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Unique service with a low price per participant. Russian participants in the group.

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Start within 12 hours. Up to 10K per day. Without guarantee. This service is exclusively for groups.

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Start within 12 hours. Up to 5 thousand a day, without warranty. Only for the group Telegram.


Subscribers to the Telegram group and promotion of the group

Telegram is becoming more and more popular among commercial structures, small companies, online projects and, of course, ordinary users, who form the target group of entrepreneurs. The platform opens up wide opportunities for development, does not set strict rules, which is why the audience especially liked it. SMOSERVICE offers services for promoting and purchasing Telegram subscribers. We guarantee high quality and reliability, efficiency and effectiveness of the customer's budget expenditures.

Participants in the group – how to twist?

The Telegram platform is designed so that you can promote your activities in several areas. Example, a purchase is offered to a group. This, of course, is not approved, but the promotion is not done by Telegram itself, but by third-party services. There are telegram subscribers on our site that you can buy into your group without promotion.

SMOSERVICE is one of the resources that offer services in the field of promotion Of telegram groups. There are also many other services on the network, but their effectiveness is often not just zero, but also brings more harm than good. A particular danger for the group's rating and its attractiveness for cooperation is the purchase of promotion, when there is a total flood of completely dead accounts. This is the most inefficient method of promotion. In addition to the fact that you will spoil your statistics, there is another problem-bots will still be remote. It turns out this situation: the budget is merged, there is no use, customers and readers, too, statistics are corrupted, and the bots that were added are removed by Telegram. The group is empty, with poor indicators and does not benefit.

Safe solution for Telegrams

Working with us, you will never encounter such problems. We select up-to-date, high-quality methods for promoting telegram groups. The use of white methods is the key to success. For the rest, we will give you a number of basic recommendations that will help you make sure that no one will ever guess about your progress.

Why is everyone afraid of promotion in Telegram? In Instagram, VK, Facebook, Twitter and other sites, they are spinning... Yes, in fact, they are spinning all the actions in all social networks, but In the telegram messenger, they do not accept this yet. However, this is a big plus-the ability to be one step ahead of the competition. Imagine... They are still preparing to register an account and group, and you already have everything, and even untwisted.

A number of trends can be traced. Previously, promotion was available in many social networks. Bloggers easily wound up millions of subscribers, and bots, they never went to the social network, but remained. Now all these people (multi-million bloggers) continue to earn. And all thanks to the fact that you promoted your account in time.

Do you want to occupy your niche in the Telegram space, while there is a lot of space for new faces? Hurry – while there are plenty of opportunities, and what will happen then, accurate forecasts no.

So, how can I get? Several ways to promote-bots, offers and real subscribers. Let's look at each in more detail. Telegram is also useful for earning money in a social network.


Promotion by bots is not a promotion at all, but a banal, crude and useless promotion that brings a lot of trouble soon after its completion. Especially often this moment comes a week after filling bots in the group. Telegrams' removes them, they disappear and you. Then the statistics begin to fall, and even there is a risk of getting banned. So far, the Telegram doesn't have any algorithms that can quickly and accurately track the promotion, but who knows what might happen tomorrow.

In General, the promotion of bots is inefficient, useless, accompanied by a number of difficulties and just sucks your budget. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the performer who has an order for promotion. By working with SMOSERVICE, you don't risk anything, since we take into account current trends in the world of Telegrams, we also use white methods for recruiting subscribers.


Offers are a good category of accounts that you can add to your Telegram group. Offers are people who have registered in the system specifically in order to earn something later. "Something" means any good on a third-party resource or promotion service. As a rule, offers are used no more than a week, and then their owner simply stops logging in. As a result, we see the following:

  • The offer does not go online for a long time
  • The offer will not unsubscribe from your group because it does not appear online
  • Advertising with offers is safe

We have provided the options of promotion, based on the involvement of the offer. All you have to do is order the appropriate service, which is presented in the list of available packages. Likes and Facebook followers can be to move the charge we have on the SMM website.

Real person

Of course, it is better to wind up real people in your account than offers and, especially, bots. As a result, you will be able to invest your budget in a project that is 100% likely to benefit. Real users rarely unsubscribe, are active (at least because they are logged in to the app).

Advantages of ordering real, Russian-speaking subscribers to the Telegram group:

  • Security. You will not be afraid of blocking, as in the case of bots.
  • The price tag is higher, but the money is invested in real subscribers who may perform different actions.
  • Simplicity. It is easier to promote qualitatively than to fill in bots and even offers, and then hope for a return.
  • The ability to buy subscribers to a group of Telegrams smoothly, imperceptibly.

How to make advertising invisible

We will give you some recommendations that will help you not only fill the Telegram group with new subscribers, but also do it insensibly:

