Reasons to buy dislikes on YouTube video

We offer to buy dislikes on YouTube videos in two packages. We offer 2 options: quick foreign marks and an economy class solution with a limited base for order fulfillment. We provide fast automated promotion within the budget set by you, and we guarantee the quality of each service.

In the system of ratings of videos and user comments on YouTube, there is a classic scheme of "like-dislike" ("like — dislike"). Both reactions they are natural for users: the video can't get only likes, its promotion in this case will not be harmonious. Note 5 key reasons to buy dislikes on YouTube:

  1. Harmonious promotion. Harmonious promotion requires an optimal ratio of views, likes, dislikes, reposts, comments, and adding videos to favorites. It is necessary to calculate the necessary proportions, take into account each parameter and achieve ideal activity indicators.
  2. Output the video to the top of the search. Marked dislikes along with likes and views increase the chances of a video getting into the top search results on YouTube. Your task is to convince the algorithms that the reactions are natural and organic. They can't be exclusively positive – you need to add a negative.
  3. Fight with competitors. An effective way to reduce the credibility of competitors ' videos and deprive them of their place in the top lines of search results. Ideal when combined with negative comments. The maximum effect is achieved when ordering the largest number of organic dislikes.
  4. The elimination of the objectionable comment. Dislike can be put not only under the video, but also under the comment. The more negative marks a replica gets, the lower it falls and the fewer impressions it gets. A great way to get rid of unwanted comments without deleting them.
  5. black PR. Negativity continues to be an effective way of black PR. Have you ever thought about the fact that individual videos set records for dislikes for a reason? Sometimes it's the only one a way to draw the audience's attention to them. A negative reaction is also a reaction, and this is the most important thing. For example, there are no dislikes on Twitch.

Adding YouTube dislikes is one of the elements of organic video promotion. If the proportions are calculated correctly and when combined with an increase in other indicators of user activity, the video will rapidly gain popularity and will eventually be able to occupy the top lines in search results.

2 exclusive rates Add dislikes to YouTube

We offer to buy dislikes on YouTube videos under two tariffs. Quick solutions and cost-effective options are presented. Consider the specifics of each offer before ordering. If necessary, you can always contact the support service and ask any questions-we will be happy to provide professional advice.

Our tariff:

  1. Foreign-fast dislikes. Reactions appear automatically in the shortest possible time. All ratings are put down by bots and fake accounts. Please note: the volume of a single order is limited to 50,000 marks. If you need more dislikes, please contact our support team and we will create an individual offer.
  2. Cost-effective tariff. Low-cost dislikes with a limited base for order fulfillment. The start can be made with a small delay. The marks are put down by bots and owners of fake accounts, and they are practically not written off. The possibility of delay in order execution is minimal – a long "simple" campaign launch excluded.

To start, select the tariff and the desired number of marks, and then pay for the purchase. Work on the order will start automatically (usually within a few minutes). Do you have any questions or need professional advice on your choice? Contact our support team – we will answer any questions you may have, tell you about the nuances of tariffs and help you make the right choice.

How do I Add dislikes to YouTube?

The order is being formed automatically and instantly enters the work. Depending on your chosen tariff, the start may be delayed for a short time, but you almost always see the result a few minutes after payment. The automated system allows you to minimize the "human" labor costs, speed up the processing process and reduce the cost of the service as much as possible. If you have a Telegram chat, you can buy views of entries in Telegram.

After the order is received in the system connects a database of accounts to the process, from which the ordered number of dislikes is promoted for a short time. As a result, you get marks that look organic and are not written off when the proportions are correct. Full automation guarantees the most correct result – live people who can change their opinion and Express different attitudes to the posted video do not participate in the addition.

Why you should buy dislikes on the video in YouTube with us?

We offer transparent terms of cooperation and several convenient tariffs, among which you will find the ideal option for the developed promotion strategy. Despite the fact that we recommend that customers be careful when buying dislikes, the system allows you to provide them in unlimited quantities. To order the largest number of marks, please contact our support team.

Key advantages of buying dislikes using our system:

  • 100 promotion% automated. All processes are performed automatically, which significantly increases the speed of request processing, eliminates the human factor and allows you to start promotion even in the dead of night, even before the start of a new working day.
  • Affordable and competitive prices. We have created 2 tariffs at once with foreign and economical marks. Only you decide which dislikes you want to see under the selected video. Prices are extremely favorable – 20-30% lower than competitors.
  • Transparent terms of cooperation. Provided simple and transparent scheme of work: you choose a convenient tariff and the desired number of reactions, and then pay for the order. Paid projects automatically go to work without the participation of the company's operator.
  • Convenient ordering and convenient payment. You do not need to contact the support service, sign a lot of papers, and even more so go somewhere-the order is carried out remotely. There are several convenient payment methods, including a Bank card.
  • High speed of order execution. Total automation and blocking of dislikes by bots allows you to reduce the implementation time of each project to a minimum. In most cases, you will be able to see the results within 15 minutes of paying for the order.
  • Impeccable reputation. Our vast experience and application of advanced SMM algorithms help us to guarantee the best result within the declared package of services. Our customers are satisfied, and we strive to further improve the level of service.

Experienced consultants are at your service! We don't leave we provide our clients one - on-one with the system and provide the maximum guarantees possible for each tariff. If you have any questions, you can contact the support service and get any information or practical help in solving the problem.

Who needs dislikes on YouTube?

