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Comments from real users on the video, with a choice of comment type.

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High speed, adding thousands of likes to comments on YouTube videos.

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Quick comments from users on the video, with a choice of comment type.

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Buy YouTube comments with a guarantee cheap

The number of comments is displayed below the video on the left. Usually, a user who goes to a channel page and opens a video that interests them sees the corresponding number immediately. It catches the eye first of all, so it is important that there are more comments. Let's look at what this method of recruitment is useful for, who it suits, whether it carries risks of blocking or losing the rating, and also consider a few other topics, related topics. Check out how to work in smosservice, make sure reading opinions and reviews about the system and employees of the company.

YouTube comments paid or free?

Why do I need comments on YouTube, how can I get them for a fee in the SMM services store for social networks or add them for free on exchanges? Social networks are constantly being refined and changed, and these changes are not always immediately visible. Often, developers make adjustments to the algorithms that determine operation of the system in a global sense. One example is the impact of the number and composition of comments on the channel's rating and the likelihood of a single video reaching the top.

However, not only getting to the top becomes the goal of promotion and promotion. Publishing video content in search engines is also an effective tool for attracting an audience. And if a couple of years ago everything was simple, now there are difficulties in understanding algorithms.

So, previously, the number of comments and likes played a big role in the issue in search engine by category "Video". Now, buying comments can no longer be one of the most important tools for bringing content to the top positions. However, comments are still as important as before for social acceptance of the video and creating a stable opinion among the audience that this channel is interesting to people.

The litmus indicators of the materials on YouTube – just cherished the hearts and comments. Therefore, it is always profitable to promote them for everyone – commercial organizations, bloggers, streamers, and owners of thematic channels'.

Why is the number of comments among users evaluated as one of the factors that influence their own opinion about the content of the content:

  • I go where everyone goes. If others are interested in this, it means that I, most likely, will be useful. However, for some people, this principle works in the opposite direction – they evaluate the content and, if there are a lot of comments, connect with a protest. Whether the user agrees or does not agree with the content – the activity on the channel will encourage them to either support or condemn it the material, or simply to join in the discussion. And this is one of the goals of buying comments – to find even more people who will leave their own opinions.
  • Help in choosing. Many people do not realize that if they need to choose one of several videos, they study the comments. What do others write? How active is the discussion? If active, then it is worth watching this video – everyone is watching it. And where all, there and I (Yes, as in the upper paragraph).
  • The credibility of the information. If the material comment, if there is activity under it in General, for sure its Creator is followed by a large audience. And if a lot of people have trusted someone, they may not be lying, they may provide correct data on the topic in question, they may just create something interesting. Simply put, it is much easier to rely on public opinion than to study everything yourself.

Therefore, anyone who wants to increase activity on the page and attract more live people can buy comments on YouTube videos – interested in content, information, services, etc.

However, there is another very important point. We are talking about promotion through activity, because comments are the most important indicator of the presence of interest in the content. And the better and more attractive it is for the audience, the more YouTube itself promotes It. As a chain reaction, the search engine picks up statistics and puts them in the top positions for certain queries that match the description and composition of comments.

It turns out, buy comments You can use YouTube to set up a trigger that triggers activity from real people. Likes, opinions, buy reposts to friends, views-all this increases in numbers after the channel owner orders comments under the video.

Ways to promote comments

What are alternative ways to get comments? Let's look at the main ones that are not related to ordering paid services:

  • Vzaemodia. You can negotiate with other bloggers who they cover related topics in their activities. Also, representatives of commercial structures find pages with similar products and services that complement their own, so that together they can demonstrate to the audience of partners, offer their services or products. For example, you have a channel dedicated to selling plumbing. It contains useful information about the choice, purchase, and difference. Why not advertise a company that installs the same plumbing? And it will also offer its audience to go to you in return. What is not the alternative? However, in terms of effectiveness, this tool is weak if you are aiming for large-scale results from the promotion.
  • With the help of friends and relatives. How many comments will they leave? Probably not enough. Will this encourage other users to discuss it? You will have to ask people to write something, and this is not as easy as it may seem at first. In General, efforts should be made, and the effectiveness of the method is questionable.
  • Use of free online services. Sites that offer free however, it is unlikely to offer high-quality services, and even may be unreliable. The worst thing is to lose a channel that has been rolling out for months. So is it worth the risk?

Ordering paid services is characterized by much greater advantages, which we will discuss in detail below.

Types of YouTube comments promotion

Buying comments on YouTube videos is better than trying to get them for free. First, if you find such a service, it will use empty spaces, fake pages. These are accounts that do not improve the channel's rating. Why do you need them? If there is no benefit, but only possible harm. And empty pages without a loaded avatar and with an empty profile are unlikely to attract other people to chat with them. Would you like to correspond with a fake? No. So others don't want to…

Paid promotion is the most effective. High-quality services are not free or too cheap. You still need to pay for the work of app developers, portals, and sites. People waste time, resources, equipment for a reason. Naturally, if they offer a quality product, then they expect a return on it.

Our company offers to buy YouTube comments in the form that will bring you as much benefit as possible. There is a similar increase in statistics for the social network Vkontakte.

Why is our service better than others?

Our company offers to buy comments on YouTube videos for a fee. Yes, quality services can't be free, and this should be obvious. We have developed a system where you can automate the process of adding comments to your video. Their content will be of high quality, and the pages that post reviews will be real, not empty fakes.

