ASKfm paid likes for questions and answers in your profile

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Real likes from real users

Ask FM is a social network that focuses on exchanging questions between profiles that are posted openly or anonymously. Many people use the platform to find new acquaintances. More often, people register here to get opinions about themselves from friends and acquaintances. However, you can also become popular here if you order a high-quality promotion of Askfm and get likes in all social networks.

The SMOSERVICE team offers get likes for answers and questions. You determine which text is beneficial to get favorable actions from the audience. This helps improve statistics, increase activity, and attract more new users who subscribe to you.

Who might be interested in promotion ASKFM? The platform is more often used by a young audience, but in General it is used by a variety of categories of people. For example, to get an opinion on a new product, you can run an anonymous survey and send anonymous questions to your account by placing ads in the main business profile of the social network Instagram. This complex interaction between a blogger and subscribers, or a company and subscribers, helps to establish additional connections, ensure strong communication, and generally solve a lot of problems.

Features ask FM promotions

Likes are an indicator of social network user engagement. The more of them you have, the more active the page will become. You can add marks to comments (answers) and questions. It is not recommended to add the same number of likes evenly-smooth, natural promotion is a priority.

Why is it profitable to choose a profile in ask FM for promotion? First, the site does not set strict rules, as is often the case with other social networks. Secondly, to become it is not difficult to be popular in ask FM and attract a lot of viewers – it will take much less time.

The involvement of Russian offers for likes

The best way to promote Askfm is to get action offers. This is a category of accounts that performs certain tasks on your page-subscribes or likes comments/questions. Likes help to increase activity, but offers are recognized as a live audience, which, unlike bots, can stay with you if you like your account.

Through our service you can order a promotion that uses offers-accounts of real people will put likes on your questions, answers to them, which you will select. With the help of "hearts", you can create the appearance that the majority of other participants in the system vote for a certain answer that is beneficial for the account owner. This not only allows you to influence the image, but also in General increases the statistics of the account, which means that it has more chances to reach the top positions of the rating.

Why try to output at all your page up? The rating is necessary for other users to see interesting pages there, go and subscribe. They will follow your profile, ask questions, and leave comments. This will help you expand your social circle, find new friends, and promote several pages in social networks.

Adding likes from active users

Adding bots and spinning empty accounts even likes is pointless. It is better to promote your profile with offers that do not differ from regular pages users'. An offer is a person who rarely enters a social network. Maybe he even created a profile for earnings, but periodically visits it for personal purposes. We have an app for geting instagram followers for all customers of the site.

We can definitely say one thing-get offers effective, because it is performed by live Russian-language accounts, which in the future can to be interested in you as a person.

Buying only real subscribers from Russia

SMOSERVICE the company is engaged in the promotion of pages in the social network Ascpm. The following accounts are used for this purpose:

  • Belonging to citizens of the Russian Federation
  • "Speakers" in Russian
  • Active profiles that are ready for other actions if they are interested in your page

The service that you can order on the site is absolutely legal, safe and realistic. No one will guess that you were geting activity, because we use real profiles in promotion. If these were bots, low-quality promotion would be easily tracked.

Paid or free promotion?

Promotion can be paid or free. Here's just what's the catch if you don't need to pay for the get? In fact, there is one, and not even one.

The bottom line is that promotion a priori can't cost 0 rubles. Quality services are worth their weight in gold, especially in the field of working with social networks. SMM-direction, where constantly need to develop. And what company will want to invest its resources in this, so as not to get a return? Usually, if we are talking about a free get, it is accompanied by the following disadvantages:

  • Insecurity. Services that do not charge for services usually do not pay enough attention to the security of the resource.
  • Hidden services. For example, you ordered 100 likes for a question in ASKFM. You are charged 50, and then, to continue the completed order, offer to buy a service/product/pay for continued use of the site. Agree – it's not fair, because you have already spent time getting acquainted with the platform for geting.
  • The calculation is that the next time you buy services, blocking the previously received actions for free.
  • You need to be active. There are services designed to exchange actions. For example, through a special resource, you found the account owner in ask FM, subscribed to it, and then, when exchanging actions, wait for a response. First, the same Opteka may not arrive at all, and secondly, a lot you won't get likes like this, even if you try very hard, but you will spend an incredible amount of time.

Advantages of paid promotion:

  • The high speed of achievement of result. It is enough to place a request for likes once, and then the promotion mechanism will be launched after making a payment. You will get results very quickly.
  • The ability to clearly adjust and change the number of likes received for certain questions and answers for each order. To ensure natural for increased activity, you can order multiple likes for comments or questions.
  • Reliability of using the site to get the page in ask FM. The paid service monitors security and protects the data of users who make payments.
  • Low price. One like in ask FM costs only 12 kopecks. This is a low price for high-quality and effective promotion.
  • You can quickly become popular, increase your identity awareness, and learn anonymously what customers think about your product or company. implementing.

Here you can buy a unique Service to get YouTube trends at low prices. The disadvantages of paid promotion are noted only in the fact that if a person does not have a budget for promotion, then it will not be possible to order the service. That is, in order to get all the benefits from paid promotion, it is better to determine how much money you are willing to allocate for this kind of PR.