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Here you can order the service of purchasing votes in the survey on the VK wall.

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Additional service for increasing votes in group discussions.

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Votes in polls on the wall. Quick start of the order, a large database of accounts.


Promotion of VK votes and polls in discussions and on the wall

Surveys help bloggers, representatives of commercial accounts to determine which version of the available audience is inclined to. The topic of discussion can concern any issues that characterize the activity of the subject. In General, compliance with the subject of a blog, group, or public is not a mandatory criterion. Asking subscribers what they would do, how they want to see the public, and what topics they are willing to talk about is not all that is necessary. available through the survey functionality. This promotion of VK helps to increase engagement and provoke the existing audience to real actions, including writing comments, likes, and further tracking of information.

Where are voices used?

Votes are needed to ensure that there is activity in the survey. You can not only post questionnaires on your personal page, but also wind up responses in other surveys compiled in any blogs or groups. For example, you need something more than href="https://smoservice.media/vkontakte/vkontakte-subscribers/" > promotion of subscribers to the VK group>, or other social activity.

Let's look at the examples of how you can use the promotion of VC votes:

  • Inciting disputes. Initially, you indicate that more votes will come for the answer that the majority of subscribers will oppose. This will provoke hype and discussion, which means that there will be a lot of comments, likes, and reposts. As a result, your page may rise in the search ranking for queries. Increasing statistics, and even and this natural and smooth, will help to effectively promote the page.
  • Motivation to perform an action. Let's say that you have entered a group of VC where there is little activity. It may well be that the page is interested in silent people. They don't write a lot of comments, but they take an active part in surveys. Next, you will look at the survey itself and try to analyze how interesting the group is for other users. If a lot of people voted for the answers earlier, you will probably want to participate. Agree, few people are ready to be a pioneer on the "dead page".
  • Promotion of the desired response. If we do not complicate, but estimate the lion's share of cases in which our clients order the addition of VK surveys, we can say that many people just want to get the right audience solution. Let's say you have two options: Yes and No. Subscribers answer "Yes", although the second answer is beneficial for you. By ordering the promotion of VK surveys, you adapt their results to your capabilities, needs and interests. And most importantly, usually, no one dares to spend a lot of time trying to figure out which people voted, whether they signed up for you. Therefore, a set of answers in Vkontakte surveys is a win-win option for promoting and motivating subscribers to activity, and it is unlikely that anyone can guess that the answers are screwed up.

There are many options to consider, but if you understand what you need to add to the desired response in the survey, contact SMOSERVICE. We recommend that you specify how many votes should be received and for which option, and the rest we take responsibility. There are also voices in Instagram (in storis). Our company is also engaged in promotion and promotion of Insta accounts. You can evaluate the list of available services and use the appropriate ones.

For whom is the use of votes in VK relevant?

The voice functionality in the Vkontakte social network helps you analyze audience characteristics automatically, easily sorting people who took part in the survey into groups. Therefore, this format of promotion is not only suitable ordinary users who run their blog in VK, but also entrepreneurs.

What criteria can be used to sort the active audience:

  • Age group. Several age group options are available for filtering if the community administrator or page owner opens the settings for a running survey. There you can display who voted for what by age.
  • Paul. The same thing described in the previous paragraph concerns gender. Men's and women's ratings are available pages that voted for a particular option. Moreover, the result of such an assessment is a percentage that expresses the quantitative parameters of the audience for different options. You can see what percentage of men (women) chose each existing survey option.
  • Location. People from a number of countries are available for analysis. For example, if you are only interested in the opinion of users from the Russian Federation, click on the corresponding function. As a result, statistics will be displayed only for compatriots.

Voices, you can adjust the number of incoming opinions for, against, or otherwise. You can also close surveys. That is, when you create a questionnaire, you can buy votes, and then close the option to select a suitable item. The result that is beneficial to the customer will be displayed for the entire time that the post to which the survey is attached will exist on the wall of the page, group, or public. Live users who vote come from ads that we use for premium SMM href="https://smoservice.media/vkontakte/vkontakte-media-piar/" > VK promotion for business> .

Users don't pay as much attention to surveys as they might. Most do not take into account that this tool helps to stir up disputes, interest, and most importantly, it is the easiest and most accessible lever for users to show activity. The main thing is to start. Therefore, it is quite relevant to pre-promote votes for the VK poll, after which real subscribers will begin to Express their opinions more actively.

One one of the advantages of using surveys is that the voting party does not see the result until it makes a personal choice. That is, the user, seeing the question and possible answers, does not know about the current results. The intermediate final is currently displayed after the person makes their choice. And the next logical action is to write a comment to see if it agrees with the trend or not. Many people even make a repost to keep track of trends, because they are interested, how the survey will end.

Paid or free promotion of surveys?

Promotion can be free or paid. SMOSERVICE offers paid services with a clearly fixed price for customers who order promotion and promotion for the first time. We also work with different social networks, including adding to Twitter .

Please note that free promotion cannot be of high quality. Services that offer services free of charge, usually either in in the future, they request payment, or wind up all actions with bots that simply kill your statistics. The result is a drop in the rating (and, accordingly, in the search list by several positions, and the worst option is to block your account). And this applies not only to VK, but also to Instagram, which we also promote.

