0.09 rub. for 1 item

Viewing video clips. High speed for adding views.

0.05 rub. for 1 item

Very fast views, a database of several million views

0.04 rub. for 1 item

Views with the scope. Very high speed of adding views.

0.03 rub. for 1 item

Video views with coverage. Average speed of adding views.

0.08 rub. for 1 item

High speed of order processing, instant addition of cheap views.

0.07 rub. for 1 item

Instant order launch without moderation. The number of views is unlimited.


Buy cheap views on Instagram videos

Initially, the instagram platform was created to place photos on It, but gradually a video format was introduced, which opened up even more opportunities for placing diverse content. And today, the promotion of Instagram is widely popular, but if you compare the situation with the promotion of a couple of years ago and now, the rules have become stricter, the algorithms are "smart", and the sanctions for accounts have become tougher. Promotion is now compared with a high probability of snapping up an account lock, but this is relevant for techniques related to the total use of so-called one-day bots.

SMOSERVICE company is engaged in effective promotion, turning to which you do not risk being blocked in Instagram. We offer different ways to promote videos, including likes, comments, and increased coverage. All this is achieved by adding views. You can also order other services, based on the promotion of Instagram account. We offer promotion of the Telegram channel, Facebook pages, and more. The list of available features and tools is available on the site. When paying for the second and subsequent orders, all our customers receive discounts.

Instagram video views: who benefits from ordering?

Videos are recommended to dilute even photo content to enliven the feed and please subscribers with interesting material.

Consider for whom in General, it will be useful to place and promote videos through purchased views:

  • For bloggers. In blogging, there is almost no video without it. Using this format of interaction with the viewer, it is possible to convey any idea, show several versions of photos with voice comments, place a humorous, advertising or informative post. Video is preferred by most people. And if in the case of a photo, adjustments are used, special applications for retouching, with which you can almost completely change the image, then the video is more real. In General, in a sense, now in Instagram, the priority is not photos, but videos. That is why the promotion of videos is in demand and helps to update your account, gain an audience, and learn new directions.
  • Information portal. General groups on Instagram that are registered to attract a mass audience that will view interesting or useful videos need constant promotion. To achieve the desired coverage, you need to work hard. It is much easier and faster to improve the first time indicators for statistics, display posts in the top, thus gaining an audience. Not everyone can afford PR in multi-million-dollar publics, and advertising costs are usually unjustified. Ordering video views is a more reliable and effective method of promoting posts with videos.
  • Stores, other types of commercial pages. Do you want to sell more, distribute information about promotions, and withdraw beautiful or useful videos that cover the subject of your field of activity? Post videos and promote them with a convenient package of services!

SMOSERVICE has developed a number of service packages based on promoting the video on Instagram. We are also engaged in the promotion of pages in other social networks. We perform output to the top of ITunes tracks , app promotion in the App Store, and so on.

Advantages of video promotion

Advantages of creating videos and their subsequent promotion adding views:

  • Output video material to the top. Videos are one of the most interesting content creation formats. When a video goes to the top, it is viewed more actively than a photo with text placed next to it. Words need to be read, and most users go to the social network to relax as much as possible. Therefore, promotion to the top of any type of video is still a more effective tool for attracting an audience.
  • Motivating the audience to act. Video conveys better meaning and emotions, essence and mood, so it is easier to sell products through properly designed video material. The same can be said about the service sector, brand promotion, and so on. If you plan to influence your audience through emotional levers, it's better to promote videos rather than photos.
  • The more views on the video, the higher the interest. Indicators are not only displayed in your statistics. Other people also see how many people viewed the video. If many, it works the principle of increasing interest. Then the user who makes the decision to view or scroll through the list further becomes more interested in studying the material.
  • Attracting new subscribers, users, and customers. With the help of videos, it is easier to create catchy content, interesting, with a certain subtext, semantic load. Therefore, this format of promotion is in demand and will not lose its position in the coming years.

Advantages of promoting videos in instagram through our Website service:

  • Low price. Increasing coverage by purchasing instagram views is inexpensive – this is one of the most economical ways to update content, improve statistics, and increase the likelihood of displaying certain posts in the top. Potentially, if you "send" one post to the recommended ones, you will get a lot of subscribers, likes and comments. Therefore, it is very profitable to order promotion with views. In fact, the client only pays for the increase in coverage for the record, and in return, if it succeeds to put a post in the top, it can "grab" a huge jackpot in the form of an unlimited influx of the target audience.
  • High efficiency. The execution of the order of views is accompanied by other actions on the part of users. You will be visited not only by bots and offers, but also by real people. If they like the content, they will want to stay.
  • Minimal selection of criteria. In order to determine the type of adding views to Instagram, it is enough to choose the appropriate package of services available for understanding the criteria.
  • A fast and completely secure method for improving statistics. Instagram does not block the number of views, so you can order an unlimited package that will help you bring your posts to the top and provide a significant improvement in statistics.
  • Increased probability of reaching the top.

