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Real subscribers, mostly from Russia, are standard and without warranty.

7.39 rub. for 1 item

High speed and quality of adding subscribers, instant start of the order.

2.90 rub. for 1 item

Subscribers to the YouTube channel from CIS countries. Low speed, but no limit limits.

3.80 rub. for 1 item

Adding YT subscribers to a channel with automatic recovery.

3.51 rub. for 1 item

High quality subscriptions, minimal chance of cancellation, no guarantee.

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Subscribers to the YouTube channel with a guarantee. Quality subscribers from Russia.

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Stable operation of the service. The largest subscriber base for the channel.


Buy YouTube subscribers in the service for a fee

To quickly attract subscribers, it is not enough to make high-quality content. If there is no time for natural promotion, then you can not do without material investments. Services such as paid promotion of the YouTube channel are in demand not only by professional SMM specialists, but also by bloggers. What is important to know to use it safely and get the most out of it?

How many subscribers do I need to start earning on YouTube?

First, decide what to do. what indicators will you strive for? If the goal of promotion is to earn money from advertising, the more fans the channel will be able to gain, the better. At the first stage, only 50-100 followers are enough. This is enough to create the impression that the blog is alive.

To connect to most partner networks that allow you to monetize a channel, you need a little more followers, for example:

  • LCN Orbit requires at least 1000;
  • Agency of Internet Rights-1500;
  • ScaleLab-1000.

With a large number of constants viewers are more likely to receive a high income. But it is not necessary to strive for growth of the indicator at any cost. A live video channel on a popular topic that is watched may be of interest to advertisers, even if its audience is quantitatively inferior to blogs with millions of users.

Free channel promotion

You do not need to bet only on the natural growth of the audience. To quickly launch the project, you will still have to buy YouTube subscribers. Otherwise, you run the risk of falling very far behind competitors who don't skimp on advertising. But it is also quite stupid to refuse free promotion. Stick to the Golden mean — use different methods of promotion. This way the audience growth will be stable and not suspicious. You need to promote YouTube in Moscow , you can order it in our Agency.

Where to start?

Work on increasing the channel's popularity begins before it is launched. First of all, you need to decide on the video format, decide on which ones you can shoot videos, come up with a sonorous name for the project.

If a video channel already exists, it is worth analyzing what users like about it and taking into account the preferences of followers when creating content. Those who are just starting to post videos should carefully study the blogs of competitors.

With a one-hundred-percent guarantee, it is impossible to predict which videos will attract the public's interest. Popular video formats have good chances. For example, in demand:

  • how-to-instructions for a wide variety of topics: from everyday to expert;
  • challenges - performing viral tasks on camera;
  • test drives (for example, demonstration of technical capabilities);
  • social experiments — the observation of people in non-standard situations.

You can not write off the accounts and letsplay. The genre occupies a fairly solid niche in the YouTube business. Videos about the passage of games do not give up positions for a long time, and in the future, the fall in demand for them is not expected.

Some ways to free promotions

The minimum number of fans can be obtained without any additional effort. A well-chosen theme, a clear title of the video-and there is already a chance that the video will have views. Just not too much and not too fast. Promotion will help improve the situation. To increase popularity, you can:

  • Promote with the help of more well-known bloggers. The first option that comes to mind is to openly agree on advertising. But just so popular resources about your project do not tell will be. For example, a mention in the famous "Nemaye" will cost you the amount of 100-150 thousand rubles. You can only count on mutual PR with bloggers of your level for free.
  • Shoot really cool videos that people can mention on their own initiative.
  • Talk about the project on other platforms: share links to it in social networks, forums, and blogs. This requires a significant amount of time, but can produce good results. It is important that comments and posts with links do not appear to be spam, otherwise you will not only attract fans, but also spoil the reputation of the project. For example, you should not place a link in front of the text, or write too many calls in the message. An example of promotion using third-party platforms is the publication of useful videos about products on the pages of online stores.
  • Use your own resources (blogs, websites, social media profiles). If you have projects that match the video channel by subject, you can use them. But this will only be effective in if they are popular. Creating and promoting blogs and sites from scratch will require considerable effort.

