249 990 rub. for 1 item

Comprehensive premium VK rate for high-quality and effective promotion.

379 990 rub. for 1 item

Our most popular tariff for turnkey promotion at the gold tariff.

649 990 rub. for 1 item

A comprehensive tariff for the best VC promotion for large businesses on the Internet.

479 990 rub. for 1 item

Universal tariff for turnkey promotion on the Vkontakte platinum tariff.


Premium VK promotion from SMM specialists

Social networks do not stop developing. At the same time, Vkontakte Promotion is a service that continues to be popular for many years. Promotion methods based on the analysis of modern algorithms, trends, competitive niches, and much more do not stand still. Moreover, the same trends for each activity, social network, and specific interaction with the target audience may differ.

One it remains the same – Vkontakte does not cease to be the most popular social network in Runet, and in General in the CIS countries. Therefore, promoting a personal account, group, community, or public is a great investment in both leisure and commercial development.

SMOSERVICE offers a comprehensive media PR service that will take your business to a new level. We use in our activities of all existing and relevant at the moment of novation. We guarantee not only a competent approach to working on the project, but also the real result that you will see in practice.

Who needs media PR

Vkontakte media PR is one of the methods of promotion, which is classified in several directions. SMOSERVICE offers a number of service packages, among which you can choose the most suitable for your budget and content.

For which categories of users Will Vkontakte's media PR be relevant:

  • Novice bloggers. New projects that need to be brought to life do not develop on their own. Yes, you're creating cool content. Yes, you have ideas. Yes, you even know how to implement them! But people will not enter your group on their own to watch cool videos, videos with challenges and ads placed for payment. A comprehensive media PR VC will help a blogger quickly gain a base audience, which will create activity on the page and serve as a basis for attracting users in the future. Also, this service is suitable for those who have been writing cool posts and shooting videos for a long time, but right now it needs an increase in the audience.
  • Entrepreneurs. An online store, landing page, salon network, and other business formats are accompanied by the creation of pages and communities in social networks. Their role is based not only on informing their clients about promotions, but also on attracting new ones, organizing sweepstakes, and stimulating the dissemination of information. Thanks to the work of the community, you can quickly and without consequences solve conflict situations, answer urgent questions. People who they are subscribed to you in the VK, while they go to the store for periodic purchases, remember it more often, trust it more, and take an active part in development. Therefore, media PR in Vkontakte is especially relevant for entrepreneurs of different forms of activity.
  • Representatives of companies and brands in social networks. Almost all brands have pages in the main social networks. VK is no exception. If you are a representative of a brand focused on the Russian market, then you need PR in Vkontakte. You can also order different promotion options from us, for example, the development of a Telegram channel.
  • Personal pages. If you are a person who just wants to promote yourself as a person, position yourself as a blogger, show cool photos or videos, PR media in the Vkontakte social network is right for you.

SMOSERVICE works with all types of customers who have registered pages in the VK. We adapt to your type of activity and solve your tasks individually without promotion. Also offer promotion of the YouTube channel and pages in other social networks. You can view the guarantees of our SMM service.

Types of media PR

What media PR can be depends on what type of page you are running, how often you upload content, and what goals you will achieve.

Premium promotion

You can order premium VK promotion today. If you want to promote your VK account efficiently and effectively, but don't have a large amount of money, then you can use the package premium promotion will be a great alternative to expensive promotion.

What we offer:

  • Guarantee of results. 100% engagement not only of people who rarely visit the account, but also of a real audience. At the end of the promotion, statistics on the work done on your project are displayed. We guarantee that the result will be enormous. In practice, it looks like this: increasing sales, attracting new customers, retaining the existing consumer environment, and if necessary, opportunities and resources for entering new markets. For personal blogs, we also have our own approach that will help take the entertainment page to a new level.
  • Higher quality. What is the difference between Vkontakte promotion? It can be low in quality, medium or high. We offer a promotion in which you do not risk being blocked for bulk filling with useless bots. SMOSERVICE does not provide low-quality services. As part of the project implementation, the "Premium" package is performed the promotion marked a "higher quality".
  • Quick start. It takes time to launch the project, but we can do it in no more than 36 hours. During this period, the promotion of your page in the VK will be launched.
  • Increase in the number of targeted actions. A prerequisite for promotion is to perform targeted actions, not chaotic ones, which absolutely do not help in promoting and finding a real audience.

The Premium promotion Vkontakte package costs 249,990 rubles per month. month.

Gold promotion

This is the most popular tariff, which has become popular due to the following advantages:

  • The result is guaranteed. Natural and gradual involvement of the target audience is ensured. At the end of the promotion, a statistical analysis of the work done on your project is compiled. The company guarantees that the result will be tangible-an increase in subscribers, comments, and likes. Effective integrated promotion also involves use other tools to demonstrate your account to the target group. As a result, you get increased sales, attracting new customers, and retaining previously found customers. The package is also relevant for personal blogs – we have developed several interaction schemes to adapt to different tasks.
  • Higher quality. Promotion can be low in quality, medium or highest quality. SMOSERVICE offers a promotion in which the customer does not risk anything, but benefits. By the implementation of the "Golden" project is promoted with the mark "improved quality" for maximum results.
  • Quick start. A day is enough to launch it. During this time, we start promoting your page, which will last at least a month or more (depending on the customer's choice).
  • Increase in the number of targeted actions. The "Golden" package includes promotion for targeted actions. We focus on attracting more real people to your account, rather than filling it with bots.

