To buy complaints on the VC account, or the publication Vkontakte

SMOSERVICE offers to collect complaints in order to block unwanted content for you or the page as a whole. VK is one of the most popular social networks in the world, because it is used by people from all over the CIS. SMOSERVICE accepts orders from users, and it does not matter where you are and what you do in Vkontakte – commercial activities or just communicate with friends, adding complaints is suitable for you.

How to do order?

To order a service, select the service package you are interested in in the corresponding section. We offer both fast typing and slower, but inexpensive. We also draw your attention to the fact that the company provides a guarantee of achieving results.

To place an order, specify a link to unwanted content or a page in Vkontakte that you want to block. Next, you will need to choose the appropriate payment method. Data for registration of the application is required at least, and all payments that are made through our website, secure.

Advantages of applying for purchase of VC complaints

SMM Agency guarantees that you will get the maximum benefits:

  • Quality. Do you want to receive only high-quality services? Contact SMOSERVICE. We have a large database of users-bots and offers. They will be enough to block any page, post, photo or video.
  • Guarantee of results. We provide a guarantee of 100% results. You can specify multiple links by filling out the appropriate number of requests to block unwanted content. Anything that contradicts your interests and is located in the VC will be blocked.
  • Adding bots or offers. Bots are cheaper to wind up complaints, but slower. Offers – a little more expensive, but faster. Which option is more convenient for you-you decide.

We guarantee anonymity – your enemies will never know that it was you who ordered the blocking of their pages or content. If someone posted your photo or material that offends you, apply for blocking on our site. Numerous complaints in Vkontakte will help you automatically achieve a block that will be imposed on the landing page without the participation of moderators. This means that everyone can be sent to the block without exception. The main thing is to contact a company that has the right tools set up and has the resources to achieve such goals. SMOSERVICE guarantees that thanks to us, you can block any page in the VK.

Who might be interested in the service?

One complaint that you send it yourself via your account, it will not solve anything. Moreover, if certain conditions are met, you can "get burned" by giving yourself away. If you want to anonymously, quickly and effectively remove content that you don't like, or block someone's profile, order our services.

What you'll be able to complain to the VC:

  • Post. Don't like the content? You can delete such a post completely, no matter who has it posted.
  • Photos and videos. Did your photos go online? Were they photoshopped? Caused damage in other format? We will delete photos and videos using add complaints.
  • Profile. Do you plan to remove competitors, take revenge on offenders? We will help you to completely block your profile so that it does not interfere with you anymore.

Who are our clients on VK:

  • Owners of commercial pages who plan to improve their business results by increasing their customer base. Imagine what would happen if people moved from competitors to you. Agree – it is profitable.
  • Owners of personal pages. If for some reason if you are concerned about the owners of other accounts, order mass complaints to block them.

Contact SMOSERVICE – we will fulfill any order related to mass complaints about content and accounts in General.