It is reasonable for companies and organizations that work not only on the Internet to use offline methods to promote a video channel. In this case, buying YouTube subscribers will be an additional way to increase the popularity of the blog.

For example, you can place its name with a call to subscribe on flyers and business cards. To make it more convenient for customers, you should give preference to non-traditional ones links, and QR codes. Many people will find it tedious to search for a channel by name.

The probability of success will increase if you offer the client a discount or other bonus for subscribing to the project. Gift options: a small gift in addition to the purchase, exclusive offers only for the blog audience.

What affects the cost of subscribers? SMM prices

A cursory study of the offers that are on the market is enough to understand that prices vary very much. In most cases, the price list indicates the cost of one follower. As a rule, the minimum price for today is about 1 ruble. Many people use free promotion.

Promotion of the YouTube channel to the index of 1000 regular viewers can cost both 550 rubles, and a large amount — more than 5000. The cost of the service is affected by factors such as:

  • account quality;
  • rate of increase in indicators;
  • company reputation;
  • availability of guarantees.

A well-known marketing Agency will take more than a freelancer. A company that has an impeccable reputation, and therefore the ability to raise the price tag without the risk of being left without customers, does not make sense to dump.

More expensive than most competitors, as a rule, are the services of services that often flash in advertising campaigns. Promotion requires material investments, and they need to be compensated. Increasing the price allows the company to spend money on advertising. Our system, in addition to YouTube, allows you to order the installation of applications on mobile platform.

As for the quality of accounts, it can be very different. Cheap options are usually "dead souls". They will not be of any use except for decorating the counter. At the same time, they order a service of this level not only out of greed. For some customers, creating a visibility of the project's popularity is enough.

Live fans, of course, are more expensive than nominal ones. They can potentially bring an increase in the number of comments, likes, and video views. If the goal is a real increase the popularity of the channel, do not skimp.

The speed of promotion is a controversial factor. In the sense that, of course, it is convenient when the number of followers immediately increases at times, but too rapid growth can lead to negative consequences. YouTube, like many search engines, makes sure that users do not resort to unfair methods of promotion. If you start buying followers in batches, there is a high risk of earning a ban.

Ideally, if the promotion is done quickly enough, and it is guaranteed security. This is much more expensive than risky options. But if the project is serious, you can't save money.

Free promotion

Special attention should be paid to services that allow you to increase the audience of the channel without financial investments, but with the completion of tasks. The easiest option is to sign up for projects, and for this you get the opportunity to "pay" with earned points for other people to join the ranks of your project's fans.

Such services will not help to improve significantly subscription statistics. In the worst case, their use may lead to sanctions from the video hosting company.

What are the dangers of cheap subscribers from dubious sellers?

It is worth mentioning the risks in more detail. Before you buy YouTube subscribers, be sure to weigh the pros and cons. Of course, you should be especially careful when resorting to services that are incredibly cheap. Our service allows you to get YouTube subscribers to your channel in a few minutes.

It is not recommended to order promotion from private traders, use unverified, untrustworthy services. Here are just a few negative results that you can actually get:

  • Cheap followers will turn out to be bots, which will not only help the project to strengthen its position, but also harm its reputation.
  • A performer found on a forum or freelance exchange will take a prepayment and disappear without doing anything. Of course, you can transfer money for work only after it has been executed, but you still run the risk to lose time in vain. Avoid problems like this this will help you sign contracts and work with reliable partners.
  • Using special applications and programs for promotion, which will be asked to install a private trader or service, will lead to downloading a dangerous virus to the device. It can cause serious material losses. Even if the program is not infected with a virus, it can do a lot of harm. So, if you need to log in to a social network and give the app access to your account, then the profile is most likely, it will be used to increase the counters of other users or send spam.

