Show, reach, and visit Instagram or pump up your profile

Promotion of profiles registered on the Instagram site does not lose its relevance. And despite the fact that the administration does not cease to surprise by tightening the rules and increasing the list of restrictions, many figures (owners of various accounts) were able to turn such disadvantages into advantages. How do I do this and what benefits can I get? What is the problem? What algorithms have appeared and how to find out about their specifics? There are many questions. SMOSERVICE specialists can answer each question, not just in words, but in practice, demonstrating professionalism in the direction of promotion. That's why we offer promotion of Instagram accounts, which will significantly improve your statistics, attract new subscribers and customers.

The new algorithms are primarily aimed at identifying incorrect promotion. Therefore, hard methods, so-called "black", are no longer relevant. For this, you can easily grab a ban or get into a " shadow ban», get restrictions on actions, etc. Instagram also tries to make the site more convenient, although the opinion of its management often differs from the opinion of ordinary people. However, we suggest you to find out what instagram coverage looks like today, what you need to do to raise It, and most importantly, how much they affect the results of promotion?

Increase in coverage and visits in Instagram

Reach is the total number of people who viewed the post or logged in to your account. This is the so called unique number of visitors. The more of them there were, the more interesting the profile. This principle is embedded in The instagram Analytics processes, so by increasing coverage, you are working for a positive result. At the same time, you need to follow important rules that will help you "not get burned" so that the system does not recognize incorrect promotion.

There are two types of coverage in Instagram – for a single post and for the account as a whole. Note again: coverage is the total number of unique visitors. It is important to understand that if one person is twice I watched your video, opened a post or performed some other actions several times, this does not affect the coverage. The same is true for Instagram ads .

Main aspects related to promotion by increasing coverage:

  • The number of unique visitors should be so large that the ratio of this figure with comments and likes is more or less optimal. There is a trend: when ordering coverage and refusing to take into account other statistics indicators, Instagram begins to "suspect" account prodvizhenii, but the differences should be huge. Small deviations from the norms will be invisible.
  • When calculating coverage, only unique impressions from the entire audience are counted – they can be your subscribers or just visitors. Therefore, mutual subscription of pages that have not subscribed to you is also effective.
  • Coverage consists of displaying a post on the user's page. It can be shown in the feed, displayed in recommendations, from where the person will open it. Any source is suitable for increasing coverage in Instagram.

In promoting an Instagram account, you can't do without buying coverage and impressions. This is the basic framework that helps you get Instagram to the top positions, improve statistics, get to the top or recommendations. However, it is also recommended to pay attention to the number of impressions, since not only coverage plays an important role in promotion.

Increase impressions and visits on Instagram

Impressions – this is the number of views of the post, which it was recorded by the system. In contrast to coverage, the numerical factor plays a role here. The same user may see the same post twice in the feed.

By the way, there is an interesting trick that is relevant for promoting Instagram by increasing impressions. Maybe you have already noticed that there are bloggers who post several almost identical photos. First, in the feed, subscribers get this post with the first photo, then, after a while, the IG issues a second one the photo is also in the feed. This way bloggers increase their impressions by placing different content in the carousel. This method is also relevant for commercial profiles.

Main aspects related to promotion by increasing the number of impressions:

  • If a post appears twice in the user's feed, it will be counted twice. Therefore, it is advantageous to place two photos or videos in the carousel.
  • Impressions are an indicator of viewability. It shows how often the audience sees you.
  • The higher your impressions, the more users should show an active reaction. If there are no likes, comments, saves, or reposts, the system may not take into account high impressions and reduce the rating of such a profile, suspecting it of buying impressions.
  • In order to minimize the likelihood that you can "get burned" on the promotion, it is better to order related services – likes, comments, saves, etc. Gradual purchase of coverage and impressions is better than a sharp and fast purchase. An even more profitable option is to order a periodic promote Instagram, not make one-time mass orders. And SMOSERVICE offers discounts to everyone who makes the second and subsequent orders.

Why can the number of impressions not affect the results of the promotion? There is another parameter – engagement. This is an indicator of how much interest the publication has generated among subscribers. In determining this criterion, it is even important how actively subscribers who viewed the post write to you in direct.

The conclusion is the same. If you want quality promote your account, create good content, and focus primarily on the target group. A set of views, impressions, and coverage that is available for order in SMOSERVICE will help lay the Foundation for further promotion.

Features of increasing coverage and impressions when ordering a service

SMOSERVICE offers to increase the reach and impressions of your instagram posts. We guarantee high quality of services, compliance with the stated characteristics, and efficiency. We offer to consider more details about what you get when you buy our services.

Instant start of the promotion order

The site is automated. After selecting the service you are interested in, you make a transfer of funds. When a payment is credited to your account, the site's algorithms instantly recognize it. The customer first specifies which post and account they need to promote in terms of increasing coverage and impressions. The system starts the task implementation after receiving the payment. This process is brought to automatism, therefore, it is simple, fast and does not require additional actions, search for administration and other things.

The value of the view and reach of the post

The price of each post viewing is 0.09 rubles per unit. That is, for one contact of a user who is unique to your profile, you pay only 9 kopecks. Purchasing views and coverage is generally one of the cheapest promotion services, but in terms of evaluating its effectiveness, this option is very good.

What should be the ideal indicators, to get better results from increasing Instagram statistics? If there is also an engagement, at least more or less optimal, then the coverage should correspond to at least 30% of the total number of subscribers. It is better if this figure reaches 60%. If you have purchased a lot of subscribers, but you do not order coverage, the system can recognize the promotion. This is especially true when only bots that are not active at all are filled in the profile.