Verification in Instagram (Articles in the media, up to 30 days)

Verification in Instagram (Articles in the media, up to 30 days)

550000 RUB

Price per action 550000 RUB (1 items = 550000 RUB)

Passing the verification procedure is accompanied by a number of difficulties, including the need to place mentions in the media, and compliance of the individual with media standards. However, it is also important how well the application and the whole situation are presented to the Instagram representative office, which is considering the appeal.

Team SMOSSERVICE is engaged in the provision of services associated with obtaining the record. We will develop a project for your Instagram account, representative office, and personal profile a set of conditions that will ensure the successful solution of the social network when considering the possibility of assigning a check mark.

Verification from SMOSSERVICE with the media

Solving the main tasks, selecting a competent approach, and quickly implementing relevant projects related to maximizing the probability of success for your account are the main goals that guide the SMOSERVICE team in its activities.

Full support to the tick

After purchasing and paying for the service, all that what is required of you is to provide up-to-date information about the person, brand, and everything related to the object of consideration. Application processing starts almost immediately – we start preparing and implementing the project in an average of 12 hours after the customer purchases the service.

Team SMOSSERVICE guarantees full support at every stage up to the time of issuance of the show. The project complex includes:

  • Preparing an article for Wikipedia, including material collection, analysis, and processing. Write a literate, a concise article that will meet the requirements and standards set by Wikipedia.
  • Writing articles for publication in the media. The number and quality of mentions of the profile that the check mark is being prepared for directly affects the decision of the instagram administration to assign It. We will create high-quality news that will be posted on reliable and popular resources.

Guarantees of media publications and checkboxes

SMESERVER – reliable media company, providing services in the field of account preparation, information, and all processes related to the issuance of a check mark for Instagram accounts. Customers SMOSSERVICE get the following guarantees:

  • Maximum probability of a positive decision when considering an application for verification
  • Preparation of each stage of the project implementation aimed at maximizing the probability of obtaining a positive decision
  • If you are refused, we will refund the amount you paid for the service to full amount in any convenient way (for example, transfer to a Bank card)

Cooperation with the team SMOSSERVICE is not only quick and simple, but also reliable.

Reviews of our company by tick

On SMOSSERVICE there are lots of reviews online. You can find and familiarize yourself with some of them by entering the appropriate query in the search engine. We are talked about in the media on various independent platforms. We value our reputation, so we serve each client as efficiently as possible. Our goal is for a short time to prepare and implement a project in which your account will be assigned a check mark confirming the authenticity of the account.

Instagram instagram verification also helps in the event of a hack to quickly return the profile to the owner by providing the data to the representative office of the Instagram platform. We also offer to study several reviews about cooperation with the company on our website.

Advantages of working with us

We offer cooperation to media companies individuals, famous people, representatives of brands and companies. We guarantee a personal approach to the development of conditions to increase the probability of getting a tick in your profile.

SMOSSERVICE ensures the following benefits to every client:

  • Quick start of execution. The average time required to start implementing the task is 12 hours. You don't spend precious days waiting, but get results as quickly as possible.
  • Integrated approach. The text develops SMOSSERVICE materials, writes articles for placement in Wikipedia, mass media. All this is a prerequisite for passing verification. We fully adapt your personality to the requirements of Instagram.
  • Extensive experience. We have helped to verify many of the owners of the pages in Instagram, among which are public and well-known personalities.
  • Execution in a month. The project takes no more than 30 days from the date of payment for the service.
  • If the check mark is not given, we will return the money.

Conditions for obtaining verification

Who can pass verification in Instagram:

  • The media and the public people
  • Prominent personalities
  • Entrepreneurs and businessmen
  • Representatives of brands and companies

Getting a tick is:

  • Active profile display in recommendations
  • Increasing the price of advertising
  • Priority positions in search engine results
  • Actively attracting subscribers
  • High profile activity
  • Exclusive offers from companies
  • If your profile is hacked, it can be easily and quickly returned to the owner

Paid the passage of verification

  • Order registration

Select a service and pay for it

  • Checking your profile

Go through the profile check and provide up-to-date information at the request of our specialists

  • Getting a tick

Within a month, you will be assigned a check mark. If you receive a refusal, we will refund you in full invested money in a convenient way for you, so you do not risk anything.

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