Verification in Instagram (guaranteed, up to 30 days)

Verification in Instagram (guaranteed, up to 30 days)

300000 RUB

Price per action 300000 RUB (1 items = 300000 RUB)

The #1 company in promoting and developing social networks in the CIS offers services for verifying Instagram accounts. We guarantee a positive solution. We will develop an individual project for interaction with the representative office of the social network responsible for organizing the tick assignment.

We provide guarantees and full support for your task. As part of the project, we will provide all the necessary conditions that are included in the list of Instagram requirements for users who want to receive tick.

Verification of Instagram from SMESERVER

Ordering the verification of the company SMOSSERVICE, you do not risk to encounter unexpected difficulties. We guarantee that you will be given a tick within a month.

Full support

The SMOSERVICE team independently accompanies all processes that are related to verification and creating conditions for compliance with the requirements set by the Instagram platform.

Participation of the customer during the event no procedure is required, so by contacting us, you are relieving yourself of the burden of worries associated with trying to prepare an account, spending time studying the rules, basics and requirements. When referring to SMOSSERVICE you'll get a box confirming your identity on Instagram.

A team of specialists will prepare:

  • Article for Wikipedia in accordance with the system requirements (verification, design, and placement are included)
  • Articles in the media (mandatory condition for verification-placement of references in mass media)


SMOSSERVICE provides a lifetime warranty for the passage of verification. It is assumed that the client will not repeat the procedure when contacting us. Within a month, the specialists will perform all the necessary actions to issue a check mark in full.

Our guarantee:

  • Getting a tick for a month
  • Full refund if verification is refused
  • Full support and contributing to a successful solution in a positive way for the client
  • Organization of providing conditions for obtaining a positive decision
  • After verification, the check mark remains forever


You can study references to SMOSERVICE on the Internet on independent resources, as well as read detailed reviews about getting verification on our site. The company provides services to clients from different countries. General reviews and case histories are posted on the set sites.


Order a verified account Instagram using specialists SMOSSERVICE is a beneficial solution for your creative work, blog and business. Many public figures choose our company for its white reputation, many satisfied customers, guarantees, and a number of other advantages:

  • Quick start of execution. Preparation of projects of measures related to successful verification begins within a day after receiving payment from the client.
  • Integrated approach. We work with the media, Wikipedia, develop an individual project and write content specifically for you. Thanks to the correct design, materials quickly get to public resources, and Due to the ideal quality, instagram almost immediately passes them, as sufficient in quantity and satisfactory in other parameters.
  • Extensive experience. How, what, and when to do to maximize the likelihood of rapid getting a check mark for your account.
  • Execution in a month. We guarantee that you will receive a check mark in less than 30 days.
  • If you receive a refusal from the administration of Instagram, we guarantee to return the money in any way convenient for you.

Cooperation with SMOSERVICE will help to save yourself from unnecessary hassle, time-consuming, attempts to understand the rules and procedures, and most importantly, in a short period of time to get a tick for your account.

The conditions for obtaining

Who can to obtain the verification?

A tick in Instagram is issued:

  • Media persons
  • Public person
  • Famous personality

Singers, artists, representatives of companies and brands working in the online or offline space can get a tick for their Instagram account. If your profile is not popular enough, we recommend ordering a turnkey instagram promotion on our website.

For what purposes is it possible to pass verification? Basic – this is a confirmation of the page's authenticity, since the check mark is proof that you own the profile.

The purpose of verification:

  • Active profile display in recommendations
  • Priority positions in search engine results
  • Increase activity in your profile
  • More active engagement of subscribers
  • Increasing the price of advertising
  • Exclusive offers from companies
  • If your profile is hacked, it can be easily restored

Process verification process

Order registration

We offer you to choose a convenient method of payment for the service, Deposit funds to your account, specifying some information about yourself. In the future, our SMM specialists will discuss with you the details of the order, the specifics of the activity and other important points.

Checking your profile

Instagram sets requirements for users who want to pass verification and get a confirmation check mark. Our specialists will conduct a compliance check in order to maximize increase the chances of a positive decision. If there are shortcomings and inaccuracies, they will be eliminated. There is no need to pay extra for this – the price of the verification service in SMOSERVICE is fixed.

Getting a tick

Within a month, your profile will be ticked.

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