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High-quality likes for videos from real users from Russian exchanges.

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Stable service for YouTube likes, quick launch and execution of the order for likes.

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Cheap likes on YouTube videos, likes are added with a small delay.

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Fast and reliable likes. The most stable on the service.


YouTube likes on videos without write-offs with a low price

You created your channel on YouTube, but almost no one views the first posted videos? Are you tired of asking your friends to put a like on a video and leave at least some comment so that the material looks at least a little "lively"? If each uploaded video does not attract followers, and the desired likes and comments do not appear, you should immediately start solving this issue, since the channel can be turned for years, and not get the desired results. Buy likes on YouTube videos – this is the only correct decision at the initial stages, when the site is completely new, and completely "lost" among the monsters of the largest video hosting.

If you contact our company SMOSERVICE, adding likes to YouTube can be as effective and profitable as possible. We have a lot of services aimed at quick promotion of the site on YouTube, so by contacting us, you can easily rock, as well as attract an audience.

Buy likes on YouTube. How much does promotion cost?

If you closely study the topic of adding likes on YouTube, you can pay attention that the cost of such marks is in the range from 600 to 2500 thousand rubles for 1000 pieces. If you contact our company SMOSERVICE, you will be able to take advantage of a more favorable offer and launch video promotion on YouTube by purchasing one like for only 4.55 rubles.  At the same time, the quality of our service does not differ from expensive offers.

By becoming our customer, and ordering promotion of likes on YouTube is cheap, You will be able to evaluate the high efficiency of the completed step, and, for sure, you will want to use other services. By investing in buying likes on YouTube, you will recoup your expenses in the shortest possible time, since the earnings of YouTube bloggers are quite good.

What are the benefits of likes to videos on YouTube?

Many channel owners don't even realize that likes play an incredibly important role. It consists of:

  1. Building trust in the created site.
  2. Developing audience loyalty.
  3. Positive perception of the video. Users on the subconscious level have a positive attitude to the video material, which has thousands of likes.
  4. Increasing the number of views. Agree, you will be interested in content that has received several thousand positive marks.
  5. Successful promotion of the channel.

Thus, if your material does not cover a large number of the target audience, and You do not know how to quickly "get" to it, with minimal start with buying likes on YouTube.

YouTube promotion of likes. What affects the final cost?

Seeing an incredibly large price spread for the service, many are interested in what factors are taken into account when forming the cost of likes. We suggest that you look into this issue in order to understand more clearly what offers you should pay attention to in order to gain likes on YouTube was effective and safe.

The price of the proposed likes for YouTube videos is calculated based on many factors, the main of which are:

  • number of units purchased. Of course, 1000 likes will cost a little more expensive, compared to if you buy likes on YouTube videos in the amount of 100 pieces. Many resources offer the following principle: the more you buy, the lower the cost of one unit. For example, our SMOSERVICE website regularly offers discounts (up to 50%) and promotional offers;
  • the quality of the units. If you add likes to YouTube if this procedure is performed by bots, it is cheaper than the quality marks obtained from real channels. Bots can have a negative impact on the development of the site and in building trust in the channel. In such cases, it is better to buy likes on YouTube from real users. These accounts can be created in different countries. You can also choose likes exclusively from Russian residents, and this will also be reflected in the final cost;
  • speed of promotion and the duration of the delay. If the launch of the promotion is as fast as possible at high speed, the service will cost more;
  • provided guarantees. This factor also plays an important role. If debits are made within 1-3 months, Then you can promote those units that were debited;
  • personal user base. The wider the base of accounts, the higher the cost per like;
  • mark-up of the company providing the service.

Our company SMOSERVICE offers reasonable prices and quality service. By contacting us, you can successfully promote your channel on YouTube without unnecessary financial expenses.

What the company offers SMOSERVICE?

We offer a wide range of services, including tools for active and successful development of YouTube platforms.

On our website you can use the following offers:

  • buy likes on YouTube videos;
  • to gain subscribers;
  • to buy dislikes on the videos posted;
  • buy video views;
  • promotion of the channel "turnkey" (output in trends, comments, etc.).

To place an order, You just need to click on the desired service, go to the page with the proposed rates, to choose your preferred option and place your order.

The first purchased likes will allow your uploaded video to be kept in the "recommended" list, so that the target audience can see Your material, click on the icon and go to view the video.

Producing promotion if you like it on YouTube, You will give a powerful boost to your "child", which will start to move independently after a short time, and will bring you profit.

Secrets of getting likes. Do You use these cool chips?

Almost all successful bloggers have a detailed plan for the development of the channel, which includes ways to get likes. What chips are used by successful owners of YouTube channels? We recommend reading them in order to use them in the future when filling out your site content.

The popularity of the video depends on:

  • number of views;
  • reposts;
  • clicks on the finger up.

