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Installing mobile apps in Google Play (Android) offers.

68 290 rub. for 1 install

The service includes 1000 downloads, installations, and app openings on IOS.

989 790 rub. for 1 install

The service includes 10,000 downloads, installations, and app openings on IOS.

79.80 rub. for 1 item

Install, open, and launch the app. Service for IOS apps (App Store).

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Install, open, and launch the app. Search for an app by key in the App Store.

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Installation of the mobile application by users, high-quality downloads.


Promotion and output to the top apps in the App Store and Google Play

The mobile app market is one of the fastest growing in the modern economy. Every year there are more and more developers of software for smartphones, and competition in this area is gaining momentum. Therefore, app promotion is no longer just a way to stand out from the competition faster, but a necessity.

End users purchase apps through the two largest platforms: AppStore for iOS smartphones (Apple) and GooglePlay for Android devices. The AppStore platform was formed in 2008, immediately after the release of the first iPhone 3G.

At the same time, PlayMarket started operating, rebranded in 2012 – it is now called GoolePlay. The two giants host thousands of applications, including games, text editors, graphics utilities, smart assistants, and other software.

The number of downloads per day is estimated in the millions, and new programs appear every hour. Even a high-quality, useful product for the user can get lost among the competitors'.

Proper promotion of the app in GooglePlay or AppStore will help to avoid this.

Why do I need to promote apps?

App promotion is directly related to making a profit. According to the mobile software Analytics service Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, in the second half of 2019, revenue from applications amounted to $ 40 billion. This is 15% higher than in the same period in 2018.

At the same time, revenue from programs for the iPhone amounted to 25.5 billion, and for Android – 14.2 billion.

How to make money on popular app?

The easiest way is to earn money on paid software. By subscribing, you will get a monthly increase in activity for your social networks. When downloading, the user buys the program for the price set by the developer. This is not the most successful strategy, because many people are afraid to immediately purchase the app without studying it – as a result, the author can remain without earnings for a long time.

There are several methods to monetize free utilities:

  • Ads in the AppStore and GooglePlay apps. The interface of the application is allocated space for the advertisement of the advertiser. After downloading, the user periodically sees it. For each click and click on the link, the app owner gets a profit. Money can also be credited for watching a video. To earn money in this way, you need to connect to the affiliate program.
  • Shopping service. The application installation itself is free in this case, as with href="https://smoservice.instagram/instagram-likes/">instagram likes> works the same way. However, the user can buy a specific product or function within the program. So, buying resources in online games is popular. Or performing an action in the application software – for example, buying a used car status report.
  • Subscriptions. Assume that you can access a specific function for a limited period. Example-photo editors, where the most popular options can be purchased for a month or more year.
  • Attract sponsors. If the app is really high-quality, useful or innovative, then there is a chance to attract a large developer company and publish it under its name. In this case, the brand buys the finished product and pays the developer a Commission according to the contract.
  • Push notifications. This method is gaining momentum due to the fact that the ad does not appear in the app itself, and the user views it more carefully. For example, a person who is engaged in the game process is only irritated because of ads popping up at the most inopportune moment. When an ad appears on a tab with push notifications, the user is more likely to be interested in the product or service offered.

However, in order to attract the attention of advertisers and sponsors, as well as to motivate people to make purchases within the program, you need to increase the download of applications. After all, the more downloads, the more revenue.

Combined earnings

If the developer doesn't want to to make your product free, you can use one of two popular strategies:

  • Freemium (from the English. "free" – free, "premium" - premium). The most common strategy is when the app itself is free and additional options are paid. This also includes products with a trial period.
  • Paymium (from the English. "pay" – pay, "premium" - premium). It has received less distribution and involves the purchase of updates and subscriptions that expand the functionality. But even in these cases the software product it should be promoted enough that users pay for additional options and current innovations.

Often, to cover the development costs, you need to bring the application to the top. Experienced developers are advised to use different ways to earn money on mobile software and focus on the audience. For example, people in the United States and Europe have enough income to buy software. Therefore, for example, promoting a game in the AppStore will bring in revenue.

And the population of the CIS countries he prefers free programs, so it is better to monetize Russian-language developments through methods for free utilities.

Free and paid promotion of Ios and Android apps: what to choose?

Promotion of applications can be carried out both for a fee and for free. Each of these methods has its pros and cons. Let's look at them in more detail.

Free app promotion in GooglePlay and AppStore

The main advantage of this method is that there is no need to invest funds for promotion. Our system uses unique methods smosservice installations and output trends in applications.

Free methods include:

  • Publishing product reviews on well-known services in online communities. So, if you have developed a new game in the arcade genre, you can present it on the forums for players. There is a chance that the number of downloads will increase after this. And if you ask people to rate the app, you'll get some real ones assessments'.
  • Please evaluate the development. Encourage users for feedback. For example, give extra coins if this is a game, or grant the right to use a closed function.
  • Email newsletters. Make a short, informative letter that will provide comprehensive information about the product. Don't forget to add a link to the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Free methods also include installation by barter, conducting tests at the development stage, and drawing attention to the app through social networks. Paid promotion on each promotional agencies, including smosservice more effective than any free methods.

Free promotion in GooglePlay has several disadvantages:

  • Low efficiency. No matter how high-quality and useful your program is, you must clearly understand that you are not the only developer. This means that the app can easily get lost against the background of competitors.
  • Lack of efficiency. You have not yet managed to promote the product and get the first ones see how your idea has already been used and released.
  • Insufficient income. If you save money on promotion, you run the risk of not covering the costs spent on creating a software product.