Package "Golden promotion Vkontakte" costs 379,990 rubles a month.

VIP promotion

One of the best packages that helps you get the most out of VC promotion. Advantages and opportunities that you get when purchasing a tariff:

  • Eternal guarantee. If subscribers unsubscribe, we will restore their number. However, in practice, there is only an increase. In order for you to feel reliable when working with US, SMOSERVICE still provides a perpetual guarantee of results promotions.
  • High quality. Actions are performed by target users. No adding bots, no attracting accounts that are not interesting for you. We work with previously published and new posts, increase page activity, monitor the appearance of comments, reposts, and link placement. As a result, it is possible to get the maximum effect from such promotion, which will be noticeable in practice in the first days after the launch.
  • Quick start. It takes 36 hours to launch. Launching a promotion a page that lasts at least a month. We are ready to work on a long-term basis, constantly improving results.
  • Increasing the number of targeted actions. The VIP package includes promotion for targeted actions without promotion by bots and offers. Comments, likes, reposts, link placement-all this is included in the promotion program at the specified rate.

The package "VIP promotion Vkontakte" costs 649,990 rubles per month. If you have an idea to improve the service, you can href="https://smoservice.media/pages/ideas/ " > offer SMM an idea> or a tool for implementing it in our service.

Platinum promotion

Platinum tariff is not the most expensive, but you will get a lot of advantages as part of its implementation:

  • Eternal guarantee. To make sure that you are reliable when working with us, we are ready to offer a permanent guarantee. Results achieved at all stages of the promotion will be maintained for the entire period of time that follows. In case of unsubscribing, we guarantee to return the previous one the achieved indicators, although we have not had such situations and we are sure that we will not.
  • High quality. We only work with the target group. We don't run bots. We work with previously published and new posts, increase page activity, control comments, reposts, and link placement in other accounts. We guarantee the maximum effect of promotion on the platinum tariff.
  • Quick start. A day is enough to launch it. We start promoting the page according to a clear plan-a project that is made individually for you. We are ready to work on a long-term basis, continuously improving and improving results.
  • We focus on targeted actions. The "Platinum" package includes promotion for targeted actions without promotion by bots and offers, without unnatural comments, without a strong contrast in the number of likes and other signs of promotion that other users notice. We promote your account, and do not mindlessly twist certain actions on it. Therefore, order platinum promotion as the main one the method of promoting a public, community, group, or personal page in VK is profitable and safe.

The package "platinum promotion Vkontakte" costs 479,990 rubles per month.

Paid or free promotion?

There are services that offer free promotion. Our service has been tested and received recommendations from global companies. As a rule, these are separate services that do not have to be paid for. However, there are a number of nuances:

  • free sites do not give guarantee of results;
  • free services do not have high-quality promotion (bots are used);
  • for promotion by bots and providing passwords to third-party resources engaged in promotion, you can get an account lock, which negates all costs and efforts;
  • free services are usually subject to limits that limit the features, functionality, and number of actions when promoting a VC;
  • often, free promotion services provide internal currency that is spent on subscribers, likes, reposts, views, but to collect the necessary amount of "coins" or other denomination that operates within the system, you also need to put likes and subscribe to someone.

A good service is never free. You need to invest huge amounts of money in developing a website for promotion. These portals are maintained by real people who constantly monitor trends, analyze algorithms, and make forecasts for the development of the social network. Particularly active in developing Instagram, which we also promote. Free services cannot provide reliable and comprehensive services in packages that are convenient for the client.

It is also important that bots are inevitably banned for promotion. Actions related to unnatural promotion are easily tracked by the system, collected, grouped, and sent to the administration for evaluation. It is almost impossible to unban your account later. Our company has long been providing SMM promotion services in Moscow and regions.

Even if you are not banned, you will fall in the ranking when you are promoted by bots. The rapid growth of subscribers, most of which are empty pages, will not help your business to develop. Bots do not write comments, do not put likes, and do not participate in surveys.

Advantages of working with SMOSERVICE

SMOSERVICE offers a wide range of services. In addition to promotion in VK, we are working on promoting apps, Facebook pages, and so on.

We guarantee professional approach, support, information support, reporting and statistical data. We work with entrepreneurs involved in various fields of activity. The scale of your blog or business does not matter – we will develop a promotion project specifically for you.

Quick order start

The project is launched in a day (in some cases up to 36 hours). The service is available around the clock.

A natural progression

Within the selected package, you do not get promotion, but promotion, media and public relations of VK. These are two conceptually different directions that help to get different results. Naturally, promotion is much more effective and better promotion.


Online support is available at your service. We solve all types of issues remotely. You can contact our SMM specialists at any time.


SMOSERVICE is not just a company that offers to promote a page or public in VK. This a brand that is involved in promoting online projects.

We have been working for many years. During the entire period of activity, hundreds, thousands of pages in social networks have been brought to a high level. We work with both entrepreneurs and bloggers starting media projects.

Do you want to order services from a modern and reliable company with powerful resources? Contact us! Our experts will help you choose the right package of services for promotion and media promotion of your project Vkontakte.

We offer the best conditions, low prices, a lot of available promotion options, and much more.