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Live subscribers in Telegram channel without blocking

Every year, the trend of creating Telegram channels to support activities is increasing. Not all bloggers and entrepreneurs have this tool yet, but soon the distribution of the messenger will be wider than today. Do you want to have time to promote your channel and be one step ahead? We offer Telegram promotion, which will help you achieve a number of goals, solve a lot of tasks and just get more from your activities. In the near future, we will add href="https://smoservice.media/pages/social-subscription/">telegram subscription> for various activities.

Subscribers to the channel – how to turn?

There are several types of promotion in Telegram. One of them is adding subscribers to the channel. However, it is very important to do this correctly. Few people say, but if you only fill in bots, in this case, the Telegram mechanisms will delete them themselves. And not only unsubscribe, but also generally block. First of all, you will suffer as the owner of the channel, so choose the source for you need to move correctly.

When you contact our company, you can be sure that you will get high-quality promotion for any of the selected packages. We have optimized processes that allow you to safely promote channels in Telegram without the risk of facing a degraded rating and the refusal of exchanges to take you because of the promotion. In addition, if Telegram captures the progress of bots, it can delete the entire channel. It doesn't matter that you already had several thousand real subscribers there. So initially we recommend contacting our company to protect yourself and get the maximum benefit.

Now let's look at several options for promotion.


Obviously, this is the worst, undesirable, and completely meaningless option. Bots do not bring any benefit, and the increase in numbers will not give any real benefit. For a few days, your indicators will soar, but then they will fall sharply, bots will be banned, and the channel will be deleted altogether. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not use black promotion methods, as such and promotion is difficult to call.

Many users unknowingly order promotion with bots, and then try to fix the situation with better promotion. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. It depends on the number of bots, the activity of their influx, and in General, how much the Telegram algorithms will evaluate your channel. On the website you can find prices for all SMM services from our specialists.


Offers are users who perform a certain action for a certain amount of time. award. These are real people who have registered an account in Telegram, but only for the purpose of earning (or getting a certain benefit). They use websites and tools that optimize the entire process of searching for" actions " for payment.

Offers will not write text, send messages, or read your information. Offers can be unsubscribed, but in General, when analyzing the results of our campaign, we can say that the withdrawal is minimal. In most other companies, receipts and unsubscriptions are approximately the same level, and such promotion does not make sense.

The reason for this situation is that a person who registered an account purely to subscribe to a thousand channels, for example, does not read them. After a while, he will abruptly unsubscribe from everyone.

We have our own database, the behavioral aspects of which we control. Yes, our offers rarely write, read and perform any actions in General, but if you evaluate the price / quality ratio, then the package is promoted by such a category of users. quite good. On the website smosservice, it is possible to buy views on video YouTube at the most competitive prices and subscribers in a Telegram.

Real person

The best solution is to order a promotion with the addition of real people's accounts to the channel. Such users are unlikely to unsubscribe. They do not put mass subscriptions on thousands of channels, which is the main reason why with such promotion, Telegram never blocks anyone. Everything looks as natural as possible. Therefore, if you want to order a high-quality promotion that involves working only with Russian-speaking subscribers, it is better to order the addition of real people to the channel. This method of promotion is more expensive, but it's worth it.

Why twist it?

Promotion will be relevant in many cases. For example, they register channels in Telegram and promote the following categories of users:

  • Bloggers who have a promoted blog in social networks. Even millionaire bloggers order promotion Telegram channel to post news, videos, something interesting. The advantage of this format of interaction with the audience is that there are almost no restrictions in the type of content submission in Telegram. This is the company's business policy. Most other messengers and social networks have strict rules that restrict the ability to post specific content.
  • Entrepreneurs, stores, and other commercial figures. Telegram channel is perfect for placing additional shares, news, interesting facts about the company that owns it.
  • Popular personality. As with bloggers, the Telegram channel is an opportunity for popular people to expand their sphere of influence.

In any case, Telegram will soon become even more popular and in demand. Maybe it will be used by CIS users who are currently using Viber and Vatsap. If you want to be one step ahead, promote the channel now. Remember that it is always easier for those who advance earlier. Please note and on dislikes to YouTube videos that you can buy on the site.

Advantages of group promotion

The advantage of buying subscribers is audience growth. This is the main reason why the channel is promoted. However, it is important to make sure that the system does not recognize suspicious actions. To do this, it is ideally recommended to order both internal advertising and promotion at the same time, so that subscribers eventually "mix".

Recognize that people came to your channel with real accounts, but within the framework of promotion, it is almost impossible. Therefore, turning to white promotion methods, you can not worry about anything at all.

How can I recognize a subscriber purchase?

Now there are few hyped channels – most simply do not know that you can add subscribers for a small amount. You can recognize an appeal to artificial promotion by the following signs:

  • The ratio of views and subscribers. It is better to promote the channel comprehensively. Why? Submit situation. You filled in 100k subscribers to the channel, but the views were not touched. Each of your posts is watched by only a thousand people. It is hardly necessary to explain that the fact of buying subscribers becomes obvious. But if you add another 10K views, it will be more realistic, and it is better to wind up more (40% of the total number of subscribers on the channel).
  • Uneven coverage. Look at the statistics of the channel for 1-2 weeks. If the coverage is ragged, that is, intermittent (one day just huge, and the other drops sharply), then immediately rough progress becomes apparent. It is better to do everything gradually to ensure the visibility of natural progress.
  • Frequency and number of posts. 5-10 posts a week – very little. Usually, those who have a small budget for promotion, thus try to save money. There are a lot of subscribers and very few views on posts. As a result, they make 5 posts and turn thousands of views on them... And here is the fact that the channel places a minimum of information, and is one of the indicators of promotion.

