Live subscribers from ads (from 39K to 64K subscribers)

Live subscribers from ads (from 39K to 64K subscribers)

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Price per action 178990 RUB (1 items = 178990 RUB)

Launch an advertising campaign on Instagram. The budget for promotion is 90 thousand rubles. Attracting up to 64 thousands of followers with advertising to Instagram through Facebook. The SMOSERVICE team offers comprehensive services in the field of promotion in social networks, as well as on other thematic platforms. One of the best solutions is to promote a profile registered on the Instagram platform. Moreover, the subject of the page can be any-commercial, informational, entertainment, etc. We work with clients who want to develop, constantly moving forward. We guarantee high quality of services and get a lot of advantages.

Guarantees from the SMM Agency

Attracting live followers is The most effective tool for instagram promotion. Its advantages are centered around the fact that you attract only an active audience, among which there will be no offer or bot.

SMOSERVICE offers only real, effective promotion of any type of account by means of compilation, development, launch a target.

Several times the developers of the site have given official comments on innovations. And it was once again emphasized that Instagram is the future of official advertising. It is becoming more effective, but only if you configure it correctly. SMOSSERVICE ensures that bash advertising campaign will be effective.

We have developed a set of service packages, among which everyone can choose the right one. They all differ in content, the number of subscribers, and the cost for each attract people. 39,000 subscribers is already a sufficient number for an active start. Moreover, as part of the project, we will most likely attract many more people. 39 000 – the minimum threshold that guarantees SMOSSERVICE. A maximum of 64,000 people can be attracted, which is also a big indicator.

Among the guarantees offered by us, we can emphasize:

  • There are no additional payments. You pay for the service immediately and in full. All expenses related to providing, launching, we take responsibility for maintaining the target to achieve the stated result.
  • The highest quality of services. Our specialists will set up advertising so that people who are ready to subscribe, stay and generally use information and buy products will enter your profile. Simply put, we attract the target audience.
  • We don't break deadlines. The project will be sent to implementation immediately after receiving the application. The tartag starts working within 2 days. You should also take into account that moderation of ads sometimes takes longer more time than usual, so minor delays are allowed.
  • Lifetime warranty. Subscribers who come to you will not unsubscribe EN masse, because all actions performed within the promotion through the target are voluntary. Hacked accounts and bots are the most unstable audience. We also guarantee that people brought through the tergeting post will not leave.
  • It doesn't matter if you have an Insta store, a humor themed public, or a fan page, the number of subscribers you claim will be involved.

SMOSSERVICE company that can offer you the best solutions in the field of promotion on social networks. The presented package will help you achieve tremendous results, launch online activities, and find like-minded people.

The best quality of performance

When setting up an ad, we will take into account all the important nuances related to your activity. It is also important to analyze competitors ' behavior, mistakes, and performance characteristics to improve efficiency. Generally, experts take into account the following characteristics of the target group:

  • Thematics. Are women or men your target group? You need to define interests, needs, and requests. Everything important is taken into account.
  • The content of the advertising post. It is important to develop the "right" text that will not only contain the meaning and slogans, but also the key points for the correct assessment of Instagram. Phrase compatibility is something that few media agencies work with.
  • Registration according to the rules of Instagram. You need to prepare a post, adapting its characteristics to the site. If you do not do this, you will not be able to pass moderation. Therefore, it is recommended to immediately contact professionals to get to your target audience, not to drain the budget for nothing, reduce the cost of clicks and each subscriber, properly design the ad, speeding up the start of promotion.

Contact SMOSSERVICE to order the service. As part of the presented package, you will receive a promotion with a cost per subscriber from 1.4 rubles to 2.3 rubles.

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