Buy VK friends and rock your Vkontakte profile

The fastest way to promote a Vkontakte account is to buy VK friends. In just one evening, the page will increase in status and search results, acquire a prestigious appearance and get at least a couple of hundred likes on avatars.

Quick promotion of Vkontakte through a set of friends

Promotion of VK friends gives instant results. If no one knew about your page yesterday, then a couple of days after purchasing virtual friends for your account will start real people come. You can use a popular page to promote products or services, blog, communicate, or simply self-promote. Unlike public and VK groups, personal pages are almost never banned for promoting subscribers. Only pages with a sharp increase in requests from unreliable sources are at risk.

Order promotion of VK reposts, likes and friends on SMOSERVICE: we offer high-quality media promotion at a reasonable price. Your the page will be noticed by users of social networks. The real owners of accounts will start to be added to friends, justifying the cost of virtual subscribers.

Why do I need friends and VK subscribers

Are you a media personality, a private business owner, a head of a thematic portal, a representative of a creative profession, or a freelancer? Then the presence of active friends and live subscribers will be one of the main criteria for success in promoting Vkontakte.

A group of subscribers will quickly display the profile in the number of the most popular users of the social network. Subscribers are the same friends: they view the news feed, like and repost, raise the chances of displaying records and an account in the recommendations block. In any community, your comments will look more relevant, and you will have a better chance of getting into the displayed collection of subscribers.

Although marketers agree that the VC should not be driven by the number of subscribers, but by the quality of content, this is fully true only for public and thematic sites groups'. If a regular user wants to increase the number of live guests on a personal page, the algorithm of actions should be as follows:

  1. Preparing content. Beautiful photos, interesting entries on the wall, filled information in the profile. If you offer a product or service, make sure that the offer is properly presented. It will be better if you pin the most important entry on the wall, and add a link to the source of additional information in the questionnaire: a group or website.
  2. Adding VK friends. This is a quick way to attract subscribers, but be careful with your choice of tools. Some sites offer free promotion for performing certain actions, reposting advertising records, or providing personal data. Your personal information obtained under a formal agreement or without it becomes a benefit for free services. Phishing software is a real threat faced by users who want to increase the popularity of Vkontakte for free. Choose a reliable way to promote subscribers: order promotion from a trusted online Agency.
  3. The addition of live users. If you have ordered a good paid promotion, within a few days you will get active VK users whose profile is displayed in the recommendations. Some will ask questions or seek communication, others will silently subscribe. Confirm any requests and pay attention to everyone who needs it: these people will later bring a new wave of subscribers who have learned about you through echo recommendations from real people.
  4. Edit content . You can view behavioral statistics of friends and guests of your Vkontakte profile for free online. To support rapid promotion with long-term subscriptions, increase the amount of content that guests actively like and repost. It is almost impossible to guess the correct proportions from the first time, so use the data collected a week after the set of likes, to find out the audience's preferences.
  5. Second wave . To continue attracting real users, buy new subscribers in small blocks (100 – 1000 at a time). If the first time you chose a cheaper offer to "take a number", this time with an emphasis on quality. In the block of stable subscriptions from SMOSERVICE, most of the accounts are long-term profiles that will delight you with constant activity and new spontaneous waves of popularity.

On href=" " > purchase of VK subscribers > and promotion of the page by paid services and free methods are subject to standard restrictions. Friends can be no more than 10 thousand. The limit includes applications that have not been viewed: 50 applications without confirmation or transfer to VK subscriptions will count as 50 friends. The site automatically adds new users to subscribers.

The army of loyal subscribers is taken into account when rotating the page in the recommendations block, so it is important that in subscriptions there were active users. Real or purchased-not so important in the early stages of promotion. If you do not take the speed of promotion, then catch up with competitors in terms of the number of likes: user responses are evaluated by the social network higher than the statistics of views.

How does the number of Vkontakte friends affect the city TOP

Getting to the top in the city is a real motivation to buy VK friends today. Although a maximum of 10,000 friends will not give you the top spot on the first day, it will create a reserve for working with the top positions of the rating.

Using paid services allows you to limit the region of future friends, for example, by selecting to receive subscriptions only from users from Russia and former CIS countries. The geographical uniformity of the friends list increases the page's reality for Vkontakte bots, and the profile rises higher in the ranking.

