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Tell your friends about a recording, photo, or video. Buy cheap VK reposts.

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Users share the record with their friends (repost it on their wall).

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Share the recording with your friends. It is allowed to use a post with a link to Vkontakte.

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Tell your friends about the recording, photos or videos (quality offers).

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Tell your friends about an entry, photo, or video (active CA accounts).

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Tell your friends about a recording, photo, or video (slow execution speed).

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Repost entries from the Vkontakte wall. High speed of order fulfillment.


VK reposts or tell your friends on Vkontakte

Repost is a tool for interacting with other members of a social network. Using the "Share" button, everyone who is registered in the VK can send a friend information that they found in the vast social network. Also, reposts are made on the wall (in public access or in access for the friends list) and in stories. And more recently, the VK app has the ability to use the reposting functionality to send a link to a post to users in other countries social networks. Therefore, the promotion of VC reposts has become even more relevant, in demand for users and businesses. If you subscribe, examine the agreement of regular payments in our SMM store smosservice.

Why do I need reposts?

The first and main thing is the dissemination of information. The user makes a repost in which the original source is visible, where the content is taken from. People who view it also see where you need to click to get to the page, initially who posted the information.

The main purpose of reposting:

  • Dissemination of information. It doesn't matter what type of information is posted, with the help of the presented tool it is possible to distribute it in personal messages, on walls in groups, public pages. Therefore, this promotion of Vkontakte is in demand and effective for business.
  • Promotion. Updating, distribution of any news, offers, data about events – everything can be promoted through reposting.
  • Popularization of the name, product, and brand. When a name is heard, and it doesn't matter whether it is commercial or personal, it is increasingly spoken about. In the perception of the target audience, associations appear that the person, brand, brand, or new product.
  • Improving technical indicators. The output to the first positions by name and main phrases in the top of the VK depends on how much the page is in demand. And these characteristics, in turn, are based on the numbers recorded by the system. Number of reposts along with likes, the number of subscribers, comments, and views affect the result-the place where your page is displayed in the search. Also, with proper promotion, as with the promotion of Instagram, you can get a tangible coverage of the real audience, the influx of which will be provided.
  • Presentation of innovations. It is easier to promote a new product, product, or service through a repost. Information is saved "on the wall" for users, so as the pages are visited, you can get an influx of real audience in the long run prospect.
  • Sending invitations. If you need to distribute a post that contains certain information, reposts are ideal for this. You can send them as private messages to ensure that users are familiar with the offer.

The main thing that is possible to provide thanks to the launch of the repost function is the mass distribution of information. If you use such a useful tool in large quantities, it will be possible in a short period of time, without spending huge amounts of money, update any object of marketing activity.

Benefits for commercial pages

Promoting a business with reposts is an opportunity to show a brand, tell about its advantages, and present a new product. Also, using the reposting service is updated, the audience is invited to trainings, seminars, training events. The site has rates for the premium SMM promotion for business opportunity .

The advantages of this promotional tool for commercial pages, public pages, and groups:

  • wide coverage;
  • ability to target a real, live audience;
  • long-term impact, long-term effect;
  • there are no sanctions and there is no probability of blocking an account or public for promotion, as is the case with some other methods of VK promotion.

This promotion tool in the Vkontakte social network simply has no drawbacks – it is safe, easy to implement, and works for a long time. Many customers after ordering PR, people pay attention to the fact that the promotion has long been completed, but the influx of new customers continues for several weeks or even months.

Benefits for blogs and individuals

Show your information product, advertise the marathon, invite people to the event through a webinar-all this is available to everyone who is registered in the VK.

The use of ordering VK reposts for blogs and individuals:

  • Demonstration of an interesting offer;
  • the ability to motivate audience from all over the country and CIS countries;
  • maximum coverage of people with different interests and financial opportunities;
  • long-term advertising that looks real and does not contradict the rules of the VC;
  • a cheap promotion tool that works for a long time after the promotion is completed.

Bloggers, creative people, as well as people who offer commercial services or free information, often choose to promote reposting Vkontakte, because this tool it is one of the safest.

The types of reposts

Vkontakte offers users several types of reposting. Not all of them are used in promotion. Let's look at which of them is relevant to use for promotion. Subscription to activity, and subscription to VK reposts will allow you to get live subscribers to a group or to a personal page in Vkontakte.

In private messages

It's a good idea to repost information found on the vastness of VK to a friend or several friends. This method of promotion is rarely used when promoting attracted users through a specialized service.

On your page

A common option is to add a VC. Users massively place a link to your post, which is" pulled " automatically text and picture. The post remains on the wall for a long time until it is deleted. As a rule, the number of reposts is made permanently, that is, a low percentage of people who place advertising posts on their site intentionally delete publications.

On personal repost pages look natural, like real recommendations of an ordinary person using VK. Those who are interested in this person will be able to go to the user's profile. Most people first view the wall where your post will be located.

On the community page

Publics and groups are places that can be visited in the online space of the VK for communication, obtaining information, and searching for products and services. Reposting VK in such sources is beneficial for a wide audience coverage and high engagement. When a person visits a public site and sees information about the same content, and then they are offered something new,they will be interested and analyze the innovations.