Free services usually do not guarantee support. Everything is logical – those to whom you do not pay will not help you. The worst option is to get caught by scammers who will request your data or, even worse, steal them. Therefore, contact only reliable, trusted companies. VK promotion is not something to save money on. Illiterate promotion will kill statistics and endanger the existence of an account in the development of which you invest not only money, but also time.

We also have low prices, the ability to get discounts on subsequent orders, and a variety of services that will help you promote your company in a comprehensive way activity.

Pros and cons of paid promotion of VK votes


  • Reliability. We do not wind up with solid one-day bots, but use our own and mixed databases. Therefore, the VC system will not be "interested" in suspicious activity.
  • Simplicity. Ordering a service on a well-optimized, easy-to-understand, yet functional site is much better than trying to figure out how to use buggy pages without proper navigation.
  • Support. Information support for the administration is what you get as part of applying for paid services for Vkontakte promotion.
  • Low price. Votes in surveys are inexpensive – everyone can afford these costs – both novice bloggers and experienced entrepreneurs.
  • Data security. A paid service is a guarantee that your data will not be stolen.

The only drawback of paid promotion is that you need to pay money at all. But if you want to get a quality service, about using which you will not regret in the future, it is better not to spare money.

Pros and cons of free adding VK votes


  • No need to pay. Saving money in this case is not worth the negative consequences. The minimum that you can grab because of poor-quality statistics is a drop in statistics, and it is very difficult to raise it. The worst thing is that your account is completely blocked. That's only in the VC to unlock a group or personal page very difficult.
  • You don't need to understand the functions. In fact but it's an illusion. You went to a free site and thought that you didn't pay anything, so you can leave at any time. But these resources usually do not work well, so they require a lot of time to set up and try to launch a survey promotion. On the survey, you can buy VK likes at low prices or promote them for a fee in our smo service.

This is where the pros end and the cons begin:

  • inconvenient;
  • insecure;
  • a fall statistics;
  • the probability of blocking permanently or temporarily (at best, but even this is rare);
  • probability of data loss through fraudulent sites;
  • promotion by bots without avatars;
  • deception (first you are written that the services are free, and then they still ask for money).

Free add-ons are often out of control – you have indicated that you need to get, for example, 100 " Yes " votes, and 20 have come.

There is also an important point – free services, even if they are of low quality, are unlikely you will just be presented with their services. I'm sure we'll have to do something for them anyway. For example, put likes to other users, subscribe to someone. For such actions, a certain value of the currency provided by the developer is credited to the internal account. And only then, when the necessary amount of "funds" is collected inside the system, they can be spent on adding Vkontakte surveys.

Here is an example for clarity. Service X offers you free promotion of VK. To buy 10 votes, you need to collect 50 coins inside the site. If you subscribe to someone through this resource, you will be given 5 coins. So you need to complete 10 subscriptions to get the right amount of coins and order surveys. As a result, you spend a lot of time, and if you decide to unsubscribe from those who came through the service, you are threatened with a fine on this "free service". You can't get a lot of votes that way, and it will take a lot of time to get them that way.

Types of promotion

What types of adding votes does our service offer? Let's look at each of them.

Votes in the poll on the wall (slow)

A survey is posted on the wall. You need to add votes to certain options. In order for their quantitative growth to be natural and smooth, it is better to adhere to a slow speed of promotion. Then no one will guess that you are promoting your account through third-party services that speed up promotion.

The vote in the discussions (interview)

You can also do surveys in discussions. This tool attracts a lot of attention. sides of the existing audience.

Votes in the poll on the wall (unlimited)

On the wall are placed questionnaires, adding votes to the VK can be just unlimited. This is especially true for promoted pages that need to stir up disputes and increase activity.

Advantages of working with SMOSERVICE

SMOSERVICE offers competent promotion in various social networks, including Vkontakte. We also work with application services, ask FM , Facebook, etc.

Quick order start

We have an instant start of the order for promotion of responses (votes) in the polls. You will quickly get the initial result depending on the volume of desired actions. You can choose an unlimited format or a slow one – you choose the one that is more convenient for you.

Large database of accounts

We have a database of accounts, and we interact with services that are used by real people. As a result of participants performing actions, very much. Therefore, our company is able to serve both large bloggers and groups of commercial corporations. At the same time, we treat all customers equally, including those who make minimum orders for the first time. So you don't have to worry about contacting SMOSERVICE.

Ability to choose slow or fast promotion

Do you want to promote your account quickly or slowly? Depending on the current content of the group and the goals set by the customer, we offer to choose one of two packages, working at different speeds.


The service has online support. If the payment did not pass, the service is not provided (this does not happen, but just in case we tell everyone), you can contact support. All conflicts, disputes, problems, and inaccuracies will be resolved. At the same time, our site works like clockwork, and databases for users are always available. Therefore, we are sure that you do not risk anything by cooperating with us.


SMOSERVICE – the company that developed reliable service that protects customers from data loss. And most importantly - you do not have to leave passwords or other confidential information on the site, risking your security.

Order the service you are interested in now to start effective promotion! Votes for surveys will be counted in real time, and you will be able to control the entire process.