Before launching a promotion program in the city, you need to consider several points:

  • Set the limits correctly. For example, if you offer a product or service to consumers from Volgograd, it will be a big mistake not to think about the residents of the Volga region, who will also be interested in such an offer.
  • Assess the need for regional restrictions. Do you work with a small provincial city? Focus on a large number of subscribers with realistic behavior. This will cost less, and will help to take the top positions in the city Top. The same applies to pages aimed at Moscow and St. Petersburg: you are competing with celebrities, politicians, and "high-profile" media personalities. They are subscribed to by people from all over Russia, so you will need an equally diverse and active selection to promote them.
  • The verification icon affects positions in the Top. You have used the services of paid services to promote likes and get support for active users, and the top ten are still far away. Check: the algorithm may have distributed popular places to verified profiles with fewer likes and subscriptions'.

To apply for verification, you must have at least 1000 friends with realistic behavior patterns, mentions in paper media or online publications. Publications are easy to negotiate for free if you are willing to provide an infopod or comment on topics related to your profession.

SMOSERVICE is always ready to help promote friends for verification. On our site, you can order a friendlist replenishment service with active accounts with a history for a small amount of money. At the VK administration will have no reason to refuse to approve the official status of the home page.

How to quickly expand Your Vkontakte friends list without the threat of a ban

Profile security should remain a priority at every stage of promotion. Many sites will offer to pump the VK page for free, but it is better to treat such offers carefully.

It is acceptable to use life hacks and free methods of attracting new people, if they do not require hidden payments (for example, for accessing the "database of verified funds for free account promotion"), entering personal data, installing plugins or software. Free programs are the most dangerous because they often contain viruses. Neglecting network security can lead to malicious users hijacking your account.

In order not to worry about personal data, it is better to buy VK friends from a trusted seller and combine mass promotion with "white" content promotion. Don't give Vkontakte bots a reason to worries: visit the page regularly, communicate with people, leave likes and comments, and add new posts.  

If you are preparing to increase the number of subscribers for the first time, check our network security memo:

  • Give preference to paid services. The ability to set friends for free looks attractive, only until you get a ban with the loss of access to your account. Many users only realize how important it was to them after they were blocked. a page with unique author's content and a loyal circle of friends. So what if you only have 100 friends so far? This is your starting social capital, you don't need to expose it to pointless risk.
  • Use the services of popular services with a positive reputation . SMOSERVICE website receives consistently high ratings from users who order our promotion on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. We have an extensive, regularly updated partner base for promotion Vkontakte. Use SMOSERVICE for one-time popularity growth or long-term promotion: we have tools and service packages for any occasion.
  • Limit yourself to one resource for purchasing subscribers. A set of VK friends should not attract the attention of algorithms that detect suspicious activity. Each site solves the relevance problem on its own, and if the service is suspiciously cheap, then the resource does not solve it in any way. Behavioral patterns developed by paid services are not having benefits for a personal VK page. Buying subscribers on several resources at the same time, you risk getting a permanent ban. Recently, this rule applies to long-term promotion. Now bots store the history of changes more and compare suspicious activity with unusual changes in statistics from previous months.
  • Remove "dogs" at least once every few weeks . Dogs are called personal accounts that do not sit on Vkontakte online because of temporary or permanent blocking. If a dog is added to your friends list, it doesn't mean that a useless user is knocking on your door. After checking the activity, technical support can decide to unblock it if suspicions of illegal activity in the social network were not confirmed. But if users were added a few months ago, and only VK dogs hang in their profile, this is a dead weight. You need to get rid of it.
  • Be reasonable in the pace of adding friends . You will be able to promote more subscribers without arousing suspicion if you limit daily rates. 300-600 friend requests are considered the normal rate for a popular page. If you are not ready for the attention of bots (the questionnaire is not completely filled out, content is rarely uploaded, etc.), reduce the promotion speed to 100-200 people per day. This does not mean that you should completely abandon the dream of a popular personal page with a beautiful round number. By investing the same 2250 rubles in a thousand stable subscribers, you will gradually add all your friends without the risk of getting an undeserved ban for suspicious activity.

You can order secure promotion of your personal Vkontakte profile on our website. We offer several options for purchasing subscribers with differences in country, user behavior, and cost per subscription. Our smo service team can offer similar services for promoting YouTube and instagram.

Select an option that matches your business needs. Thousands of successful people use SMOSERVICE-give it a try!