Given all all of the above, you can adapt your promotion to the existing conditions and make sure that no one knows about your ad. Here you can promote the telegram channel without bots, making a turnkey promotion.

There is another recommendation. If your channel is accused of promoting, but such accusations are unfounded and are not fixed by real facts, that is, you did everything correctly in the promotion, you can say that subscribers are attracted through traffic from others sources'. However, questions about the evidence may come in response, but here everything is ambiguous. Why should you have them? Why should you spend time collecting and demonstrating them? The main thing is that there is an answer to the question where the subscribers came from. From where? Through external resources attracted (for advertising materials).

Pay attention to the fact that when placing ads for your channel in other, more popular ones, you may encounter the problem of abstract efficiency. What is it about? For example, a channel that offered you posts with advertising, popular, with subscribers, views, and so on. You also have an influx. It seems that everything turns out the way we wanted. Only there are no orders, no questions. Why? Some channel owners order ads, then sell ads to other users and put bots on them. As a result, you see an increase in numbers, but do not know that it is artificial.

This is one of the reasons why even paid promotion through unreliable sources can be ineffective. To check the quality of the informed ordered promotion in this way can be done in the following ways:

  • Write to 10-20 subscribers asking where they came from. With total promotion, no one will respond. It is better to ask questions from a different account than the main one, otherwise users may start complaining. A particularly bad result is when your messages are not even read by anyone.
  • Date of subscription and date of the last visit. Usually the main indicator of rough promotion is considered a situation when a person subscribed to your channel, but he came long before today. That is, signed up, but did not appear online! This is 100% likely to indicate poor quality promotion.

There is one good way to recognize high-quality promotion from filling bots. For this you need to carry out a simple monitoring. Buy about 1000 people immediately after posting a new post. If very few people viewed it, this promotion is ineffective. Yes, almost all advertising methods involve attracting people through third-party services, but if these people are not bots, then they will still come to you and see what is posted on the channel. We have prepared articles for the SMM Developer and owners of Telegram channels.

The advantages of promotion in the Telegram

So, let's look at the main advantages of buying subscribers to the Telegram channel:

  • Creating the appearance of popularity. Few people want to subscribe to a channel that almost no one is watching. In this case, the user thinks that there will be little news, because there is no one to work for, and an interesting source would already be more people signed up. By purchasing subscribers, you can show that your channel is being read, followed, active, and will remain that way.
  • Rating increase. Rating and statistics on the page with competent advertising only improve. This, of course, will help in the subsequent promotion, as well as contribute to attracting advertisers.
  • Ability to sell ads for other channels. The more subscribers you have, the more active you are, the higher the price tag for advertising posts. Want to earn on this movement? Then we recommend adding subscribers first.
  • Raising the price tag for services. Channels that sell products or place offers from stores, but those with few subscribers, earn less. After launching the promotion, it is possible to gradually raise prices, while retaining customers. Think about it – the more active your channel, the higher its reliability in the eyes of potential consumers.
  • Faster attraction of real clients or representatives of the target group. To subscribe a promoted channel is easier to attract people.

Adding subscribers for free or for a fee?

There are options for free and paid advertising. One of the free methods is working through tasks. That is, you create a task in the service and pay in the internal currency accepted in the system. To earn it first, you need to perform other tasks. Of course, this is a very inefficient method, because people will leave your channel, and you will not be able to add many subscribers. And this is not to mention that on it will take a long time to organize the entire process.

There are also services that simply offer promotion with non-live accounts. They do not directly write that they are turning "low quality" subscribers. Everything is calculated on the fact that first you take a free promotion, and then pay. But what's the point if statistics are already killed because of a massive flood of bots that are about to be blocked?

It is better to buy paid promotion. To order quality services, we suggest contacting our company. Guarantee high quality promotion, no risks, the ability to add such subscribers that will not be massively unsubscribe from you. There is a package of services where there are no charges at all.

Another method of promotion is the use of Telegram bots. Here only motivated traffic. However, you also need to pay for the bot, and the quality of subscriptions can also be different.

Options for promotion packages

Subscribers to the channel (active offers)

Advantages and features of the package (what is included):

  • Quality subscribers
  • Audience only from Russia
  • Live and active
  • Not be charged

Subscribers to the channel (standard)

Advantages and features of the package (what is included):

  • Quickly add
  • Audience intermediate-level
  • Reduced cost
  • Standard promotion

Subscribers to the channel (Russian offers)

Advantages and features of the package (what is included):

  • Hot offer
  • Highest quality
  • Elevated cost
  • Adding a strictly Russian-speaking audience
  • Active subscribers


The SMOSERVICE team offers consistent, competent promotion of Telegram channels. We are working to attract high-quality subscribers who will not unsubscribe from you for a long time. Our promotion is not only effective, but also safe, so you can not worry about possible losses. Follow the news Telegram and updating of the cryptocurrency in including SMOCoin.

We offer you to choose one of three price packages, which are attached to the description. And when you order the respective services in the future you will be able to obtain the best discounts. Cooperation with the SMOSERVICE team will open up wide opportunities for you in the world of promotion, and this applies not only to subscribers in Telegram, but also to other social networks, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and so on.