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Putting videos in trends is not always enough + additional services.

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Views without the write-off. The lack of queues. Additional advertising.

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Classic MIX live views from CIS countries for YouTube trends.

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Classic MIX of live views for videos with a duration of 10 minutes.

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Output video (up to 10 minutes) in the TOP trends-gaining popularity.

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Output the video to the home page by placing the video in social networks.

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Display a video in TOP YouTube for a fee on the home page in trends

Output video clip IN the top YouTube on the home page, in the section gaining popularity! Professional video promotion in the top YouTube. Buy output to the TOP with the guarantee of providing the greatest chance of getting videos in YouTube trends.

Output TO top YouTube on the main page and by keys

Views, comments, and dislikes are the three components without which success on YouTube is impossible. The service "Output to top YouTube" allows you to get views from real users, and their likes and comments will help your video gain huge popularity. The higher the position of your video, the more people will view it soon.

Over the past 3-4 years, Youtube has gained huge popularity, there is a variety of topics on which videos are released, and competition has increased significantly. Getting to the top of video hosting has become very difficult, some bloggers do not succeed at all. Because of this, high-quality content that is of real benefit is ignored by most users. Ordered output video to the top YouTube, you can quickly display the video in the trends and get the target audience on your channel. On the website you can view the full price list for all services.

The service is relevant not only for those bloggers who are just starting their journey on video hosting. There is a situation when a video has a special weight and the plan was to gain a lot of views, but it is not ranked. SMOSERVICE will attract "live" traffic to your videos and make them popular.

Key factors for Ranking YouTube videos

For many years, unique ranking algorithms have been developed and successfully implemented for Youtube. Statistics are collected for various indicators, and based on it, the video gets weight and place in the trend or disappears from the users ' horizon. Creating a blog on YouTube, it is difficult to immediately understand how the promotion works, since it includes many nuances.

SMOSERVICE experts recommend paying attention to these parameters:

  • Quality of content. The higher the quality of the video (HD, 4K, 1080p, 60fps, etc.), the more often it will be shown to a potential audience.
  • Tags. Proper tag optimization does not significantly affect the promotion of content, but it also helps to sort posted videos.
  • Likes. One of the main parameters of entering the top YouTube is a large number of likes: the more of them, the more chances to get into the trends.
  • Views. It is important not only the fact of the user's transition to your video, but also how much the video will be viewed. If the viewer goes to your next video, it will be an additional plus for the development of the channel.
  • Reposts. An important component of the development of any blog on the Internet. A good push for the development of the channel.
  • The duration of the video. Too short videos rarely arouse interest, too long-boring to watch, the ideal is in the area of 14-15 minutes.
  • Comments. Youtube likes comments, so they will definitely be written by people we work with to develop channels.

Important! All indicators mentioned above, must be natural. YouTube is good at calculating bots and quickly blocks channels with artificial promotion, so we only use real visitors.

Video optimization tips

Proper video optimization plays a key role in ranking. Follow the tips that are described below when creating a video, and the chances of getting your video in the trends will increase.

Collect the correct key queries

If you don't have an idea for creating a video or are thinking about what to call it, you need to decide on the keys. Searching for keys in vordstat or similar services will not give the desired result. Search on the video hosting itself.

  1. Find similar channels that are successfully developing (5-25 thousand views).
  2. Select a video with a similar semantic direction.
  3. Select the RF key and use it to create your own header.

Important! You can't copy someone else's title, just add a word-it's undesirable. It is best to rewrite in your own words with preservation meaning's.

Video recording and editing

Video is important, but not the main component. It is important that all parameters of the video sequence are at the same level, otherwise the viewer will leave the channel, thereby spoiling behavioral factors.

  • Content. Write a script, or better a few options. The video should have catchy fragments, meaning (useful information) and good dynamics. It is important not only to attract and retain the visitor's attention, but also to convey useful information to them.
  • Picture quality. For high-quality recording you need to buy expensive cameras that record video in 720p or 1080p, preferably with a frame rate of 30 or higher.
  • Sound quality. The sound should be written on a high-quality microphone. In some cases, it is desirable to voice the videos separately.

Video editing is time-consuming. There is a lot of information and programs on the Internet that will allow you to install the video yourself, but it takes a lot of time.

Please note! Long-term retention of visitors who came to the channel is half of the success of the video. We recommend that you carefully consider the possibilities of keeping the viewer's attention.


You don't need to look at the search results or try to make a header of a certain length, but a different approach works here. Select similar videos that are already well advanced, then write out the main keys from the titles.

You must use these keys to make a readable header that is unique. It is important that it clings, so that the person wants to click and find out what is next. This approach is the most effective and helps to quickly dial video views.

If this is your first experience in creating a video, and you are engaged in a commercial channel, we recommend contacting specialists, as there is a high probability that your first experience will be a failure. Or try experimenting before working on responsible projects. High-quality video reposts in social networks, increase the optimization of the video.


The description is very important, as its presence will allow you to it is faster for the search engine to determine which category your video belongs to and who to show it to. The description affects how videos are displayed in Google search.

  • Close to the beginning of the description, insert the main and additional keys that were used in the header. Describe in detail what happens in the video and what purpose it was created for.
  • Under the description, you can put links to past videos with an indication of what this video is and why it is worth going to it. You can also specify links to social networks.
  • You must write a unique description for each video, the only way you will achieve positive results.

Attention! In General, it is not recommended to spam links under the video, but recently bloggers always leave links to all their social networks with a call to subscribe.


