Installing apps on IOS (by keywords)

Installing apps on IOS (by keywords)

114900 RUB

Price per action 114.9 RUB (1000 items = 114900 RUB)

Developing and developing an application requires a huge amount of time and resources. Unfortunately, iPhone apps are installed less frequently than we would like, which leads to a slow growth in performance and profits. To speed up this process, order the App Store app installation service and get excellent results in your app's statistics, which will attract a huge number of users and bring your product to the top.

How the service works

Service for bringing the application to the top completely automatic. You only need to place an order and make a payment. After that, the offers will receive a task that will indicate that they need to find the app by keywords, install it, and spend some time in it.

If necessary, you can make some users rate and leave comments. More information about all the methods, we wrote in the knowledge base on the site of the smo service.According to our practice, some users already leave comments, but if you want a specific result for this indicator, it is better to order this service in addition.

Before placing an order, be sure to decide in which region you want to promote the app. SMOServise offers territorial installation of applications in the app store, that is, you can choose a region of the Russian Federation or several countries. This data must be specified before launching a promotion campaign.

Bringing the app to the top: who needs it

The app on IOS is difficult to develop naturally, since no one can give guarantees that it will shoot. We recommend that you promote your app through our smoservice platform, because it guarantees quality and performance with further getting to the TOP. If you run an official ad, it is still not a fact that you will get a lot of installations.

The fact is that a user who goes to your app will not want to install it if they see empty statistics. Lack of ratings, comments, and a small number downloads-all this is questionable, and most people do not want to install such an app from the App Store.

To make the promotion more effective and fast, use our service. Thanks to the actions of our offers, your app's statistics will be significantly updated and it will become popular, but at least in demand, which will undoubtedly make it more attractive.

Important! Statistics in the App Store can be updated for about 48 hours, so you can see the results after 36-48 hours, not before. We start working immediately, but in cases like this, it takes time to show results.

Why is it profitable to contact us

SMOServise has been promoting content on the Internet since 2013. During this time we have gained a number of advantages:

  • A lot of reviews on the work. Excellent comments about our work from a huge number of clients. All reviews are real, you can easily check it yourself.
  • Eternal guarantee. By taking money once, we guarantee that you will receive the service in full. If something goes wrong now or in the future, our staff will fix everything and help you solve any problem.
  • Financial performance. All our accounts are official, if something goes wrong, we will not disappear, so we do not hide official data. Our goal is a long-term successful cooperation.

The work is based on an automatic service. We are the first to launch such a system. Now install apps on iPhone passes in automatic mode, we only control the quality and timeliness of execution. If you order a service at any time, you can see that it will start running at night, not in the morning, after approval and hours of negotiations, as it happens in other companies.

Bought with this product

989 790 rub. for 1 install

The service includes 10,000 downloads, installations, and app openings on IOS.

24.90 rub. for 1 install

Installation of the mobile application by users, high-quality downloads.

68 290 rub. for 1 install

The service includes 1000 downloads, installations, and app openings on IOS.

79.80 rub. for 1 item

Install, open, and launch the app. Service for IOS apps (App Store).

18.90 rub. for 1 install

Installing mobile apps in Google Play (Android) offers.