1 rub. for 1 item

Higher quality and faster views for large orders.

0.33 rub. for 1 item

Adding views to videos of any length, without a guarantee against write-offs

4.55 rub. for 1 item

High-quality likes for videos from real users from Russian exchanges.

1.68 rub. for 1 item

Low threshold for a minimum one-time order, quick start for cheap dislikes.

0.49 rub. for 1 item

Guaranteed views with a minimal chance of subsequent debiting.

2.49 rub. for 1 item

Stable service for YouTube likes, quick launch and execution of the order for likes.

0.43 rub. for 1 item

Guaranteed high-quality views, with a hold of up to 1 minute per view.

1.17 rub. for 1 item

Cheap likes on YouTube videos, likes are added with a small delay.

4.90 rub. for 1 item

Choose a social network and offer users share the video clip.

3.99 rub. for 1 item

Comments from real users on the video, with a choice of comment type.

0.49 rub. for 1 item

Useful service that improves optimization and getting the video in the recommended ones.

3.30 rub. for 1 item

Real subscribers, mostly from Russia, are standard and without warranty.


Paid promotion in YouTube, online promotion with a guarantee

YouTube is the world's largest platform for publishing, storing, and viewing videos.  According to the company's official statistics, in 2019, the number of video hosting visitors reached 2 billion people, of whom 1 billion watch videos daily! Therefore, more and more users are interested in methods of effective and fast promotion of the YouTube channel. In addition, 90 % of people find products and services on YouTube, and 62 % of companies use the functionality platforms for commercial promotion, and these numbers are growing steadily.

YouTube offers unlimited opportunities from creating your own blog to launching large-scale PR campaigns.

Since hosting was founded in 2006, the level of competition between channels is increasing every year.  From a standard service for viewing and storing videos, YouTube has grown into the largest commercial platform with millions of video bloggers. In such conditions, even high-quality content is left without attention, getting lost among other channel.

It's hard for newcomers to compete with giant accounts that have millions of subscribers. Therefore, the promotion and promotion of the YouTube channel in 2019 has become not a privilege, but a necessity.

Who needs YouTube channel promotion

YouTube channel promotion services are intended for:

  • novice bloggers and showmen. Whether video recording is a hobby or a full-fledged profession, everyone needs a large audience and recognition;
  • existing channels. Video hosting algorithms can ignore growing authors, slowing down the development of the account. You can't do without promotion in this case;
  • political and public figures. YouTube is a huge platform that allows you to influence people's opinions.  Thanks to promotion combined with quality content you can become a leading opinion leader;
  • small business. With increasing popularity, not only the company's customer base and profits will increase, but also its status. Often, small companies that started out on YouTube end up becoming giants in the market.

In addition, the channel is an effective way of passive earnings. You can create your own video blog and earn income from anywhere in the world, at any time, regardless of whether you have a main job.

Free YouTube promotion or paid promotion — what to choose

Free YouTube promotion is a tempting offer. You don't need to invest in the channel, and the number of users will grow.

There are two ways to make a channel popular without investments':

  • the self-promotion. This means creating high-quality content, holding promotions, giveaways, and sharing ads with other bloggers (barter). Independent promotion will require full return, significant time costs and painstaking work, and the result will not follow immediately. Sometimes the" natural " promotion of channels takes years;
  • the use of free services. Fast, cost-free, minimal effort is required, as all the work will be done for you. But are the services so good? promoting a channel on YouTube? Consider the main risks.

Risk # 1: subscribe to everyone, or " trash can»

Most of the free promotion services work on the following principle: to subscribe to you, you must also subscribe to the channels offered to you or watch a video, participate in a survey, and so on.

What will you get in the end:

  • a large percentage of unsubscribes. That is, people will sign up for you and then leave. This is a common phenomenon for free markups. According to statistics, from 10 users remain only 2;
  • clogging of the tape. You will have to subscribe to channels with a variety of content, often dubious. It will take a long time to weed them all out and unsubscribe;
  • low engagement. It is unlikely that other users of the free promotion service will pay attention to your content, the main thing for them is to subscribe to them.

Risk # 2: blocking or losing your account

Some free services use special bots for promotion. This is much it's more convenient: you don't need to subscribe to anyone, put likes, — the get robot will do everything on its own. Paid services also use bots, but what is the difference?

As a rule, a free program does not pass tests, has an imperfect algorithm, and the risk of being blocked is very high. YouTube tries to track and identify geters. Video hosting monitors not only changes in individual indicators, such as likes or purchases of views , but also aggregate dynamics. So the system detects "fast" promotion. In this case, the savings may result in a ban and loss of the channel.

Often free services offer sign-in via the social network: that is, you need to enter your username and password from YouTube in order to use the promotion service without attachments. Try not to provide such data to third-party sites. They will not steal your account, but they can use it to perform free spins. In addition, attackers will have access to your data. sensitive data.

Risk # 3: audience and advertiser distrust

An important indicator for advertisers and customers is not only the number of subscribers, but also their quality. Free promotions are almost entirely based on fakes and bots, which negatively affects the channel's reputation and does not allow attracting a live, active audience.

Advertisers do not link to channels where more than 70% of users are not potential customers. For successful promotion of your account there must be at least 40% of the audience consisting of real people or offers.

How to choose paid promotion

Of course, you can run into trouble when ordering promotion for money. To avoid unpleasant consequences, consider the following factors:

  • reputation of the promotion company. It is desirable that it was a large firm or experienced team. Do not contact a single "promotion guru". As a rule, these are ordinary dealers. They simply order a promotion in the service, make a mark-up and offer their services under the guise of unique. And this is at best. At worst, they use free tools — you pay money for air;
  • security. It is better not to contact services that require you to enter a username and password from YouTube;
  • honesty. No get service can guarantee absolutely high-quality promotion of a YouTube channel. In all cases, there is a certain percentage of unsubscribing, twisting views and likes. It is important that the firm directly indicate this indicator — as a rule, it is from 10 to 20 %.