High-quality promotion of YouTube subscribers can't be too cheap. A service that takes care of the level of service delivery is not created "on the knee" by a freelancer. Technical support, guarantees, individual approach to projects-all this costs money. Be sure to check the performers before the transaction: ask questions, pay attention to reviews, study the description of services.

Why does YouTube write off subscribers to channel?

We should also mention that sometimes blog popularity indicators increase only for a while. To combat unfair promotion methods, video hosting has filters and moderators. The situation is similar with YouTube video views.

The worst dream of video channel owners, which, alas, often becomes a reality — is the mass write-off of followers. Here are just a few scenarios:

  • If you just pay for the promotion and don't take care of the natural promotion, filters video hosting companies can track this. As a" warning shot", the bulk of subscribers will be written off.
  • The owner of the channel will go on a "sabbatical", and the audience he collected will be removed from the number of fans of the project. The fact is that there is such a thing as "account inactivity"on YouTube. Abandoned blogs can be closed.
  • Video hosting will unsubscribe from your project subscribers who have not visited it for a long time. It is enough for a person to not watch a video in a blog for about six months to network I thought he wasn't interested in it.

Promotion of the YouTube channel must be comprehensive. It is important to monitor the quality of the video channel audience. A large number of inactive users and bots is a path to failure.

What is important to do before buying

So, the theory was sorted out. Before proceeding to practice, make sure that you are not threatened with sanctions from the video hosting service. Increasing the popularity of a blog sometimes attracts the attention of not only users, but also moderators. To make it as safe as possible myself:

  • Don't start promoting an empty channel. Be sure to fill it with content and attract at least a minimum number of live users. The larger the audience you can get, the safer the promotion will be.
  • Before purchasing followers, perform a thorough analysis of the video channel. Make sure that your blog complies with the video hosting rules. Remove provocative videos, especially those that violate the law and public morals.
  • Take care of the design of the blog, make it habitable view. It is desirable that new videos appear regularly there, and user comments do not remain unanswered.
  • Plan your purchases and schedule audience growth using YouTube Analytics. This way you will make the increase in traffic natural and not suspicious.
  • When purchasing followers, order an increase in other indicators as well. Buy likes and video views so that the counters match each other. Reasonable proportion: 1 like on 10-50 video views and 1 follower on 5-10. Please note that the numbers may vary depending on the theme of the videos. To make it easier to navigate, study video channels similar to yours.

Never use spam for promotion! User complaints about the channel will lead to its total verification. It will be very easy to get a ban. Follow the statistics, if necessary, go to the buy views section , improve your channel statistics.

How to safely order subscribers to YouTube

The first time you resort to promotion or not, do not rush. It is better to start by buying YouTube subscribers in a small batch, because no matter what cool service you choose, it is likely that on this day, for example, technical work will be carried out on It. A channel with a large active audience does not require an additional order for the service output to the top . Videos of the popular channel themselves go into trends.

A small order is a test that will help you make sure that everything is normal. If the purchase it will go well, you can buy as many followers as you need.

What do we offer?

If you need to buy YouTube subscribers, order it easily on this page. We have offers of different prices. Choose the one that suits you. Here are a few options:

  • slow increase of audience without the restrictions of limits;
  • low-cost standard offers without warranty, mainly from Russia;
  • fast and reliable subscribers to the channel.

The service works officially. It has registered accounts and verified e-wallets. Our member ID in the WebMoney system has a reliability rating (BL) of more than 500.

We have been on the market since 2013. Solid experience in providing services allows us to fulfill orders efficiently and without unnecessary risks for customers.

The minimum lead time is 6 hours, and the maximum, as a rule, does not exceed 72. At the same time, you can buy not only followers, but also likes and views from us. High quality guaranteed: thousands of positive reviews of our service confirm this.

We care not only about the quick execution of work,but also about confidentiality. The fact that you used our services to increase the popularity of the project will not be known to other users.