Therefore, most developers, even beginners, plan in advance the minimum budget required for promotion, and sometimes – output of the application to the top. In fact, with a competent approach, the cost of promotion quickly pays off, and the profit will not take long to wait.

Paid promotion apps in the AppStore and GooglePlay

Why invest in buying app installations ? It's simple – the more installations and the better the product score, the higher it will be in the list of similar programs. This means that more people will be able to install it.

Unfortunately, not all paid tools give the desired effect – often developers give money to the wind, left with nothing. Let's look at paid methods of promotion in the AppStore and Google Play in terms of performance.

Creation paid tasks – " app promotion»

The essence of the method is to place tasks on special sites for earning money (boxes) – install the application or evaluate it. By doing this, users of bux will increase the rating of ratings and promote the product higher. The main advantage of PTC sites is the low cost.

Disadvantages – a lot of time is spent on promotion, and it is likely that your task will be unattractive for freelancers.

Promotion of Android and Ios apps via advertising

The first thing a developer can do is order ads in GooglePlay or AppStore. This method works well if the app is aimed at a wide target audience. For example, if you want to promote a game in GooglePlay .

Android apps can be advertised on the Google Play platform itself. To do this, just select a universal promotion campaign, in which ads about your product will be placed on third-party services, including the search network.

Can i use the Adwords service. It also supports the promotion of ios apps, but since it belongs to Google, the promotion of Android apps on it is easier and more efficient.

Advertising in GooglePlay is a good, but not the only method of promoting android apps. It is best used in conjunction with other promotion methods.

Promoting iOS apps through AppStore ads is a more complex process. This is due to a complex system of settings, which will not understand any developer, and a person who is far from the sphere of promotion-even more so.

In addition to advertising in GooglePlay and AppStore, you can use other platforms – social networks, thematic sites, bloggers. For example, to promote the program-a lullaby for babies, a mention in the blog of a young mother is suitable. And to promote the game in GooglePlay-the channel of the famous streamer.

To promote iOS and Android apps aimed at a large number of users, you can also purchase ads from famous people-opinion leaders, sports and show business stars. In any case, it makes sense to order such an expensive PR campaign if the app is released for two platforms at once.

Promotion of Android apps and programs for IPhone: special services

The most favorable price/quality ratio is offered by special services for the promotion of Android applications and products for iPhone. They work on the CPI (cost per install) system, which assumes that the client pays only for the committed actions — install the app.

And in other methods of promotion, there is a certain percentage of "empty fee" when the user pays, directly speaking, "for air". For example, a developer wants to order a game promotion in the AppStore. He ordered an ad from a streamer, paying 50,000 rubles. As a result, only 100 people downloaded the game through the link for a year. This means that the cost of downloading is 500 rubles.

Then he ordered a paid increase in installations on a special service for 50,000 rubles. The cost of one installation is 50 rubles, which means, the game was installed by 1,000 people in just a few days.

Thus, the promotion of android and iOS applications in this case will obviously be more profitable.

Promotion of apps in GooglePlay and AppStore from SMOService

SMOService offers promotion of the app in GooglePlay and for iPhone / iPode. Thanks to high-quality promotion, your software products will quickly become popular without other expensive tools, such as orders on boxes and advertising in the AppStore .

Promotion of the app in GooglePlay

SMOService performs the installation of applications offers from Russia. Users download, install, and open your app. At the same time, they undertake not to delete the software within five days.

The Russian audience allows you to make the cost of the service available. The minimum order is 100 downloads. The maximum volume for promotion is 60,000 installations per month.

Promotion of smoservice iOS apps

SMOService offers the promotion of apps in the AppStore – real users download, install and open them. Thus, the rating of ratings increases and the software becomes more popular.

Depending on your goals and needs, you can also select the number of installations:

  • Arbitrary – at least 100, suitable for those who want to give a small boost to the development of their development or want to independently manage the promotion process.
  • Package of 1,000 downloads-designed for novice developers. Allows you to quickly start promoting apps in the AppStore and adjust it, depending on the current process.
  • The 10,000 package is ideal if your goal is to bring your app to the top . After all, the more software downloads, the faster it will take the required position. It can also be used for services with high competition – for example, to promote a game in the AppStore.

5 reasons to order promotion of Android apps and iOS utilities in SMOService

  1. SMOService is one of the first officially registered companies that carry out promotion Android apps and software for iOS. The service was launched in 2013 and has thousands of positive customer reviews, including major mobile SOFTWARE developers.
  2. Financial guarantee. Ordering and paying for app promotion in GooglePlay or promotion in the AppStore, you will be sure to use the money for its intended purpose. You can pay using one of the thirteen methods offered, including a verified QIWI wallet or A Yandex professional account.Money, Payeer business account and PayPal.
  3. Automatic order processing. Promotion of Android applications and promotion in the AppStore takes place according to a special algorithm, and the application for the service is processed instantly.
  4. User-friendly interface and customer support. Each customer is provided with a personal account where they can monitor the progress of promotion of iOS and Android applications.
  5. Affiliate program. You can not only order app promotion in Google, but also earn money by posting affiliate link on your site.

SMOService is a reliable, fast, and easy-to-use tool for promoting apps in AppStore and promoting Google Play . The only condition that the system requires is that the download is free for users.

Anyone can make money on software, just trust the distribution of their product to SMOService. Whether it's promotion in GooglePlay or promotion of the app in the AppStore, the service will help you to increase your productivity download and increase the rating of ratings, order a paid service to buy YouTube views and promote the official channel of your app on YouTube. As a result, you will get an impressive income that will help you develop in the right direction and reach the level of a large developer Studio!