You can get a lot of approval marks not only by buying likes on videos on YouTube, but also by following five simple steps that are used by many beginners and "experienced" bloggers. For regular growth of fingers up, you should:

  1. To encourage the audience to comment. According to statistics, users always respond to such calls. A lot of people are browsing video, and even forget to put a like if they liked the material. If you make suggestions and reminders in the video, the viewer will probably put a mark. Reminders should be made not only at the end, but also in the middle of the video, after an interesting statement, fact, or ordinary joke. This approach will increase the number of fingers up. Of course, this figure will be insignificant, but still, not superfluous.
  2. Motivation to like. What can force followers to "check in"? Absolutely everything that may be of interest to Your subscribers and target audience. For example, you can promise to make a video about eating a cockroach if the material gets 20 thousand likes. This example is exaggerated, but can lead to the right path. You can also make an interesting video, but divide it into two parts. The second one should be laid out only after the number of fingers up exceeds a certain mark.
  3. Impact on the emotional level. For example, it may be a call to click on the finger up, if the viewer was able to see something in the video unusual (running cat, crushed tomato, stopped clock, etc.).
  4. Promotion of likes for YouTube videos is used by everyone, even popular bloggers used this method until they got the right number of subscribers who are able to "support" the channel with grateful marks. This is the easiest and most effective way to raise a video to the TOP, help it appear more often in the "Recommended", and even get into the "Trends".

Please contact our company SMOSERVICE if You interested in a set of likes cheap.

We will please You not only with pleasant prices, but also with high-quality execution of the application. By becoming our client, you can profitably buy likes on YouTube, add subscribers, and use other services that Will help your channel thrive successfully.

Our company will become a reliable partner for those who want to:

  • promote your video in positions;
  • become a recognizable channel;
  • gain success and a large number of subscribers;
  • start earning on created channel.

Contact us right now if you are tired of studying the information on site promotion, and do not get the desired results after performing the recommended actions. With us, you will get a guaranteed result, and you will be able to devote time to creating high-quality and interesting videos.

A few more recommendations for video promotion on the YouTube channel

Video promotion on YouTube can also be used using the following methods, allowing you to increase the effectiveness of increasing the number of likes and subscribers:

  • trailer methodology. All the funny, very interesting and dynamic moments from the video can be included in a small trailer that can be placed at the very beginning. You have probably noticed the use of this technique not only in TV shows, but also in the videos of many bloggers;
  • pay attention to the sound and image quality. High-quality material attracts attention, and in most cases it is inspected, and not turned off on first minute. If one of the mentioned parameters is very lame, you will not only be left without subscribers, but also will not get the desired likes;
  • active promotion of the site. The presence of a large number of followers provides an instant rise in views immediately after uploading the video material, which is very important. They will give you the initial likes and increase your position. If you buy likes on YouTube, as well as subscribers, you can get an initial start. In most cases, bloggers do this by launching the paid promotion.

If you run buy likes on YouTube, buy subscribers, and actively engage with your channel, you can get good results. The promotion process can be either free or paid. If you want to be successful not in years, but as quickly as possible, you can use all the methods that ensure recognition and popularity. Promotion methods include the following steps:

  • ordering advertising from bloggers;
  • repost videos in FB, VK, or other social networks;
  • literate using hashtags (keywords);
  • correctly selected title and description for the video. They should include keywords. If the channel is a beginner, you should not place big bets on high-frequency key queries;
  • posting links on forums and other sites where people may be interested In your material;
  • the use of the promotion channels. Our resource SMOSERVICE is the company that will offer the most favorable terms of cooperation, as well as a large a variety of solutions for promoting the channel on YouTube.

Using all of the above techniques, including buying YouTube likes, will help increase activity on the site. Initially, you can choose only one tool for promotion, and make sure that it is effective. If you first buy likes on YouTube videos, you will see how they work, and how they help increase the popularity of the video.

An integrated approach is a guarantee of quality promotions

Today, many people talk about the harm of paid promotion by buying subscribers, likes, comments, etc.But it should be clarified that at the initial stages, this tool works well, and allows the channel to successfully start. If you periodically purchase high-quality likes, you can be sure of successful promotion of the channel, without any negative consequences.

SMOSERVICE. Promotion of likes on YouTube that will interest You

By contacting our company, you will be able to produce promotion of likes is safe for your site and wallet. Very often, the promotion of likes on YouTube is made by inexperienced companies, which is why the user's account suffers. Unscrupulous, negligent performers, simply drown the channels, taking a lot of money for the service.

By contacting SMOSERVICE, You:

  • you will not face fraud and irresponsible attitude;
  • you can count on competent and safe promotion, which is confirmed by the reviews about our site resource;
  • get a quick result;
  • you will be able to promote a new video platform with a small financial investment;
  • get the first positive results immediately, and strictly according to the pre-designated schedule.

We have a lot of experience and a positive reputation, so we take a responsible approach to the implementation of each application, providing high-quality likes that do not entail problems with the account.

Why is it better to contact SMOSERVICE?

Our company has created the best conditions for profitable and successful promotion of YouTube channels and accounts in social networks. We took a responsible approach to creating each offer in order to get interested in the prices, quality and speed of the services provided. We are not a one-day company whose goal is to get the maximum profit without effort.

By contacting us, you can be sure:

  • in getting the opportunity to choose the most attractive offer that will interest You. We offer a wide range of products services with the ability to select an offer that will match Your budget allocated for paid promotion;
  • in the high quality of services provided. We work transparently and provide full information about each offer;
  • in getting the opportunity to buy likes for videos on YouTube with a minimum investment;
  • a positive result of promotion in the shortest possible time.

Start developing your site right now, because only buying likes, subscribers and this will allow the beginning channel to quickly attract attention.

If you don't want to be stuck in one place for years and enjoy every meager result, but want to get subscribers, likes and comments from the target audience , start investing in promotion right now. After a month, You will realize that you made the right choice.