Buying instagram views on video will help you quickly and effectively develop your blog, business profile, and personal account. As a result, you will sell products to your target group, offer services, place ads for money. It all depends on what your current goals are.

Promote videos or buy views

The SMOSERVICE team has developed a number of offers, each with its own characteristics. Choose the right one for you and launch a promotion to get the most out of promotion through a reliable company. Be sure to use the service, verification of your instagram account, if you have a lot of already purchased live subscribers.

Video views (offers)

You can buy views in almost any quantity. Impressions are made within the framework of the presented package to offers-users, which the system recognizes as almost inactive people. There is nothing in common with bots, for which Instagram provides sanctions in the form of restrictions on actions and diverse blocks.

Main features and benefits of the package:

  • Viewing video clips
  • High speed
  • One of the most effective promotion packages through video views

Video views (quick start)

To start instant promotion immediately after posting a post, you can choose the service package provided. In addition to a quick start, the order can be executed at a high speed. If you already have a subscriber base and audience, but you need to improve your performance, this package is perfect for you.

Main features and benefits of the package:

  • Very quick views
  • Database of views in several million
  • Average price
  • The optimum speed of advancement of the quality of the service

Video views with coverage (fast)

Video views that are performed at the highest speed are also focused more on already promoted accounts that need to improve statistical indicators. Views with coverage are relatively inexpensive – their prices are lower than the average when evaluating the cost of other offers in the presented category categories.

Main features and benefits of the package:

  • Views with coverage
  • Very high execution speed
  • Prices are below average

Video views with coverage (slow)

Slow but stable views for improved coverage are perfect for profiles that have recently registered or haven't yet accessed more active promotion methods. To ensure smooth promotion, we recommend buying this package. It is aimed at small stores, bloggers with the number of subscribers is up to several dozen. Also suitable for all others who plan to slowly, slowly, but steadily promote the page in Instagram.

Main features and benefits of the package:

  • Video views with coverage
  • Average operating speed
  • Low price

Video views (instant start)

Views by real users who click on a post will help you get the most out of the promotion. High quality performance is also accompanied by instant addition of views, high speed of order processing. The package is universal and suitable for everyone without exception. This is one of the best offers from SMOSERVICE.

Main features and benefits of the package:

  • High order processing speed
  • Instantly add views
  • High quality of execution

Video views (unlimited number)

If you need a mass set of views for statistics or raising visible activity, we suggest ordering this package. It provides instant start of order execution, no moderation, and most importantly, an unlimited number of views by users from different countries. After completing this order, you will notice a significant improvement in statistics, and will be able to display the publication of interest in the top of your target group. The service automatically orders instagram views, also includes these services.

  • Instant launch without moderation
  • Quantity views are not limited
  • Profitable package for fast and effective promotion

Types of adding video views: paid and free

There are many services on the Internet that offer different types of promotion. As a rule, they are classified in two main areas-paid and free word of mouth advertising. However, not all paid services can also provide their customers with an unlimited number of actions, a variety of packages, and the ability to minimize risks.

Buying views through unsafe, unverified and unpopular sites you risk facing a block on actions or a full ban of your account without the possibility of recovery, since all methods of promotion by Instagram are severely suppressed, if any were recorded.

Free resources provide low-quality services. The maximum you can expect when using this method of promotion is to work with bots that will be blocked tomorrow. And after such blocking, you will also be able to to limit the actions for the use of black methods of promotion.

SMOSERVICE guarantees security when purchasing any of the service packages. If we use bots, there are few of them and this is indicated in the description of the service. However, the company can order promotion using offer pages, real people, and in General users who are personal accounts.

If you contact us at least once, you will not want to exchange actions with other people, spending a lot of time and money on it. getting an invisible result. Unlike free services designed for promotion, we have:

  • perfectly working website, available 24 hours a day;
  • many service packages with different prices (it will be easy for you to choose the right one for getting benefits and saving money);
  • simple and intuitive interface of the website;
  • support for company representatives (you can write for any questions);
  • the opportunity to earn on the resale of services, referral;
  • bonuses and discounts from the second order's.

The main thing that we guarantee to each client is safety and reliability. Are you planning to promote your Instagram account quickly and efficiently? Choose any of the packages with video views, pay and watch the results.

SMOSERVICE is a large company that takes the first positions in promoting Instagram throughout the CIS. Through the site, you can order the promotion of a YouTube channel, a page in MoiMir, as well as other services. We recommend that you take a closer look at opportunities for additional passive income! For each service sold through our site, you will receive favorable incentives. We also have a multi-level referral program that is available to literally everyone who has registered on the site. This process takes a minimum of time, but in addition to high-quality and inexpensive promotion, you will also get income! Bonuses for referrals are calculated automatically depending on the amount of their orders.

Do not skimp on quality-choose a proven service, offering full promotion of your Instagram pages and profiles in other social networks.