Advantages of paid promotion

Often paid promotion is called "black", saying that the channel must independently pass the path "from 1 to 1000 subscribers".

In fact, artificial promotion has significant advantages:

  • quick payback. Yes, you will need to spend a certain amount on promotion. But advertising and integration will quickly cover all the costs of promoting the channel;
  • instant audience acquisition-no need to wait for the platform's algorithms to start recognize a channel;
  • convenience. You don't need to spend time on channel PR, you can focus on creating high-quality and useful content for users.

Experienced bloggers admit that they use promotion and do not see any negative aspects in it. If the content of the channel is frankly low-quality, even with a large promotion, it is impossible to keep the audience for a long time. If the video content is completely prohibited by the hosting rules, the channel will be blocked.

Raskryta only allows you to draw on pay attention, offer users your material, everything else depends on the efforts of the channel owners.

SMOService Features

SMOService provides a full range of services necessary for the promotion of a YouTube channel of any orientation. You will be able to choose the type and amount of options depending on the planned expenses for promotion, as well as order a comprehensive promotion.

Adding subscribers

The number of subscribers is the main parameter used by advertisers and their ability to also get on the site. The promotion service allows you to quickly and safely get subscribers to the channel — both offers and reliable ones. Some types of service are provided with a perpetual guarantee.

Set of views

The jump in views allows you to not only make the video popular, but also increase the probability of getting to the top tab. SMOService offers different types of views depending on your goals. For short videos — economy and fast, for long ones-with retention. If you you need to save the number of views, choose reliable ones with a guarantee against twisting.

The increase in the number of likes

"I like" marks are one of the indicators of audience engagement. It shows how much users like the content. Although analysts ' opinions on the impact of likes on ranking differ, there is evidence that the system still takes them into account. You can order likes fast and reliable, from Russian and foreign users.


The SMOService command does not support adding dislikes other people's videos, so the number of "I don't like" marks for each customer is limited. Sometimes a set of dislikes is necessary as part of a so-called "black PR" or acts as a way to hide a set of likes.

Ordering comments

Comments are the main indicator of social activity under the video. The system perceives posts with a large number of comments as the most relevant. In addition, the discussion of the video allows you to stir up the audience, encourages people to Express their opinion opinion. You can choose whether the comment will be positive, neutral, or negative. You can also add likes or dislikes to comments.


Reposts allow you to make a video and channel popular, attract the attention of other users and target audience, and increase the chances of getting a video in the recommended ones. We provide services for reposting videos in social networks (optional), adding videos to a playlist or favorites.


Streams and online broadcasts are a great way to Express yourself, attract an audience, promote a new idea, and effectively advertise a product or service.

SMOService allows you to quickly increase the number of views of the broadcast — as a result, the number of viewers and subscribers of the channel increases.

Output to trends

Getting to the top on YouTube is not only an increase in views and audience, but also attracting large advertisers.  Entering trends is an effective way to promote, much more effective than advertising and promotion of other indicators. This is the best solution for bloggers, brands, and PR companies.

SMOService offers output to the top using:

  • bot views;
  • mix views;
  • seeding ads in social networks.

Fast and effective promotion: a comprehensive approach

The turnkey promotion service is designed for ambitious projects with a sufficient budget. Because of the constant work on creating decent, useful content for users. the creators of the account do not have time for promotion.

Turn-key promotion includes everything necessary to make the channel popular. The service is available at four rates: Premium, Gold, Platinum and VIP. They differ in the number and variety of options included in the package.

If necessary, the SMOService team will create a promotion project based on the customer's recommendations and wishes.

YouTube promotion strategies

To make a channel popular and attract an audience, you need to develop your own the strategy of markups. It depends on the channel owner's experience and the financial resources they plan to invest in the project.

For beginners

Did you just create a channel? Then it is better to pay attention to the services of promoting subscribers and views. Artificial audience growth will certainly attract users interested in the content, and an increase in views will allow the video to get into the recommendations and top, attracting attention to the channel.

For bloggers and small businesses business's

If your goal is to instantly attract as many interested users as possible, then services for promoting reposts and viewing broadcasts (streams) will help.

For advanced users

When the channel is already created and filled with content, a new task arises-to attract advertisers or convert the audience into customers, if the video is commercial. Both pay attention to the number of subscribers, as well as the rating of the video — the number of likes and dislikes.

Advisable increase the number of views to make the audience reach wider. And if you need the effect of a viral video, the service of output to the top will help.

For large projects

Quickly make the channel efficient and to monetize the traffic using the promotion under the key. Depending on your goals, you can set your priority:

  • on the number;
  • on the quality;
  • rational combination.

Exclusive Premium, Gold, Platinum and VIP tariff plans will allow you to take any media project to a new level, get an audience of millions, the popularity and recognition of the audience.

5 reasons to order YouTube channel promotion on SMOService

SMOService is an officially registered company that has been operating since 2013 and has thousands of positive reviews from real customers.

Availability of financial guarantees. There are fourteen ways for you to pay for services, including a verified QIWI wallet and A Yandex professional account.Money, Payeer business account and PayPal.

Simple, convenient and secure interface — each client is provided with a personal account. You don't need to enter your username and password for your YouTube account. There is a customer support service.

The opportunity not only to get promotion services, but also to earn money on the partner program or by investing in the project.

Automatic order processing. SMOService is one of the first automated services, so all requests for services are processed instantly.

SMOService is a reliable and convenient tool for promoting YouTube channel without the risk of blocking and at an affordable price.  Everyone can become popular and monetize traffic from video, just go to the service and start working.