History views (premium-all over the world)

History views (premium-all over the world)


Price per action 0.09 RUB (100 items = 9 RUB)

The order is launched within an hour. we recommend that you place an order for the service within the nearest time after recording the history. Stories are viewed from accounts from all over the world. Increase views on Instagram Stories! A unique opportunity to make your account as popular as possible. Now you can add views to your Stories.

The increased number of sharply increased views of your Stories increases the likelihood of your Stories being included in recommended and trending Instagram stories. Effective way get a high-quality and live audience from the trends and recommended ones by adding your Instagram Stories to the TOP.

For this service, views on your account history will be rolled up. To successfully launch and process your order, your Instagram profile must be open and stories must be published on it. Promoting Instagram Stories with views is one of the key factors that helps increase the frequency of recommending your instagram posts to other users, as well as increasing probability of getting Stories in popular trends.

You can be sure that your account will be completely safe. We use only legal promotion methods and work in accordance with all the rules and limits of the Instagram social network. Promotion is done through the official Instagram API, which guarantees that there are no risks.

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