadcasts, or streams, on Twitch is a relatively new way to interact with the audience on the channel, which appeared in late 2010. Today, such "live broadcasts" are not just on par with standard videos, but are gradually replacing the usual format. Therefore, the promotion of the Twitch broadcast has become one of the main directions in the promotion policy for most channels.

Twitch is the world's second largest user base and this is a social network. More than 1.9 billion people use it regularly. Founded in 2006, twitch has turned from a regular video hosting service Into the largest platform for creative and informational projects, business promotion, passive earnings and implementation of bold commercial ideas.

The level of competition on Twitch is getting higher: every minute users upload more than 500 hours of video! In this volume, even high-quality and useful content is easily lost. Especially if the niche is already busy with a popular channel with millions of subscribers.

Therefore, promotion is no longer a "black" way to make yourself more popular, but a tool necessary for adequate promotion of the channel in the social network.

Why do I need to buy viewers of Twitch broadcasts

Promotion specialists and experienced millionaires bloggers call streams the best way to promote content and increase the channel's popularity. Standard methods for adding users, likes, and views are a good but outdated tool. Statistics speak for themselves: almost every popular blogger uses live broadcasts to maintain popularity and communication with the audience.

Advantages of online broadcasts:

  • Attracting interested users. Live broadcasts help attract targeted traffic, because people who are not interested in the content of the channel will simply leave the air. Viewers who find the content useful will become subscribers to the channel.
  • Contact with the viewer. Why do people like live broadcasts? Since the video recorded in Prime time, they have the opportunity to watch the blogger in real time, get closer to him. This creates a close contact with the audience, allowing you to "stir up" it: the audience begins to communicate, ask questions, and sometimes even determine the actions of the blogger.
  • Possibility of versatile implementation. Broadcasts are a great way to Express yourself in a subject that differs from the main content of the channel. Even when dubious actions are performed on the air from the viewer's point of view, the audience grows — it is important for people to Express their opinion, even if it is negative.
  • New useful acquaintances. Often, famous people pay attention to streamers. For example, if a live broadcast is about a show business star, it is likely that this news will reach the idol. The consequences of this work of "network radio" can be different, but always positive: from advertising your channel as a star to profitable collaboration. Even if a celebrity doesn't approve of your words, just mentioning you will produce a snowball effect — subscribers will be added exponentially.

In addition, streams have all the advantages that are typical for traditional video recordings. They can be:

  • to add to the pages and in the community;
  • repost for subscribers;
  • send in private messages;
  • embed on an external site.

How to make money on stream?

But the main advantage of live broadcasts is the possibility of impressive earnings. You can do this in different ways, depending on the content content and theme stream's.

Method # 1. Advertising broadcast

A well-organized advertising broadcast is much more effective than standard product advertising. A person who tests a product or service in real time gives the target audience more confidence, and the probability of buying it quickly increases. Therefore, advertisers are willing to pay a lot of money for such events. An analogy with the promotion of the YouTube stream, as on Twitch.

Method # 2. Native advertising

Native or natural, advertising is the presentation of a product in a veiled form. For example, you are streaming and casually drinking coffee from a certain brand of mug. It is likely that your followers and fans will also want to buy such a thing. Often, the audience itself asks for a link to the seller of the product or service.

Method # 3. Paid subscription

Paid subscriptions make it harder to earn: you need to have a whole army of loyal followers, pre-plan gifts and bonuses for subscription buyers. And do it so that do not offend anyone and do not lose your reputation. This format of earnings is well suited for coaches, business coaches, and sellers of educational services.

Method # 4. Donates

Donates on the stream are voluntary donations from viewers that go to the development of the channel. When receiving donations, it is important to show subscribers that part of the revenue is used for its intended purpose and the quality of content is growing.

The amount of earnings on streams is not limited and depends only on the efforts of the channel owner and a well-built promotion policy. Often, streamers get even more than their fellow bloggers.

However, all these methods of earning money have a basis — it is a wide audience coverage. The more viewers a broadcast has, the higher the probability of profitable offers. You can't do without adding viewers to the Twitch — the chances that someone will find the broadcast on their own and join it are too small.

Paid or free promotion of Twitch broadcasts

Adding viewers to a stream in Twitch for free can be:

  • Natural. The owner of the channel independently places ads about the stream in social networks, in their videos, exchanges ads for the upcoming broadcast with other bloggers and streamers (barter), invites friends and acquaintances. This is inefficient and time-consuming, especially if you are going to conduct broadcasts regularly.
  • With the use of the service. Free tools for promoting the stream work according to the mutual exchange scheme, to get views on your air, you will have to review dozens of unnecessary videos, spending time wasted. In addition, the probability that users who have visited your Prime time will remain in subscribers is extremely low. Their task is to buy themselves views.

In the network, there are offers to download special software to increase the number of viewers. As a rule, the creators of such SOFTWARE have two goals:

  • Extort money from you. As a result, it turns out that the app is paid, only the "trial period"is free.
  • Get access to your account. This is done simply: you are asked to enter login and password under the pretext of effective operation of the program. And then your account is used to add various indicators and spread spam.

Some software turns out to be malicious at all and instead of its direct purpose performs other operations with your data that are beneficial to third parties. In Twitter, you can also buy views on a tweet, which will go to the broadcast counter.

There are offers to use a special service. However, constantly Twitch's improving algorithm easily monitors the performance of standard bots and blocks channels that abuse their use.

Thus, adding free Twitch viewers is long, inefficient, and not always safe. Only popular millionaires bloggers can afford natural methods of attracting users.

