0.06 rub. for 1 item

Views of posts on the profile wall, or the wall of a public page, of a group.

0.08 rub. for 1 item

Views of videos uploaded directly to the VC, the database is limited.

890 rub. for 1 item

Get statistics and activity. Likes, reposts, views and visitors

0.89 rub. for 1 item

Free gifts for your personal social network page (large queue).

0.08 rub. for 1 item

Slow adding views to a post on the wall in Vkontakte.


Increasing the live activity of the VC and a set of statistics

Activity in the social network Vkontakte is a whole set of actions on the part of users. They can put likes, view posts, stay for a long time reading them. This means that the post opens and does not close for a certain time. Few people know, but even such data VC algorithms are able to collect. And the better they are, the higher you are in the ranking for requests, the better the technical characteristics. Therefore, the promotion of Vkontakte is relevant literally for all types of pages, public pages, commercial groups, and personal accounts.

Ratings are also centered around activity. The higher it is, the better. However, more often than not, likes and comments are not confused with the asset that covers the indicators collected by the page statistics. An asset is meant to promote actions that are tracked in statistics. We are talking about viewing recordings, videos, and receiving free gifts. Very few people know about the latter, but in fact even free gifts that other users send you messages that have a positive effect on your statistics. Similar principles work for Facebook and other social networks. Similarly, the output to the top video for YouTube affects the development of the channel.

Kind of activity

Let's take a closer look at the types of active actions listed above that affect your page's statistics. Groups of the public.

Viewing a recording (instant launch)

This is one of the types of service packages that we offer we provide it as part of the VC promotion. Viewing records in a quantitative format is recorded by the algorithms of the Vkontakte system. And the corresponding icon is displayed at the bottom of the post. The symbol looks like a small eye, near which the number of views of the post is placed.

Why is it so important to show that other people are watching your recordings:

  • Simulated activity. The new group, which was promoted recently, can hardly boast of good statistics. Yes, maybe you recently promoted a lot subscribers through a special service. Yes, you may get likes, but when accessing the services of third-party non-automated services, actions are performed through a special functionality. Simply put, if you bought 1000 likes, it does not mean that the number of views will increase with each heart. Imagine how unnatural a post that has been liked by a thousand people but only viewed by 10 subscribers will look.
  • Technical indicator. Statistics are a" face " for an advertiser. No one buy ads from you if there are no views in the group. Accordingly, the active overcame the posts of other people, the more chances to sell advertising space more expensive.
  • The impact on the ratings. Statistics affect your positions in the search results by group name (key queries) within the VK. Similar algorithms work in Instagram, which we also promote and promote. As for the promotion of Vkontakte, here statistics play a huge role in forming the rating.

It is important to note that when if you order low-quality promotion, you run the risk of falling off the top on the issue, and it will be very difficult to return to the previous positions. In addition, after illiterate and unnatural promotion of the asset, many people remain at the bottom for a long time despite the fact that they have a lot of subscribers, comments, likes.

Do you want to visually evaluate such results? Enter the name of your public in the VK search. You can enter the name of a page or group. Look at the top of the issue. For sure, one of the top positions is occupied by a public that collected fewer subscribers than those located below. This means that it has more assets and better statistics. Do you want to get good results too? Order the "view records" package on the SMOSERVICE website.

Video views (quick start)

To start quickly promoting a video, you can start by ordering views. If there is no video content in the post, statistics for overall coverage are displayed. This means the number of people who viewed the information-read the text, who rated the picture or image. For a Vkontakte video, you specify the parameter of views of the video itself – that is, it means the number of people who opened the content and did not close it for the minimum time necessary to fix it in the statistics.

One of the packages offered by SMOSERVICE is video views. This promotion of Vkontakte helps you get started quickly, improve technical indicators, and rise in positions by name.

Free gifts (large turn)

Gifts are pictures, sometimes animated, displayed in a special block on the page. You can only give stickers that show flowers, toys, cakes, and so on to your personal profiles. Few people know, but the more gifts you have, the better the statistics. Yes, this is not the most decisive factor affecting the performance of an asset, but it has become one of those that it is important to pay attention to.

SMOSERVICE offers a fairly rare service – the purchase of gifts. Profiles will be sent to you for free gifts that add to the corresponding column on your account.

We want to warn you in advance that the gift promotion package cannot be launched immediately, because we have a considerable queue to complete.

Viewing a recording (improved quality)

The slow addition of views on the record from users whose activity will not block you is one of the most profitable options for a set of VC. We also offer competent promotion of YouTube channels, based on comprehensive work on updating content.

Putting the community in the top search results

One of the most relevant services, based on a comprehensive selection of methods for promoting a page or community in Vkontakte , is "Output to the top on request". Representatives of the company will analyze your niche, determine current requests, and generate data about existing competitors. It is not always possible to get to the top on your own if you are talking about a beginner who has recently started thinking about promotion. In our service there are views on the twitch channel and recordings of broadcasts.

With the purchase of competent support, your public or community, group or personal page will reach the top positions in the internal search system of Vkontakte.

Why is this necessary? Several reasons to order the service:

  • The orientation of the target group.
  • It will be easier to find customers who previously used the same service, were interested in a product or information.
  • You can find new ones clients'.

