Dislikes on YouTube videos (foreign-fast)

Dislikes on YouTube videos (foreign-fast)

1680 RUB

Price per action 1.68 RUB (1000 items = 1680 RUB)

All dislikes are put by bots and accounts with fakes. The order starts working automatically within a few minutes. To add dislikes, the video must have the ability to set ratings (likes/dislikes) enabled.

If you order quick likes and quick dislikes for the same video at the same time, the services may not work correctly at the same time. Wait for the completion of one order for likes/dislikes, and then use the second related service. When you decommission, her parents told me, automatic and there is no manual restoration of views for this service.

Users see a popular video, view it, and evaluate it in turn. If the video has a large number of dislikes, the user will initially have a negative attitude to the content of the video before viewing it. More dislikes allowed, lower the rating, the worse the reaction of the viewer.

Our service does not welcome the addition of dislikes, so we have limited the base of dislikes for quick orders. If you need large volumes of dislikes, a few more than 50 thousand videos-write to our support service.

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