Installing the APP on IOS (10,000 downloads)

Installing the APP on IOS (10,000 downloads)

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What is installing apps from the App Store?

In modern conditions, the famous Apple app Store is visited by billions of users every day. It is easy to guess that it is quite difficult to promote the application on IOS in this case. Despite the division by category, new programs are not displayed well in search queries if they have few downloads. For this reason, it is recommended to install applications on iPhone from professionals. Getting 10,000 downloads with a dedicated site is not so difficult. The service is provided using a motive. Our platform works only with real users, without the use of third-party software and any prohibited methods, more detailed in the main section of the output in the top App Store on the site. Real users are willing to install and use a digital product for a modest fee. This is the most effective and secure way to withdraw your creation in the top. Downloads will make the program popular enough to attract the attention of thousands of other users from all over the Internet. Professionals who have worked with developers of well-known mobile games and applications are responsible for this work. Over time, any project can get into a stable stream of natural traffic, but initially you need to bring the program to the top, using the services of a specialized company. Installing the App Store app will help with this very much to succeed.

Advantages of the service

Installing apps on the iPhone, as one of the services of a specialized service, involves many important advantages:

  • bringing the program to the top via downloads by the target audience;
  • rapid monetization of the app;
  • the download stream is distributed in such a way as to maintain high positions in the App Store;
  • start time — within 12 hours of order confirmation;
  • used exclusively official source;
  • demographics of people working with the service — all countries;
  • the speed of execution of work is high;
  • motivated users are always happy to leave a high rating for the app, and will also use it for a long period of time;
  • the program is guaranteed to be in the recommended section due to increased traffic. It will be interesting not only to potential users, but also to ordinary people who have looked in the App Store.

Is there danger?

It is important to understand that the services of the service are provided officially and without any violations of the digital platform for the distribution of Apple applications. Installing the app store app as a service does not cause a ban from the App Store, being one hundred percent safe and verified by thousands of users. To promote your program, people will be selected that match the app by gender, age, location, and other markers of high-quality product promotion. Order href=" " >app installs> via smoservice has a positive effect on the further promotion and existing app rating in the App Store.

Do not think that only anti-bots, anti-fraud systems will be used for promotion. Under no circumstances will the service resort to falsifying installations. If you don't want to pay a lot of money to get promoted by advertising in search engines, then the app store get is exactly what you need. You can order the service, by registering on the website and selecting the service you like. The site also provides an opportunity to order a similar version of promotion for other digital platforms like Google Play Store. Installation of applications is carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible. Categories of services can always be viewed on the official website.

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68 290 rub. for 1 install

The service includes 1000 downloads, installations, and app openings on IOS.

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Installation of the mobile application by users, high-quality downloads.

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Install, open, and launch the app. Search for an app by key in the App Store.

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Installing mobile apps in Google Play (Android) offers.

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Install, open, and launch the app. Service for IOS apps (App Store).