Likes on the video (standard - all countries)

Likes on the video (standard - all countries)

117 RUB

Price per action 1.17 RUB (100 items = 117 RUB)

On our website, you can order a service to increase the number of likes for your video on the YouTube channel. Likes are added from accounts around the world, and with a small delay. The speed of order execution - standard, adding likes, views on videos are added. Functions for manual recovery or automatic recovery of likes.

The number of likes under the video is an indicator of the success of the channel and the video itself. A large number of positive reactions to the video draws the attention of new users users both for a specific video and for the channel as a whole. The order is launched with a small delay, and likes are added gradually. We recommend that you place a new order when the previous one is completed. User ratings that have been checked may or may not be displayed publicly for everyone under the video.

Likes on videos can be written off or go for verification, unlike fast likes and very fast ones, the probability of sanctions from YouTube is higher. If you want to improve your channel and to promote it, we recommend using our services. For a low price (the tariff is economical), you will get the desired number of likes and the development of your channel.

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0.60 rub. for 1 item

Instant launch of the order, from 5 thousand to 5 thousand new views per day.

21 650 rub. for 1 item

Discount, promotional set for YouTube 100,000 views, 1000 likes and 500 reposts.

3.30 rub. for 1 item

Real subscribers, mostly from Russia, are standard and without warranty.

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Real native advertising placement of your videos in social networks.

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Complaints about the YouTube channel. Instant and mass sending of complaints to the channel.

5.24 rub. for 1 item

Quick comments from users on the video, with a choice of comment type.