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Paid purchase of likes Tiktok cheap without registration

New dictater wants to compete with the old accounts with a high popularity and, therefore, buys likes in Tik Tok. Buying likes in Tiktok is a way to get a video in the "Recommendations". Likes in the social network Tik Tok we are wound only by live people. The benefits are obvious:

  • Getting into recommendations. Top users do not even hesitate and immediately buy likes for all new videos. Thus they fall into recommended content, the user immediately sees them in their feed.
  • Rating . In Tik Tok has an internal rating of the account. The higher it is, the better the audience will interact.
  • Ease of promotion. Professional adding likes quickly promotes your account in the social network.

The basic rules of promotion

Professionals move an account with trending hashtags. Having time to use a hot or popular topic is a sure way to get into recommendations without problems millions of users.

It is better to set hashtags based on your user audience. Do not put popular but non-thematic tags. This will lead rather to the opposite result.

Well, if the likes are spinning for high-quality videos. They will attract other users who will also be interested in watching the video. If it's good, the likes you get will make your account popular.

In Tik Tok, you can easily wind up likes and become popular. Formally the social network prohibits such activities, but in reality this is one of the main ways to earn popularity.

Read more about Tik Tok

The social network appeared in September 2016 and in just three years of its existence has already managed to gather an audience of more than half a million users. Technically, this is a video hosting service for mobile phone users running the most popular operating systems — iOS and Android.

The social network allows everyone to become popular. Here they spread their own songs and poems, just reflections on life. The main audience is young people.

Every day, the social network is updated with hundreds of thousands or even millions of new videos. Some immediately collect their likes. Others are content with crumbs. It is not easy to survive in a fair fight with experienced ticktockers.

Therefore, novice users are looking for a way to add likes to Tick Tok, so that their video gets to the top. There is such a way — to contact us.

Likes and promotion

Before before proceeding to direct promotion, we must say a few words about the relationship between likes and promotion. The number of likes determines the popularity of a particular video for users. A post that has received a lot of likes is included in the regularly updated "Recommendations".

The section is linked to the region. Therefore, different accounts may have completely different recommendations. In TIC Tok, this is normal.

If desired, you can get to the "Recommendations" almost immediately. But don't rush it. Experienced ticktockers advise gradual progress. Over time, the quality of videos increases, and they will begin to collect a significant number of likes by themselves.

Useful information: Tick Tok takes into account the influence of behavioral factors. This means that if the video first collected a lot of likes, and then their share decreased dramatically, most likely, this is not a very good video. It will leave the "recommendations", and the user's rating may even be lowered.

Likes do not affect the overall popularity of the account, although there are cases when only one the video recording worked in such a way that the popularity of the account has increased very much.

Likes and views

Usually both services are ordered together. If someone thinks "I want likes in Tick Tok", but did not bother to add views, this may look very strange for the social network algorithm. The situation when there are several hundred likes under a video with a couple of dozen views looks strange even for a person. The computer system is able to distinguish between much smaller ones weaknesses.

Therefore, it is better to order both services together. Moreover, views also contribute to the growth of the account's popularity and lead to the appearance of new subscribers.

New subscribers increase the popularity of the account as a whole. Over time, the likes will appear themselves in the Tick Tok purchase is not required.

In some cases, it may be more useful to buy subscribers instead of likes for individual videos. For example, if the quality of your videos is consistently high, people like them themselves, but here there aren't many views. The appearance of new subscribers increases the popularity and recognition of the account.

Users Of Tik Tok

Traditionally, a social network is considered to be a place of residence for bloggers who share their stories or their own creativity. This is true.

But in 2019, business takes a prominent place in any popular social network. New social networks, as well as Instagram, are primarily interesting for businesses in advertising, but Not only. Through the social network, new products are sold, customers are sought for companies, and so on. Therefore, Tick Tok users are stably divided into two major parts — bloggers and businessmen.

Tick Tok for bloggers

Tick Tok comes with almost any topic for a blog. There are also reflections on life, your own song or poetry, reviews of new products and much more. There are no clear restrictions, although youth themes are more popular.

Advantages of using more popular topics:

  • More audience. Indeed, popularity is primarily an audience. The audience is the subscribers. Live subscribers are the bread and money of a blogger.
  • More niches. Oddly enough, popular topics can be divided into many highly specialized niches. In some of them, you can have time to take your own place and even compete with experienced tickers.

But all these advantages are devalued by one serious disadvantage — competition. The more popular the theme is, the higher the competition. The higher the competition, the harder it is to get to the top and win or buy live subscribers .

There is a lot of money in these topics. It is tempting to take them for yourself, but you must buy likes in Tick Tok at least at the initial stage to get to the top. Otherwise, no one will know about the new Ticker.

Unpopular topics that are not very interesting to many people, it is better not to use, except for those where you can sell expensive things. For example, if you decide to advertise some expensive brand jewelry on your channel, it can bring a lot of money over time. Just one purchase on your link will bring a high profit.

Subjects with an average level of competition — the Golden mean. It is easier to go up here, and you will also be able to earn money over time.

Where and in what subject to work, depends only on you. But almost always for the initial promotion you will need to buy likes in Tick Tok online. And in the future, to tell the truth, you will need to invest in your account to maintain popularity. Including buying likes and followers.