Features of the paid increase in viewers Twitch

Paid promotion can also be natural and with the use of special services. In the first case, the streamer independently buys advertising from more famous colleagues, orders posts in social network groups-they advertise the upcoming broadcast in every possible way. This method has several disadvantages at once:

  • Laboriousness. You will have to negotiate with bloggers, owners of groups in social networks, discuss the terms of deals, and look for compromises.
  • Significant financial costs. Advertising is an expensive service, and you will need to order several ads to attract viewers.
  • Unpredictability of the result. Not the fact that subscribers of resources that will mention your stream will be interested in its subject.

Services for adding views to Twitch streams win against this background. They allow you to attract a large flow of viewers at an affordable price.

Benefits of adding paid Twitch viewers

Some bloggers carefully hide the increase in viewers, while others are ashamed of it. But the fact is that most advanced accounts use this tool at a certain stage of development. Bold streamers-millionaires note that promotion is just a way to attract attention.

If the content is not interesting, then artificially adding views will not bring results. And using services to promote a new and interesting idea is not shameful and even necessary, otherwise it will be lost in the sea of other channels.

Artificial extension has significant advantages:

  • Quick payback. As a rule, the profit received from the live broadcast is many times more spent on promotion facilities.
  • Instant audience acquisition-you don't have to bother with ads and stream announcements, the automatic system will do everything for you.
  • Effectiveness. You get exactly as many views as you ordered from the performer, while other methods give a very distorted result. For example, with expensive advertising from a famous blogger, your broadcast may be ignored altogether, and the money will be wasted.

How to choose paid services for adding viewers?

Unfortunately, and when when ordering paid services, the channel owner is not immune from fraud and risks losing money. The choice of a company that is engaged in promotion should be approached critically.

Here's what you should avoid when ordering paid promotion:

  • Single "promotion masters". It is impossible for one person to manually promote a stream and attract viewers. As a rule, they resell the services of automated services or even give out free promotion for a paid one. Remember: conscientious SMM managers provide a comprehensive promotion, not a separate service to increase viewers on the channel's airwaves.
  • Little-known firms with no experience. How do I recognize them? For lack of reviews, official registration as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity, suspiciously low prices, inflated promises and questionable payment methods. For example, transferring money to an individual.
  • Services that require you to enter your Twitch username and password when ordering a service.

Output to The top of the twitch broadcast and what is included in a service?

SMOService provides a full range of services necessary for the promotion of a TV channel of any orientation, including views for broadcast (stream). Video output to the top YouTube and Google search engine with Yandex works on a similar algorithm of our system smo service.

The essence of the service is to increase the number of views on the broadcast, which leads to attracting viewers on the air.

Adding stream views to a Twitch allows you to:

  • attract a large number users, which increases the percentage of active audience;
  • quickly dial subscribers to the channel;
  • display the video in the top or trends of the Tweet.

Who needs the service of adding viewers to the stream in Twitch?

Increasing the number of viewers of a live broadcast Twitch is intended for:

  • Novice bloggers. Streams are one of the best ways to quickly attract attention and get an active, "live" audience.
  • Channels with an average number of subscribers. At a certain stage of promotion, the video hosting algorithm can to begin to ignore the growing authors, so the standard methods of promotion may not work.
  • Those who seek to become an opinion leader. Video in the live broadcast format allows you to gain the trust of the audience and enlist its support.
  • Activists and politicians. Want to be closer to society? Communicating in Prime time will help you do this.
  • Commercial channels and small businesses. Streams attract customers and convert their audience into potential customers much more efficiently and faster than others ways.
  • SMM managers. Increasing the number of stream viewers is a powerful promotion tool that will bring the quality of the SMM specialist's work to a new level.

6 reasons to order the addition of Twitch viewers on SMOService

1. Experience. SMOService is an officially registered company that has been operating since 2013 and has thousands of positive reviews from real customers.

2. Reliability. Availability of financial guarantees. There are fourteen ways for you to pay for services, including available ones verified QIWI wallet, professional Yandex account.Money", Payeer business account and PayPal.

3. Simplicity. Simple, convenient and secure interface: each client is provided with a "Personal account". You don't need to enter your Twitch account username and password. There is a customer support service.

4. Benefit. The opportunity not only to get promotion services, but also to earn money on the partner program or by investing in the project.

5. Automatic order processing. SMOService is one of the first automated services, therefore, all requests for services are processed instantly.

6. Without blocking. Our own database of accounts, reliable sources of offers from job exchanges, as well as the presence of communities with live users allow us to minimize the use of bots and promotion algorithms that cause suspicion in the Twitch security system.

How to order: step-by-step instructions

Making an order on the service is simple. The service processes the client's request using the quick order system-in automatic mode. So the query starts performed immediately after payment for the service.

Step 1. Select the service "views for broadcast" (stream).

Step 2. Pay attention to the description of the service: promotion is carried out from a mixed source, viewers from all countries. The order starts being executed instantly at an average speed.

Step 3. Select the desired number of views, the minimum is 5000. Click the "Order" button.

Step 4. Insert a link to the stream, enter your email address and phone number. Then choose a convenient payment method. Order decorated!

Please note that you do not need to enter your Twitch login details — usernames and passwords.

SMOService is a reliable and convenient tool for geting Twitch viewers as well as adding twitch views without the risk of blocking and at an acceptable cost.

Everyone can become popular and earn money from streams, regardless of their place of residence, social status, profession and experience-just go to the service and start working.