The main advantages of working with us:

  • An online platform that runs smoothly. You can buy interesting services even at night using the site's functionality.
  • Security. You don't have to give someone your password your account, so you won't lose access to it.
  • You will not be blocked for promotion. We work honestly, so our users do not face blocking problems.
  • High speed of operation. We respond quickly, advise, and help you select promotion strategies and analyze your business.

Even if there are any failures in the delivery process, our specialists quickly eliminate them, solving the current problems. Therefore, by working with us, you get confidence that the invested money they will be used for effective promotion, and will not be thrown away for nothing.

Is it safe to promote comments?

Video hosting prohibits any "fraud" with activity, and this is understandable. There are rules for violations of which you can get a block. The algorithms developed for tracking progress also don't work perfectly. Therefore, if you properly promote and order high-quality comments, you will not be sanctioned.

Here are some tips on how to use advertising with wit:

  • Maintain balance. Promote not only comments, but also likes, dislikes, views without write-offs . It is better to have a little of everything than to have one in abundance. Agree – when there are one thousand views under the video, and two thousand likes, everything becomes obvious.
  • Increase the number of comments gradually. You don't need to throw a huge number of opinions at the video – it looks artificial. Better longer, but better quality.
  • Avoid bots and fakes. They will not do any good, but only harm. First, bots are recognized by any live user who comes to you. Second, because of their "activity", the video may be deleted or, worse, the channel will be blocked.
  • Write interesting texts, invite the audience to leave their opinion. Don't skimp on communication!

If you follow all these rules and use the services of a reliable company, then there will be no risks.

When do I need to advertise comments?

Buy YouTube comments is an up-to-date service for the following categories of users of this large-scale social network, where everything is based on creating and posting videos:

  • Novice video bloggers. Let's say you created video content. What's next? Registered the channel, posted the material. You are sure that it will be interesting to people. Only remains to determine how exactly they will know that your channel has a cool video, useful information, burning disputes and discussions (at first, and they will not be). For you need to create an asset to attract real people. You need to face the truth – almost all bloggers (recently started work-especially) who were able to promote the channel, started with advertising. Only chose competent and paid promotion, because it is more reliable and effective. And then it gradually went up without any tweaks.
  • Creative person. Let's say you sing beautifully. To gather your first audience, you can go outside, pick up musical instruments (or run a minus on column) and sing. What's next? If others are really interested in you, they will stop and listen. Many stars of the last century once started this way. On the one hand, the Internet is more complicated. You can't stand in the middle of YouTube and sing! But you can post videos, get views, buy likes and comments, and then the audience will "fall" by itself. In fairness, we note that not only talent is promoted on the Internet, but also everyday materials that people would not be able to rely on in life pay attention. Therefore, with a competent approach to promotion, a person can find their like-minded people (or opponents-depending on what goals) and show everything they want.
  • Commercial structure. Buy YouTube comments organizations, companies, large and small businesses decide for representative channels assigned to brands, labels, high-profile and well-known names. They also use channels to promote new brands quite successfully.
  • People who want to make money from advertising. Now everyone knows that bloggers who own their own channels get a lot of money from unpacking, advertising, demonstrations, and representation. At first, it is unlikely that you will be able to earn a lot using YouTube, but if you do not quit, then everything is ahead. And comments in this movement are not the last place.

It is difficult to find a user who wants to promote a personal, creative or commercial channel, but it is completely useless for Them to buy YouTube comments . This tool for artificially raising an asset will help you can go up search positions, create an image of the person being discussed, encourage other people to be active, subscribe, watch videos, and follow updates.

Advantages of promotion through comments

So, let's look at the main advantages of buying comments for a YouTube channel:

  • The channel's prestige in the eyes of visitors is improving. They see that the videos are being discussed, which means that people are interested in them. This encourages real users to be attracted from the outside, too subscribe.
  • A trigger is launched that creates conditions for real activity. When videos are interesting, but not commented on, many watch them and are embarrassed to write something of their own. The higher the activity on the page, the greater the desire to also leave your mark on it.
  • Improving the quality of content in terms of evaluating the analyzer-algorithms that control the functioning of YouTube as Such. The number of comments, whatever you do, affects the position of the video in the top and in the search results. systems'.
  • Actively commented video sells better – everyone knows this. Similarly, with premium promotion in Telegram, advertising of the Telegram channel is guaranteed to have an effect in Moscow and Russia. Advertising is viewed more, it is also discussed, and attention is paid to it. The more views and comments under the video, the more chances that you will order expensive ads next time.
  • Improving trust in the content of video material that may contain information about products, services, and events.

While the video is loading, the visitor flips down and looks at how many comments there are, which ones went up, and what people write at all.

Related information that will be useful when creating YouTube comments:

  • Personal initiation of topics for discussion is important and relevant.
  • Materials placed in the description of the video trigger the interest of the audience. A lot depends on what you wrote, what you asked about, and what personal opinion you expressed.
  • He flips hook questions.
  • The use of a hashtag with the name of the channel and key queries on the topic.
  • Purchase of additional promotion tools – likes, views, dislikes.

Please note that in the video description, it is better to use one question or one call to action to get more comments. And keep in mind that people usually read the first three lines in comments and descriptions. If they are interested, created a stir, angered or pleased, then people will want to leave too opinion, read available comments, view other videos on the channel.