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Comments from bots and fakes, emoticons - high speed of execution.

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Comments in Instagram, instant start with gradual addition.

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Chaotic comments on a live stream or Instagram feed.

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Comments in Russian from fakes that will admire the photo.

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Comments in Russian, with positive reviews of the product or service.

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Comments in English from fakes that will admire the photo.

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Chaotic comments for posting Instagram, video or album in English.

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Buy comments in Instagram cheap

The presence of comments under posts that were added gradually and the start of placement of which began after the post was published indicates activity in the profile. Buying comments on Instagram helps to show the audience that you are really interesting, while almost everyone already knows about buying followers, likes and views.

Commenting can be organized in several ways:

  • Buy instagram comments via free services. The functionality of such sites is limited, people leave the text without content in different languages. Most of them are bots. Often the text is repeated, which gives the owner of the profile an appeal to third-party resources.
  • Purchase comments on Instagram via paid tools. SMOSERVICE offers high-quality promotion services that will help improve your statistics and create a real visibility of your activity. As a result other users will also be motivated to connect to the response on the text, photo or video in the post.
  • Mutual exchange of comments with other accounts. There are groups on Instagram where people agree to comment on each other. Of course, a lot of messages for the post will not be able to write, but you will have to spend time to perform a similar action in return.

The most profitable and effective way to buy comments on Instagram is to order the corresponding service from a specialized company. SMOSERVICE offers secure promotion based on modern approach to the analysis of ways to attract an audience and algorithms of the platform. Ability to buy subscribers in telegram and other social networks, including Instagram.

Customers can choose from several packages for adding comments. You can also order the promotion of the Telegram channel, Facebook pages, and a number of other relevant services for your social network activities.

For someone can be the current order of the review in Instagram?

Comments help keep pages that are based on a specific topic active.:

  • Blogging. For example, you have an already promoted or recently registered blog. In order to increase activity and improve statistics, you can attract more comments. Some bloggers specifically wind up negative or, on the contrary, laudatory texts under posts to create a stir around the topic under consideration and provoke subsequent discussions. This the tool helps to improve statistics, increase activity, increase interest and demand for a profile in the eyes of advertisers.
  • Distribution of certain information. The more comments under the post, the higher the chance of reaching the top and recommendations. As a result, you will get another tool for attracting new commenters and show information, photos or videos to even more real people who will find its content interesting.
  • Sale of goods or services. Reviews and questions on the topic placed ads for the sale of a new product, promotions, sales play an important role in making the final decision. Potential buyers usually trust those sellers who have higher activity on the page, have reviews and questions that indicate the demand for services.
  • Providing diverse thematic content. Interesting materials can not be commented on. Therefore, if you buy a post after posting a message under it, it will help create the initial visibility of the hype. content.
  • Representation in social networks. Important for brands, corporations, large manufacturers, etc. Have a good brand just can't be enough reviews. For example, you created a page for a company that develops designer clothing models. If there are a lot of good comments under posts with photos of girls in outfits from the new collection, this will help other users make a decision in favor of staying with you too.

Commenting-up-to-date href="https://smoservice.media/pages/tools/" > SMM tool> for different fields of activity that can be supported in all formats on the Instagram platform. SMOSERVICE works not only with social networks. We also offer services for bringing ITunes tracks to the top.

The role of comments in promoting Instagram

How comments help in the development of an Instagram account:

  • Increasing the engagement of the existing audience. For example, there is a page that has little comment. Existing subscribers see that activity low. Some lose interest in the content, and some are just shy of writing something. Thanks to the promotion of comments, Instagram manages to engage existing subscribers in discussions, thus keeping them and getting deeper into the essence of the content or commercial offer.
  • Increase the likelihood of a guest subscribing. For example, a new person came to your profile. It doesn't matter where he came from – he went through an ad from a blogger, through a post in the top, saw you in a friend's subscriptions... If there are no comments under the posts, immediately it seems that the profile is boring. If there is – it's better. If you have comments, you are more likely to receive subscriptions from account visitors.
  • The ability to create a positive image about services, products, or blog topic from a real audience.
  • Increase in statistics. The number, length, and content of comments, as well as the number of likes on them, affect statistics. Hence, the increase in coverage, output of posts in the top, the transition of your stories to the first positions among subscribers... in General, there are many advantages.
  • Increase the probability of a post being placed in the top by paying likes on instagram and live comments. The more likes and comments under the post, the higher the chance to get to the top. If you manage to achieve this, the publication will be visited by numerous target users who will subscribe, leave a comment, buy a product, or perform some other action.

Advantages of purchasing instagram comments:

  • Low cost. Price for comments vary depending on the selected package. You can order the cheapest one to increase activity on the page.
  • Ability to select by criteria. Do you want to slowly, gradually, quickly attract comments consisting of text or emoticons? Choose the right package for you and get what you expected.
  • There is no need to leave comments in the profiles of other users.
  • Fast and safe way to raise statistics. Do you want to get it quickly and without risk lock to improve performance statistics? Buying instagram comments is a great way to get the desired result.
  • High probability of reaching the top. The number of comments directly affects how interesting a post "seems" to Instagram. If the system determines that your content is attractive to other users, it will be displayed EN masse in the top section. Then you will get subscriptions, an influx of target audience, orders, real actions of people (comments, likes, etc.). etc.).

