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Live video is also called live broadcast. This is another format for interacting with subscribers or profile visitors, which helps you demonstrate your time, training materials, products, and other activities to your audience in real time. However, the esters is a tool that helps to improve the statistics of the profile. Promotion of Instagram can be accompanied by periodic launch of broadcasts. You can save them for 24 hours or delete them immediately after the broadcast ends.

SMOSERVICE offers promotion of live broadcasts by purchasing viewers and comments. In the complex, if you order two services at once, you will get the maximum benefits. However, you don't have to buy both comments and viewers. You can stop at the views, because not every format and specifics of maintaining an account provides for a visit to the broadcasts by such an active audience that will write comments.

At the same time, comprehensive promotion is always a priority. We offer to give several arguments in favor of ordering services from the presented category, as well as to indicate the benefits received when promoting the airwaves.

Who needs promotion of the live video?

If you plan to interact with your audience by hosting live broadcasts on Instagram, you need to promote at least for the first time. This will help improve statistics and attract more people to view.

Why is it so important to order views and comments immediately? "Immediately" is implied promotion of live videos from the first test recordings, when the audience is just getting acquainted with your new format of work. Users will see that you are popular, so they will be more interested in future live broadcasts from you.

Another feature is that many people check bloggers and stores for the authenticity of their activity on live broadcasts, since they are less likely to be wound up. If the account owner has ordered, for example, 20,000 subscribers, but they are all bots, then there will be no live activity. Comments and likes to regular posts are also often screwed up. Therefore, the so – called unspoken indicator of the profile's interest is the attendance of live broadcasts.

It often happens that one of the accounts starts a live broadcast. Its subscribers who are currently using the app may accidentally click on the notification. So that such a user does not leave the air immediately, seeing that he is almost the only one there, it is better to add views immediately.

Owners of commercial accounts and SMM

Live broadcasts help commercial accounts solve a number of tasks, including:

  • Showing new products. In real time, stores often remove backstages of clothing that models wear for the first time. This is just one example of how you can diversify your account content and generally revive commercial Instagram.
  • Demonstration of certain processes related to product manufacturing, transportation, Assembly, packaging, and shipping. Information can be useful, interesting or simply confirming certain facts about your business. Promotion of live broadcasts helps to attract more viewers.
  • Increasing trust. It is always difficult to gain the audience's trust. When viewed in this context, live broadcasts are particularly useful for young projects that are engaged in commercial activities recently. Given example. You recently purchased a batch of clothes that you will sell not only in the showroom, but also via Instagram. Promotion was ordered, but in order to it takes time to collect reviews, photos of satisfied customers, and get a lot of real comments under posts. When all this is not available, potential buyers doubt. They don't know whether to trust you. In this situation, conducting a live broadcast and promoting it on Instagram helps to solve a whole range of tasks, including the actual display of the conditions under which the activities of a commercial organization are performed.

The enumeration can be continued for a long time, but the benefits that it extracts the business account depends on the subject of the profile, the specifics of its interaction with the audience, and a number of other factors.

Representative offices of brands and companies

Brands and large companies rarely conduct live broadcasts, but this also happens. This format of work indicates that the brand is ready to contact its audience. The benefits derived from this type of detail are the same as those indicated above for commercial profiles.

Buy live views and advertising for large companies is not always relevant, but if the business profile is not yet popular, this promotion will help set the rhythm of activity, make it more extensive, and encourage other subscribers to visit the airwaves more often.

Personal profiles on instagram broadcasts

Live broadcasts on Instagram are widely popular among personal profiles. This format of account management helps to communicate more often and more closely with the audience. Buying views and comments on live pages is in demand a service that helps solve the following tasks:

  • Improving employee engagement. The more you roll up views, the fewer people who went on the air, leave it in the first minutes after entering. There is a certain pattern: users view the visited airwaves, which have a wide audience.
  • Improved statistics . The more airs you have and the more they are commented on and watched, the more often the profile flashes in the recommendations. Even eat there is a certain relationship between conducting live events and determining the probability of the system that a post can reach the top.
  • Increasing trust. When you are a well-known blogger who does not keep an account very actively, periodically responding to comments under posts, you are no longer trusted. Many people think that such profiles hide managers and other representatives of public people. When a blogger starts to go live, he showed that he was running an account on his own, and not attracting people to do it stranger.

Benefits of promoting live broadcasts

Live broadcasts and their subsequent promotion help in the following areas:

  • You are showing real life. This is what they call everything that is placed on Instagram without a script, processing, or fake. Users are already tired of simulated videos that are pre-cut and processed. They love everything that shows your life or activity as naturally as possible.
  • Notifications about the beginning of the broadcast appear for everyone subscriber's. So you can remind yourself. This advantage should not be underestimated, because not everyone sees storis, as well as posts in the feed, but the live broadcasts of each of your subscribers will be highlighted. You will only need to click on the notification to become a member of the broadcast. The number of views helps here because people who might come in, see that no one is there, and get out are more likely to stay when they see other users.
  • Live broadcasts are opened first, and then you can already view stories (or switch to stories). And yet, while your broadcast is active, it is seen in the feed with storis by your subscribers, regardless of how often they visit you. In Instagram, there is a rule-live broadcasts that take place now are always the first in the feed. If a subscriber comes to you and doesn't want to watch the broadcast, they can switch to storis.
  • Improving employee engagement. The more you flash in the airwaves, the more interest your subscribers show in your activity. They often visit, comment, and put likes. Therefore, buying views on the broadcast and comments on them will give an impetus to an active movement to the popularity and demand of you as an entrepreneur, blogger, creative person or art worker.
  • Improved statistics. Naturally, the ether is an additional activity of both the account owner's self-image and its audience. And the higher that activity is, the better this will affect the profile statistics. Recommend more often conduct broadcasts, but do it when there is a real reason, useful information, etc.
  • Expanding tools for interacting with the audience. You can ask questions in real time to subscribers and visitors. However, to attract an audience, you need to buy views on the broadcast and comments on them to create visibility of activity. Then real people will also write about their own.