249 990 rub. for 1 item

Universal tariff for promoting Instagram on a turnkey basis at a premium rate.

379 990 rub. for 1 item

Complex tariff for turnkey promotion at the gold tariff.

479 990 rub. for 1 item

A universal tariff for the promotion turnkey at the platinum rate.

649 990 rub. for 1 item

Universal tariff for turnkey promotion at an elite rate.


Paid Instagram promotion for businesses and companies

Instagram was originally developed as a platform for displaying beautiful images. Every year, the social network developed, the audience expanded, and at the same time, the rules imposed on all users became more stringent. And what do we see today? Simple promotion no longer helps, but only kills statistics. In place of crude methods of promotion, media promotion based on natural, permitted PR, for which the the profile will not be sanctioned.

If you are planning to professionally engage in any type of activity, have developed a new project, created your own online brainchild and want to promote it, media PR from the SMOSERVICE group of specialists will be the perfect solution for you.

We have developed several PR options, each of which differs both in content and cost. All packages are valid for a month.

Media PR is a white promotion that is allowed on Instagram. This a set of techniques that help attract a live, active audience, bypassing passive people, offers and bots. This format of popularization helps to become known, sell more, and distribute information more actively. We guarantee maximum efficiency and effectiveness of events and the ability to delegate all types of work that are necessary for PR of your profile in Instagram . You will be released from the routine set of subscribers, the need to understand the ways of promotion, the risks of draining the budget.

Types of promotion (media PR in Instagram)

Media PR is a complex work of specialists aimed not only at improving statistical indicators related to your profile, but also activities focused on solving individually designed tasks. As a result, your profile will grow rapidly, because within the service you will receive not only a lot of subscribers, likes and comments, but also real media PR, organized personally for your profile.

What are the advantages of this method of promotion? In contrast to the standard purchase of subscribers, you will not only increase your statistics, but also ensure a real influx of users. A live, active audience that leaves comments comes from other bloggers much better than dead pages of bots that are wound up through free or cheap services.

Promotion from the SMOSERVICE team is an opportunity to quickly gain an audience. Not just subscribers and activity, namely a live audience that will read your posts, put likes if they like them, and react in other ways. Only such media PR is effective and brings sufficient results with a quick return.

Premium promotion Instagram

The Premium package is the most inexpensive option for high-quality and comprehensive turnkey promotion. You do not have to look for additional specialists who will perform certain types of work. The package includes all types of actions to attract an audience and by implementation of the media PR project.

  • Universal tariff
  • Promotion of turn-key
  • An integrated approach to the development of the project according to your order

Price: 249,990 rubles per month

Gold promotion Instagram

The Golden package includes more types of services than the Premium package. It is more expensive, but based on practical results, it is more effective. Advantages-short time for getting the first results. Tangible changes occur in the first days after launch, because there is a rapid recruitment of a live audience.

  • Universal tariff
  • Promotion of turn-key
  • A comprehensive approach to the development of an individual project
  • Wide range of features

Price: 379 990 rubles per month

Platinum promotion Instagram

The Platinum package is intended for professional promotion. Want to get the most, but save money? This service option is for you. Media PR will lead to a significant increase in subscribers. We guarantee that correctly we will think over every detail of the order implementation and selection of relevant tools for your topic to attract an audience.

  • Universal tariff
  • Promotion of turn-key
  • Selection of the most modern and effective tools for personal promotion for your project
  • Extended list of features

Price: 479 990 rubles per month

VIP promotion Instagram

The most effective and perfect tariff is "VIP". It involves the implementation of several projects focused on media PR of your profile. Suitable for both fresh projects and already promoted accounts. Our specialists will select the latest promotion tools for you, develop several promotion projects, and think over the details of the order. You don't have to be distracted from creating and publishing content. While we promote and promote your account, you spend time with your audience, creating content, creating your account, and, of course, your personal life.

By purchasing the VIP package, you can delegate everything obligations to update your content and profile in General. We guarantee an innovative approach to developing a media PR scheme, using safe promotion tools that will not harm statistics either today or in the future, when the Instagram platform introduces new algorithms. The company uses only "white" promotion methods, so you will never suffer from paying for this type of service.

  • Universal tariff
  • A promotion for key
  • The most effective promotion methods that are relevant to your project
  • A wide range of features that are selected based on your goals
  • The fastest possible way to get a pronounced result that will be noticeable in practice

Price: 649 990 rubles per month

Each tariff can be paid for one or more months. You choose the duration of the period during which the service will be performed within the selected package.

Media PR: to whom are these services suitable?

Offers that are relevant for media PR services are suitable for owners of the following account types:

  • Commercial. If you or the company you represent sells products or services, promoting your representative account on Instagram will help you improve your brand image and create an image of a modern market participant who is ready to make contact with the audience. A promoted profile in Instagram helps attract new customers, customers, service customers, and also detain and interest existing ones.
  • Business online. If you are starting to develop an online project, register an online store, or want to supply products, promoting your account by ordering media PR is the best solution for achieving quick results.
  • Personal. Maintaining a personal blog is an opportunity for self-realization. If you plan to develop as a specialist, as a person who understands a certain topic, we suggest developing your blog. We also have suggestions for this case, based on media PR. We guarantee a competent approach and adaptation to meet personal requirements and wishes.
  • Blogs. Professional blogs that are engaged in stable placement of content in photo, video, and text formats can get the maximum benefits from using the Instagram platform. You've probably seen that multimillion-dollar bloggers earn a lot of money on their offspring. If you also want to create cool content and post it on the Instagram platform, promote your account. For this media PR is perfect! We guarantee fast results, a personal approach to the organization of the working process, and a lot of other advantages of working with us.
  • Informational or video communities. There are public sites in IG that post funny, news, themed videos or pictures. If you want to make money from advertising by supporting the activities of such groups, we offer to promote them. To do this, you need to attract a large audience of "live" viewers, that is, real ones users'. We will help you get results quickly, recruit a target group, and develop a set of events for media PR.