Buying instagram comments is generally a great way to promote, which is one of the safest methods of promotion among all.

Types of adding views to storis

SMOSERVICE has developed several options for creating comments on basic packages.

Comments with emoticons (quick)

Commenting can be text or with the content of emoticons. SMOSERVICE offers the "comments with smiles" package. Main features and Advantages:

  • Instant start
  • The gradual addition of
  • Adding users with positive emoticons in different amounts

The advantages of the tariff are a low price and instant launch, thanks to which you can raise activity in the first minutes after posting a post.

Comments on the broadcast (random)

The broadcast Comments package will help you create visibility of activity. Messages are added randomly and with different content. Main features and benefits:

  • Chaotic comments
  • Instant comment on a live broadcast
  • Randomly adding comments (random)

The developed package is a great offer for users who launch broadcasts on their account. In the social network of YouTube bloggers from Google, you can also buy live comments for a few cents.

Positive comments (in English)

Comments Package positive" will help to create visibility of activity by adding good comments. Messages are added randomly and with different content, but only good ones. Main features and benefits:

  • Comment language-English
  • Add fake comments
  • The content of the text is based on a positive opinion about the photo

This format of promotion is suitable for those who are planning to develop a blog or commercial account that is aimed at both Russian-speaking and Russian-speaking audiences. people who live in other countries.

Random comments (in English)

The "Random comments" package is aimed at creating an activity image by adding a wide variety of messages under posts. Opinions are fasted randomly and with different content. Features and benefits of the offer:

  • Comments on photos, videos
  • Chaotic addition
  • Comment language-English

A profitable option for those who are focused on English-speaking audience and takes care of statistical results for their profile.

Types of promotion through adding comments: paid and free

There are two promotion formats-paid and free promotion. Disadvantages of free methods:

  • Work only with bots. Free services are wound up with low-quality accounts, because the content of sites is expensive. The connection is simple – if you want to get a quality service, order it where you need to pay, because it is free, and even good, it happens.
  • Reciprocal action. Inside free sites, there is a rule: you go in, put likes, subscribe, see stories, add comments to suggested users (or random ones-those that are embedded in the system, and you don't even see their content). For this, the current currency within the system, such as coins, is charged. When the required number of coins is collected, you can order comments for your account. Cons: loss of time, low efficiency, poor quality of execution.
  • There is a risk of getting a full block or shadow ban. When you write a comment with bots, which will be very large (especially when these bots are created only for mass publications for a couple of days before blocking), you can get into the block. There are almost no sanctions for publishing comments, but a competent approach and honesty of the service used is important. Free resources will not provide you with guarantees, because they do not owe anything to customers who do not pay money. Therefore, if your profile is blocked, there will be no one to even make a claim.
  • Additional terms and requirements. Often, after registration, it turns out that to continue using the service, you need to pay for something else. Often, the site limits the number of free actions to motivate the user to make an additional purchase. Such services can be called shareware, when they have free services, but there are few of them.
  • There is no information and technical support for users'. If you have problems or questions, you have no one to turn to, which is an absolute disadvantage.
  • Insufficient functionality of free services, slow loading, frequent maintenance.

With SMOSERVICE, YOU don't run the risk of having your account blocked, and you get the most benefits and opportunities. We have developed several packages based on clearly defined criteria. Choose the one that suits you best for your first order. Test this promotion, and then, if necessary, try others. Pay attention to the service output to top YouTube, which is sold on the site with a guarantee.

We offer more and more bonuses and discounts with each order, as we have developed an effective incentive program for all our customers. You can also buy services by adding a one-time Deposit to your account in the amount of 45,000 rubles, after which the bonus will be credited immediately.

SMOSERVICE is a large company that occupies a leading position in promoting Instagram throughout the CIS. Here you can order the promotion of a YouTube channel, a page in MoiMir and many other services.

Quick order start

Execution starts immediately – usually there is no delay. Only if you use large-scale promotion tools can you delay the start of execution, which in any case will be short.

A natural progression

Promotion that looks real and not hyped is an important criterion selecting the performer's company. Only in this format, working with the account makes sense. The SMOSERVICE team knows how important natural promotion is for you, so you can order suitable service packages based on working not only with bots and fakes, but also with real people.


In any disputable situation, each client can contact the representative office's e-mail address. You will receive an answer on the topic of interest in the near future.


SMOSERVICE is a reliable company that guarantees the provision of high-quality services, security, and the use of white promotion methods. We work with Instagram and other sites used in your business.

To order comments for posts, select the appropriate service package, as well as the total number of text messages. Execution for most tariffs starts immediately!