Installing apps on IOS (offers all over the world)

Installing apps on IOS (offers all over the world)

79800 RUB

Price per action 79.8 RUB (1000 items = 79800 RUB)

Placing an app IN the top of the App Store service is an effective way to attract an audience to your project. This solution allows you to quickly attract the attention of a large number of users to the application.

We offer installation of applications on IPhone that will allow your product to gain popularity and recognition, which will help increase the number of organic audience in the shortest possible time. The service works almost the same by analogy with the iTunes get in trends.

Output of the application to the TOP is carried out in the following directions

  • in the General TOP, which is suitable for various advertising applications, casual games, social applications, etc.;
  • output to the TOP category.

Also, App Store promotion can be carried out for the purpose of output to the rating

  • paid,
  • free,
  • TOP new offers.

IOS app developers have been complaining about the app Store rating system for years. Importance of software evaluation for developers can be demonstrated by the number of tooltips that appear in iOS requesting app ratings. At one time, a popular way to unlock additional content or features was to download and rate some other program or game. Apple, however, removed this feature.

However, the ratings of applications has remained an unresolved problem. There are also special "download and evaluation farms" where selected programs are downloaded and evaluated in order to improve their position in the market. rating. We offer an App Store download and promotion service that will allow your app to attract a new audience in the shortest possible time.

The App Store has both paid and free apps and games. Gift cards are also available.

People who write paid apps for the App Store get 70% of their funds from selling their own apps. The remaining 30% of the Commission goes to Apple. Apps that arrive in the store are selected by Apple, where they are tested and verified legally and technically. Apps in the App Store can be updated to newer versions. After logging in to the App Store, the user receives a notification about which apps installed on their iPhone / iPad are available in newer versions.

TOP App Store updates are made every 3-4 hours. The output of the application is performed using a large number of installations in a short period of time.

How does the iOS app get promoted to the TOP?

  1. At the first stage, a comprehensive audit of the software product is performed, the ASO is evaluated, the selected category is matched, recommendations are prepared, and the tracker is installed.
  2. At the second stage, the required amount of traffic is calculated. The fact is that competition and app downloads are variable parameters, so the calculation of the required number of App Store app installations must be done individually.
  3. Working with a campaign. In this process, you need to carefully monitor the flow of traffic. The more carried out href=" " > iOS app installations> per unit of time, the faster it gets to the desired position. The task of specialists is to make operational adjustments in order to increase the effectiveness of the campaign.
  4. After the app on IOS gets to the TOP, you need to maintain the amount of traffic to save positions. Analytical data helps us in this task.

If you want to buy installations in the App Store, please contact us!

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