  • Do not get bots. This is a useless idea that will still contribute to the appearance of a lot of trouble in the future. Maybe bots will initially create the appearance of success in Telegram, but this is only smoke, and you will not wait for fire. But the knowledgeable people who are in Telegram not the first day and are engaged in advertising, promotion, sales, quickly determined that you have a hyped group.
  • Run ads in parallel. This is especially true when ordering offers. So you will be able to provide a natural influx of subscribers, diluting their total mass of inflated participants. No one will notice the trick for sure.
  • Smooth advertising and promotion of the group in Telegram. The slower, the more realistic. No, no one says to add 500 subscribers a day. Just think – what can you do after the promotion is complete? If the influx of people stops, it will have a negative impact on statistics. It is better to wind up gradually, about a few thousand a day, no more.
  • No jumps. Today for your group 100 people signed up, and tomorrow 800, and the day after tomorrow 50 at all. Such jumps are the main indicator of promotion. Avoid such situations.
  • The ratio of likes and subscribers. If you have added 100,000 followers, but no one likes your posts, this is very suspicious. Even the person who just installed the Telegram will guess the trick. Try to maintain a ratio of at least 100/30. That is, from 100,000 thousand subscribers, there should be 30,000 likes per post. This is just the minimum minimum that you can only talk about think. And it's better if even more people put likes on your posts (from 100 000 about half).
  • Few posts. Many people think ," I bought subscribers. What should I do now? We need likes! I will post less information to save on adding hearts." This position is also wrong. Few posts – very bad. It is better to wind up subscribers gradually, correctly distributing the budget and placing a sufficient amount of information in the TV Group.

The reason for purchase participants in the chat Telegram.

Why does advertising need a Telegram at all? A lot of people do it anyway. Just register a group, invite friends, post offers on social networks. If your Instagram has, for example, 500,000 followers, 2-5% may be active in advertising and will follow the suggested link. Well, the Telegram has not reached such popularity yet to the society, as is the case with most other social networks. However, this is not as acute a problem as it may seem. You will be one step ahead and when Telegram becomes popular and as popular as possible (there are certain trends), the group will already be promoted. As in other social networks, you can buy VK subscribers from us quickly and without registration.

We offer to elaborate on who needs a set of subscribers at all. So, these are the following categories of users.

  • Bloggers. No matter how large or small your audience is, you will be able to post your materials in the Telegram channel. This can be video, text, photos, or news. Why is Telegram so popular? Users initially liked it for its reliability and the attitude of the creators to personal data. It is also necessary to note the functionality of the service. The person who came here can post almost any content.
  • Entrepreneurs, stores, and other commercial figures. They can place promotions in the group, provide additional information, and motivate users to join the group by providing a small discount or bonus. In combination with filling offers this promotion tool works perfectly.
  • Popular personality. Posting news and interesting materials, announcements and events from stars and just popular people is possible in the Telegram group. Don't forget to add posts in time so that your subscribers are interested in membership.

Telegram has excellent prospects for development. This platform offers a wide range of opportunities, a lot of attractive tools and, most importantly, security and the absence of strict rules. Use the SMM glider function for automatic ordering.

Advantages of Telegram advertising

It is definitely profitable to add subscribers to a Telegram group. This will be useful, since a wide audience always motivates other users to subscribe as well. An advanced group with readers is a semblance of success. And where there is real success, there is always more movement and active development.

How can I recognize a promotion in Telegram?

We suggest that you examine a few facts that point to the obvious promotion of the Telegram group:

  • The ratio of the number of views and the number of subscribers. When the audience is large, and there are no views and likes, it is unlikely to be able to convince the audience that nothing is screwed up.
  • Uneven coverage. Today, your activity is off the scale, and tomorrow it will simply collapse. What will happen? That's right - everyone will immediately guess that the promotion is carried out with the involvement of third-party services that work for outside The telegram site.
  • Frequency and number of posts. Few posts – this is when they appear about 10 a week. It is not enough to post information in a group a couple of times a day. Many people specifically reduce the number of posts to have enough budget to add likes. That's just it does not bring any benefit, but only produces advertising.

What to do if you were accused of poor quality promotion and changed your mind about advertising? It is always better to put pressure on the fact that the influx of subscribers was from external resources. No, this is not about live users in Telegram, but about the ability to attract users by placing a link to a group in Telegram.

How do I check if the owner of a group has added subscribers? These tips will be relevant to you if you decide to order advertising for yourself. We suggest that you consider what to do if you have already posted a post in another group, go, subscribe, but do not perform any other actions?

  • Subscribers do not log in to the network. Look, attracted people go online? Write with reserve account to them. If the majority responds or reads the message, then the participants are still not screwed.
  • People sign up later than they went online. Here everything is clear – the group has an audience attracted through promotion services.

Don't forget to follow these guidelines, too, so that no one will guess about your ad. Buy YouTube video views from Us at the lowest prices.

Paid or free promotion?

Free promotion in General is difficult to call promotion. The usual rough, easily recognized promotion is free. Good, high-quality and reliable services cost money. SMOSERVICE uses only white promotion methods, and customers can choose from several options for the service package.

Versions of packages advance in the Telegram.

The participants in the group (the Russian users)

Advantages and features of the package (what is included):

  • Unique service
  • Low price for each participant
  • Only Russian audience

Participants in a group (instant start)

Advantages and features of the package (what is included):

  • Start within 12 hours
  • Up to 10,000 additions per day
  • Without guarantee
  • Only for groups

The participants in the group (reliable quality)

Advantages and features of the package (what is included):

  • Start within 12 hours
  • Up to 5,000 additions per day
  • Only for groups
  • Without guarantee

Why is SMOSERVICE the best in SMM promotion?

Collaboration with the SMOSERVICE team it will open up opportunities in the field of promotion, and this applies not only to subscribers in Telegram. We also update profiles in other social networks and other sites in General, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and so on.

We guarantee reliability and compliance with the criteria stated when purchasing a suitable package of services. We also offer discounts, bonuses and additional earning programs to our regular customers. Lots of opportunities!

SMOSERVICE is a command a strategy that will make your promotion as effective as possible with a profitable economy. Therefore, contact our specialists or immediately order services that are of interest for adding and recruiting subscribers to the Telegram group.