The higher your page or group is by name and the queries contained in its description, the more live subscribers and potential customers will come. They will enter the name of the company or product they are interested in, and then find you. This tool for attracting the consumer environment is incredibly powerful, and it is for this that many entrepreneurs choose to work in the VC.

Why is it important to be at the top of the search? Because users are unlikely to want to scroll further. It is more profitable and easier for them open the first links. If you can find what you need to get there, the user will remain. If not, then maybe it will scroll further.

Paid or free promotion?

Paid or free promotion? Maybe you should just place an automatic order for the service subscription to VK likes and forget about promotion? You can choose one of the available options. However, both paid and free formats may look different. We offer to understand – what better?

First of all, we must say that the services that serve people and have resources for promoting VK were developed by specialists. They are placed on servers, a domain was purchased for them, and periodically you need to make funds to ensure that the site is not demolished. All this is expensive, as well as subsequent maintenance. To create a database of users who perform actions in the VC, you will also have to work hard. Do you think it can be free? No. Therefore, the paid service is more honest and secure, it is not accompanied by risks, but there are a lot of pitfalls behind the free one.

A similar principle works with other social networks. For example, we promote Telegram channels. Competent, safe, and effective forward movement simply cannot be free of charge.

Pros and cons of paid asset promotion for statistics

Among the advantages of paid promotion of an asset are the following:

  • Ease of use of the service. Order services on an optimized, functional, a simple site is much better than trying to figure out how to use non-working or just terribly working pages without optimal navigation.
  • There are no risks, the result is guaranteed. SMOSERVICE does not wind up actions in the VC by bots that live one day, but uses its own and mixed databases. As a result, the Vkontakte system will not see the asset as suspicious.
  • Information and technical support. Information support of the administration is what you get as part of applying for paid services href="https://smoservice.media/vkontakte/vkontakte-media-piar/" > promote Vkontakte without promotion>, choosing all types of packages and in different directions (for example, even when updating a track in ITunes.
  • Favorable price. The asset is inexpensive, even if it is raised qualitatively and with a guarantee – these costs will be able to afford everything. Low prices are suitable for novice bloggers, experienced entrepreneurs, and owners of representative accounts.
  • Security of information and personal data. Paid service – an opportunity not only to receive high-quality services, but also a guarantee that your data will not be stolen. SMOSERVICE reliably protects all information that comes to us from customers.

The only drawback of paid promotion in the social network Vkontakte is the need for minimal, but investments. However, if you want to get a quality service, it is better not to spare money. Especially since our prices are low. This way you will never regret using promotion tools.

The pros and cons of a free promotion of the asset and statistics in the VC

Consider the only advantages:

  • Is free. In this case, saving money is not worth the consequences that occur with low-quality mass promotion. This is fraught with falling statistics, and it is not easy to raise them. The worst thing that can happen in VK is blocking your account permanently or temporarily (by the way, it is very difficult to unblock it in VK).
  • Easy access to functions, since they are few and primitive. This does not correspond to reality and is not justified, but only seems to be true. seemingly. Let's say you went to a free site and decided that you didn't spend the money, so at any time you can click on the cross in the upper-right corner of the browser (or close the app on your smartphone). But there is another "but". These resources usually do not work well, so they require a lot of time to set up and try to run active statistics. As a result, you only waste time and nerves, and do not get the result.

Now about the cons:

  • statistics may drop;
  • no conveniences;
  • insecurity;
  • probability of blocking (permanently or temporarily);
  • the probability of data loss due to the activities of fraudulent sites;
  • fraud.

Free Vkontakte promotion, even if it concerns standard activity, always loses to paid promotion. Here you can order both services to improve statistics, and comprehensive support for raising the search top. You can also buy comments for Facebook without registration on our site.

Advantages of choosing a SMOSERVICE company

SMOSERVICE-professionals in the world of promotion. We work with different social networks, we wind up downloading applications. We have our own user bases, developed unique algorithms, and provided a lot of functions inside the site.

Working with us is not only convenient, but also profitable. We have one of the lowest prices, but at the same time the highest reliability, there is information support, a lot of tools for complex promotions. Contact SMOSERVICE and we will "raise" your product to the maximum positions!

Quick order start

We will launch your project in the shortest possible time. The system for raising activity works instantly and at any time of the day. Even if it's a day off, a holiday, or a night, you don't have to wait for a specialist to come to the office at 09:00. The site works automatically, which is very convenient.

Large database of accounts

We work with our own databases. Interact with services, which are used by real people. Our company can serve large bloggers, commercial corporations, private clients, and small online stores. We treat all customers equally, regardless of the order volume. We also have a system of discounts and incentives that will help you save money!

Ability to choose slow or fast promotion

We offer a package for raising a group, public or profile in the search ranking. Also we wind up separately activity-views of posts and video. Choose an option that is convenient for you, including the ability to adjust the speed of promotion. The slower it is, the more natural it looks. But for large projects, fast promotion becomes more relevant, which helps to quickly activate the interest of the audience.


We have online support. We resolve all types of issues and disputes. In 99% of cases, the client does not need to contact the operator, but we are still ready to establish contact with you by needs.


SMOSERVICE is not just a company. This is a brand that has existed in the field of online project promotion for many years. Do you want to order services from a modern, reliable organization with powerful resources and bright heads? Contact us! We offer the best conditions, low prices, a lot of available promotion options, and much more.