Via QR code

Q & a code is one of the new products. The tool is not used in the promotion, it is only available when accessed via portable electronic gadgets-smartphones, tablets.

To add to the story

It is believed that now the stories are more relevant than the tape. Why? People are tired of affectation, they prefer life more. And this very life is seen in the section with stories, where a blogger, a company representative or a simple person shows himself as a real person in social networks. And between photos, who eats what, videos from events, playing funny situations, and the like, you can post repostings. This promotion of VC without promotion is quite effective and provides a wide coverage.

Paid or free?

For promotion many services have been developed. In this area, there are different companies that are engaged in providing relevant services. We are no exception, but our services are paid. Why? At least because a good service is not free. This simple, though, and the old tenet "you get free cheese only in a mousetrap" is working now.

What are good free services for a set of reposts:

  • No need to pay;
  • you can order a small amount "on trial»;
  • you do not need to understand and delve into the specifics creating a target group, because the selection of criteria is not available for free promotion.

This is where the pros end and the cons begin:

  • Poor page quality. Roughly speaking, reposts are made by bots.
  • Low efficiency. Who will go to the bot's page and scroll through millions of reposts in its feed? That's right – no one needs it.
  • Probability of blocking. Why do you need such a promotion, which not only is inefficient, but still attracts the attention of the internal algorithms of the system? If you are blocked, it will be difficult to return the page. And how much effort was required to fill it in? How much money was spent on promotion? One wrong step is fraught with global consequences, so it is better to avoid poor-quality promotion altogether.

Paid SMM promotion looks very different. If there are disadvantages, they are related to costs. Not everyone can invest in promotion on the first day. However, the use of free promotion is also not an option. In addition to the fact that you can get under the block, your statistics will fly to the bottom. Your ratings will drop, and in the search, even though there are a large number of subscribers, the page will drop by several dozen positions.

As for the advantages, paid promotion is accompanied by:

  • Security. We care about the security of our customers ' pages, so we use working methods of promotion, for which you will not get a ban.
  • Efficiency. The main thing is to focus on results. Only thanks to a competent, accurate, safe promotion can you get a return from a real audience.
  • High quality pages that perform actions. With us you can order the census from the various categories of the audience.
  • There are fewer reposts on artist pages than in bot profiles with hundreds or thousands of entries that are still deleted after the bot is blocked.

Where do bots that are used for low-quality free promotion come from? They are registered specifically and sell huge bases. These are pages without photos and with blank profiles. Their main purpose is to live a couple of days by performing certain actions. Then the bot is identified by the social network and flies to the block. In General, the promotion of bots does not make sense at all, because it is inefficient and unsafe.

Types of service packages

SMOSERVICE offers several options for promotion in VK. You can also order services that are relevant to the Telegram channel.

Bots and fakes

The advantage is given to bots. Such promotion is more secure, even though it uses inactive pages. Plus, they look more or less realistic and are not accompanied by increased risks of getting into the block due to promotion.

Active and live

Active and live users who host your posts are a profitable option not only for improving technical indicators of statistics. A "live" audience is a group of users that can perform other actions with your content.

MIX offers

Offers and bots – these two categories are often confused, but there is a fundamental difference between them. Offers considered the actual page, the owners of which do not attend more personal profile. They went in, performed the action, and that's it.

Why is it profitable to order promotion with offers? First of all, we are talking about reliability and security. Next, an important aspect is that the reposts placed in the feed will not be "killed" by hundreds of other reposts. Therefore, your publications will remain with such people. high.

Quality offers

High-quality offers are people who have filled out a page, made it look realistic, and they place your entries on their pages, and then do not use the profile for a while (more often they close it for good). The page continues to be available to everyone, as well as completed publications on user pages.

Advertising and performers for VK

Placing ads and reposts on offer pages is an effective way to promote the page and promote it services'.

Offers are slow

Slow dialing will not just help protect your account from system sanctions. But also to make the promotion more realistic and even effective compared to many other methods.


Buying a package in which users ' actions are not limited in quantity is one of the most profitable tools for mass promotion of a brand, service, product, or personality.

Advantages of ordering reposts in SMOSERVICE

Our company offers a lot of advantages: first of all, cheap promotion of VK, which will help to maintain the reliability and security of your account.


After a repost promotion ordered through SMOSERVICE, your page will not be blocked.


The data you provide to us does not go beyond the scope of the service. Everything is safe and confidential.

Lots of related features

We also offer related tools for promoting your business, commercial activity, or blog. For example, promotion of Instagram without blocking . We have discounts and great offers, and we have an affiliate program. We also offer to make money on reselling services.

Huge experience

We have been working for several years in the field of promoting different types of accounts in social networks. We work with Twitter, My World, and also promote Tick Tok. You can find a list of current services on the website. Pay attention to our href="https://smoservice.media/pages/tools/">tools for SMM professionals> .

Working with us, you get the support of specialists, the ability to extract additional income, reliability, information support.

Order a suitable package of promotion reposts in the social network Vkontakte to see in practice the effectiveness of this promotion tool. If you still have questions, have difficulties with money transfer, payment or other problems, please contact our specialist by sending an email to the address email.