Tags are the subject of controversy for most bloggers and professionals who promote YouTube. The fact is that they are indirectly related to getting videos into trends. You should put a brand tag or the name of your channel. You can add a couple of thematic tags. It is better not to invent them yourself, refer to the videos of competitors. It is not recommended to put a large number of tags.


A preview is a photo that the viewer will see before clicking on the video. It should attract and arouse interest. Many bloggers do all the previews in the same style. To do this, you create a layout in the program for working with an illustration, then it is supplemented with specific elements, before releasing the video.

The preview should be of high quality, you can place words in it that will encourage you to open and watch the video. You can use the templates that YouTube offers, but most popular videos use the author's freeze frame. The font, background, and color design of the video must be in the same style.

Screensavers and hints

To improve the user's immersion in your channel, use hints and screensavers. During the video, you recommend watching some video from the channel, and the link to it appears directly on the screen (this is very easy to set up).

You can also set up tips that will take the viewer to other sections of your YouTube channel with interesting materials. You can also create surveys — this content attracts the visitor and does not allow him to quickly leave the channel.

Free promotion has no effect

Before you buy a video output to the top, you can try to promote some video yourself. Please note that this process is very complex and requires considerable experience. Even now, in an era of huge popularity of video hosting, some users manage to enter the trends, but it takes several years.

If you are not ready to wait so long, SMOSERVICE will organize the promotion of your video on YouTube. Complex promotion is one of the most effective, since it improves all behavioral factors by showing Youtube algorithms that the video is interesting and of high quality.

Why do I need to promote a video on YouTube

The higher the video in the rating, the more likely it is, that it will appear not only in YouTube recommendations, but also in the first lines of search engine results. This feature guarantees the video popularity for many months, and the channel owner — new customers and subscribers who are likely to subscribe to interesting content.

The main advantages of displaying a video in the top Youtube:

  • A huge number of subscribers come to the channel.
  • Gives a powerful impetus to the development of the channel.
  • New and released videos will get additional coverage audiences.

The popularity of the video goes viral. It has long been noted that video content that already has likes and comments is perceived more positively, which means that the growth of subscribers will significantly increase.

SMOSERVICE has been successfully promoting videos on YouTube for several years. Here are five main reasons to buy video output in the top:

  • investments in promotion will pay off very quickly;
  • low price for service services;
  • fastest possible getting the desired view level;
  • any ban risks are excluded, so your investment is fully protected;
  • we do not hide the algorithm of promotion, it is simple and clear to the client.

If you have any questions, please contact our consultants, they will help and provide all the data on request.

Reasons for a possible ban

In the last couple of years, Youtube has become very loyal to bloggers. If the content violates the rules, in most cases it is not banned, but simply removed " suspicious» views. If you are sure that this is an error, please contact the administration. The administration promptly answers all questions and helps solve any problems.

There are 3 rules that the YouTube algorithm punishes mercilessly:

  • mats, swearing, insults and other content of this nature;
  • attempts or hints to call for ethnic hostility;
  • use of fragments of music or video that are protected by copyright.

Important! Strict compliance with the rules will help you avoid being banned. Be careful: check your videos for suspicious content.

Some services for promoting bots on YouTube videos also lead the channel to a ban. This is due to the fact that the discharge of traffic is carried out in an unnatural manner. SMOSERVICE uses only "live" transitions, so this problem will not occur.

How do we get to the TOP

SMOSERVICE works in all directions of promoting the YouTube channel . You can order views, comments, likes, or you can take advantage of a full package of video output services to top YouTube.

On our site, you can order round-the-clock services for promotion in Youtube. All services have a detailed description, which indicates:

  • operation algorithm;
  • service cost;
  • due date;
  • approximate results;
  • traffic source.

After placing an order and providing a link to the video, the project is launched. The first results will appear within 1 hour, and the essential movements of the video in tope will occur within 4 hours.

Please note! The content, preview and description of the video are of great importance. The better you prepare the video, the better the promotion effect will be.

We recommend using not just one service, but a comprehensive video promotion. If you buy only views, the algorithm may suspect something is wrong, because tens of thousands of views and just a couple of comments look unnatural. If you are not sure which video promotion package is more suitable, contact our employee by contacts on the site. He will answer your questions, advise and help.

Advantages of promoting on YouTube with SMOSERVICE

Our main goal is to bring the client's video to the top YouTube. SMOSERVICE is one of the largest companies in ITS field, so it tries to provide services of the highest quality and at the lowest price. We are ready to work individually for each client and help at all stages of cooperation. By contacting us, you get:

  • likes, comments, and views high quality, fully matching your order;
  • you can place an order at any time of the day, we work seven days a week;
  • the site is easy to interact with, and the interface is intuitive;
  • support service consultations at any time of the day;
  • prices are lower than competitors, bonuses and discounts;
  • multiple payment methods.

The system is fully automatic, promotion will be launched immediately after clicking the "buy output to top YouTube" button. Our employees are always in touch and will help you if there will be some problems.

100% guarantee of results

Our main clients are businessmen and bloggers who rarely understand the subtleties of promoting videos in trends. But no one wants to lose money just like that or end up with a blocked video. Therefore, we guarantee that you will get exactly the service you ordered, without blocking or other problems with the video hosting administration.

Professional video promotion eliminates the risks associated with blocking, and gives such a result:

  • good depth of views;
  • more than 60 % of the audience watches the video to the end;
  • the attracted audience demonstrates high activity indicators;
  • your video is watched by real users.

SMOSERVICE specialists constantly monitor the innovations announced by Youtube. Traffic is regularly checked and monitored. An individual approach is selected for each project.