Complaints about YouTube channel

Complaints about YouTube channel

4760 RUB

Price per action 11.9 RUB (400 items = 4760 RUB)

In our SMM service, you can buy complaints about a YouTube channel.

The company SMOSSERVICE offers quality and effective promotion on the platform YouTube, and also a number of related services, including the wrapping of complaints on the video. Do you want to remove unwanted content as quickly as possible? Order the service on our website and solve the problem once and for all! We guarantee 100% results, high speed and reliability of the service. Use high-quality services for deleting video publications on the site YouTube!

How do I wind up complaints so that the video is deleted?

Select the appropriate quality option:

  • Start. The usual get action "Complain" on YouTube video. An economy option that requires bots to run. The speed of geting is average, not the fastest, but the result remains at the level of 100%. We will roll up so many complaints that the video will be deleted from the account in any case. You don't have to worry about solving various issues related to the execution procedure.
  • Standard. Offer get complaints about a YouTube video. Fast execution of the application with a 100% probability of result. Execute offers. The price of the package is average, while the speed of achieving the desired result is fast. The optimal package for those who want to save money and get fast services.
  • Premium. Alive and 100% of the actual issuance of complaints under the YouTube video. The advantage is the ability to get the fastest possible result, since the actions are performed by real accounts that are not recognized by the system as bots. A 100% guarantee is provided for the maximum high speed of reaching the goal.

After you select the appropriate option for the price and features of the quality of geting complaints, you only need to specify a link to an unwanted video. Then the site will offer to place and pay for the order in one of the convenient ways. Starting the order execution is instant – from the first seconds, the link you specified in the corresponding field will receive user requests with complaints, until the video is deleted automatically.

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