Bloggers, marketers, PR specialists, entrepreneurs, and dozens of other categories of professionals. Almost always, reactions are used for natural, organic promotion of videos on YouTube. Even with multiple crops, paid advertising, and other campaign elements, it's impossible to get instant attention to a video. The only way to quickly rise to the TOP is to provide a comprehensive, comprehensive promotion.

Likes and dislikes under the video-an indicator of interest in the video from the target audience. If these indicators are proportional to the views, they a priori indicate the importance of the content. If necessary, you can buy video views YouTube. Potential interest and achieved parameters trigger an avalanche – like mechanism-the video rises in the search results of YouTube, occupies the top lines and attracts the attention of thousands of audience.

Most often dislikes on YouTube buy:

  • Bloggers.
  • Marketers.
  • PR specialists.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • The authors of the rollers.
  • Ordinary user.

Do not forget about some of the techniques of marketers and even political strategists in the fight against competitors and solving certain problems the challenges they face. If we leave ethical standards that do not always correlate with the very concept of promotion, then dislikes are the main tools for surrounding a certain video or comment with a negative field. Using them correctly, the content can be quickly moved in the output or shifted from the Top.

What tasks does adding dislikes to YouTube help solve?

Being the direct opposite of a like, dislike is used to Express a negative attitude to a video or comment from the outside user's. A popular video with a number of views of 1,000 or more may not appeal to all viewers without exception. Even if it will be useful, tactful and infinitely talented. Negative ratings will always be present, and this should be taken into account when promoting any content.

We recommend buying dislikes on YouTube to solve the following problems:

  1. Promotion. Marks are necessary for fast and harmonious promotion of the video. In combination with other indicators, dislikes will speed up the process of displaying videos IN the top of the list and recommendations, and also help you stay in them for a long time.
  2. Reputation management. The reputation of a brand, particularly a personal one, depends directly on the attitude of the audience. Manipulation of ratings creates a positive or negative image (depending on the task) not only of the video, but also of the brand as a whole.
  3. Monetization. To monetize a YouTube channel, you need to achieve the maximum number of views. The higher the video is in the search results and the more often it is found in recommendations, the faster the audience size will increase.
  4. Reaction control. You get the opportunity to influence the reaction of the target audience of the video – to form an initially positive or negative attitude to the video by increasing the number of positive or negative marks.
  5. Getting competitive advantages. It is realistic to ensure the impact not only on the videos created by you or your agents, but also on the videos of competitors. Increasing the number of dislikes in this it is a tool of black PR in competition.
  6. The expansion of the audience. The higher the video is in the search results and the more often it gets in the recommendations, the more people will pay attention to it. Organic promotion is a key tool for expanding the channel's target audience.

Buying dislikes and other indicators of audience reaction to video is an essential element of most SMM strategies. The only condition for their effective use is the need for correct calculation of proportions. If a million marks appear under a video with a thousand views per day, they will probably be analyzed and written off. The best way to prevent this is to make correct calculations. A similar strategy is also used to buy subscribers in Tiktok .

How do I calculate the required number of dislikes?

It is important to take into account the goal of getting dislikes for YouTube videos and current indicators. If you want to promote the video organically and want to provide at the same time, positive and negative ratings with a clear advantage in favor of the first parameter, it is recommended to adhere to the proportion of 70-80% against 30-20%. If you have a black PR goal in front of you, then the amount of marks is calculated individually.

The current measures are essential to prevent cancellation of the marks. Strive for harmonious promotion: if you order a couple of million dislikes for a video that up to now has only been viewed by 100-200 people and will produce if you dial within a couple of days, then the scores will probably be written off. Parameters must be taken into account in any case, regardless of the purpose of promotion.

The optimal solution will be a smooth, organic increase in all indicators, including dislikes. Ideally, if you can" mix " them with live marks, which almost always guarantees that there will be no write-offs. It is recommended to develop an SMM strategy and follow it at all stages of promotion. Get advice on ordering the desired volume you can get YouTube marks from our managers-contact our support team.

To buy dislikes on YouTube or promote them on your own?

We often consult clients and face questions regarding the advantages of the service over self-emulation of video indicators. Can I increase the number of dislikes on my own? Definitely. The only question is how you will do it and what consequences you need to be prepared for. In fact, you have 3 ways: to spam people with a request perform certain actions, use free software, or manually buy actions from live people.

The first option is time-consuming and completely ineffective in a situation where you need to quickly print a large number of marks. The second option is fraught with errors, write-offs and even blocking channels – you do not know anything about the algorithms of programs and the quality of the databases they use. The third option requires a lot of effort, time and money to purchase reactions, check the completion of tasks and its payments.

Advantages of our service over independent promotion:

  • Thousands of high-quality dislikes.
  • Huge current databases.
  • The shortest possible time to complete the order.
  • Total automation.
  • Hundreds of positive reviews.
  • Convenient order, easy payment.

Buying dislikes on YouTube videos using our service is much easier than trying to promote them yourself. And this is always more effective than using free programs and trying to buy live offers. More in addition, nothing prevents you from combining these methods and achieving maximum results in promotion in the shortest possible time.

To start adding, select the appropriate tariff, go to its page, specify the required number of marks and pay for the purchase in any convenient way from among the proposed options. The order will go into operation immediately. In rare cases, there may be a delay in starting for an economical tariff – don't worry, the indicators will be increased in the near future. At occurrence for any questions, please contact our support team – we accept requests around the clock.