Tick Tok for business

If a business makes a profit from the sale of goods or services to young people, then the Tick Tok social network is an excellent platform for such advertising. Here is your target audience that is ready to watch videos about your products and services.

Businesses can create their own corporate channel or order ads from bloggers. In the first case, you will need to do it yourself to buy likes. In the second case, the work is transferred to third-party people. Therefore, they are the ones who perform all actions to promote the advertising account.

Entrepreneurs who can be called self-employed stand out. These are all sorts of specialists in their field, offering private services and some kind of assistance. These are specialists in the field of promotion, photographers, operators, and similar people. They also need their own advertising account where they position themselves and talk about offered service.

They are interested in ways to add likes in Tick Tok for maximum results.

Useful information: some types of private business are still not actively represented in TIC Tok. If you feel this way, there is every chance to get the opportunity to take the top places, and at the same time get a huge number of new customers.

So, based on the above, it is obvious that almost everyone needs likes in the youth social network. Everyone has the right to do it their reasons, but everyone needs them. Therefore, there must be a company that offers a service for buying likes.

This company is us!

What we offer

We offer a service for adding likes to Tick Tok for a small price. All likes are put down by live users. This protects the account from possible blocking and increases the customer's confidence.

We care about the convenience of our users. Therefore, likes are put down not anyhow, but taking into account the region. Depending on which target audience you are targeting you are guided, we will select the most suitable users.

Useful information: we consider using bots to be inappropriate behavior. Therefore, in our company, every like is put by a living person. Guaranteed!

You can get as many likes as you want. If you want, you can buy several tens or thousands of marks. Everything depends solely on your desires.

A little about terminology

The term "subscriber" is taken from other social networks. In Tik Tok other terminology is used. For example, it is customary to work with "fans"here. Although in fact everything remains the same. A classic subscriber is a fan, and any fan is the same subscriber.

At the same time, it is not recommended to confuse these words in real life or on your channel. The fact is that ticktockers are jealous of what distinguishes their social network from others. Therefore, the name "fan" is better to use actively. At least until you become popular enough in order to be able to speak exactly as they are used to.

For the rest, everything in Tik Tok remains the same as in other, more classic social networks.


Technically, the social network provides sanctions for those accounts that accumulate likes and subscribers. Even the intruder's ban is allowed. Although this is possible, in reality it is almost not found when used correctly.

If you do not wind up a new account for one day ten thousand likes with zero views, you can sleep easy. Especially since cooperation with us is really safe:

  • Living people. They lead exactly the same network life as many others. With all the desire, the system is unlikely to be able to suspect them of what they wind up likes.
  • Competent approach. Likes are wound up gradually. We don't send a crowd of people to post hundreds of likes in one minute, even though this doesn't happen before or after. Gradual work is the best quality assurance.

Ultimately, our work is time-tested. We have regular satisfied customers with a large number of live subscribers who have become popular tickers, including thanks to us.

Rules for promotion via likes in Tiktok

Any purchase of likes aims to increase the popularity of the video and get into the "Recommendations". Many novice tickers make the mistake of trying to get to the top as quickly as possible. This is really a beginner's mistake, so do not recommends. As in cases with the promotion of the Vkontakte group, you need to approach correctly the commercial promotion of your profile in any social network.

Before you get to the top places, you should carefully work out your own strategy of behavior in the social network and the quality of your videos. If they are not really good, then users will reject them and prefer a competitor. This is hardly what you want.

Useful information: for the automatic ranking system does not matter how exactly the like is received. The more of them, the higher the video is in the output. That is why Tick Tok is considered one of the most democratic social networks, where everyone has a chance to show their best side.

General recommendation

When ordering likes, don't forget about your fans and other criteria for your account's popularity. Ultimately, this is what determines your overall popularity in the social network and the ability to compete with others, more advanced user.

If you don't already have experience with TIC Tok, it's better to start a gradual promotion. Take your time and don't take too fast steps. It is better to wait for a while, hone your skills and only then move on to more active promotion of your account.

Keep in mind that the need for gradual promotion is in some sense thought out by the system itself, which is interested in offering the user really interesting and high-quality videos. topic.

And most importantly, remember that you always need new content. One, even the most successful video will not be enough to get a really high profit. Ticktoker's main job is to constantly come up with something new and implement it in a video. Otherwise, in the modern world, bloggers do not happen.

Why it is necessary to wind up with us

We offer:

  • Affordable prices for likes and fans. Although we work with live people, the prices for services remain quite high democratic. This is due to the fact that we do not have any intermediaries. Every person who likes us works with us.
  • Ability to fine-tune your promotion strategy. You can do this directly in the web interface. This is convenient for the end user.
  • Transparent terms of cooperation. All the rules for working with our system are written as clearly and clearly as possible, and do not require double interpretation. In addition, our company regularly reports new promotions, interesting offer.
  • Service . We understand that not every ticktocker knows exactly how to properly promote your account. Therefore, if necessary, we help you determine the appropriate promotion strategy, taking into account the characteristics of each specific profile.
  • Additional services. If you choose to collaborate with us, there is no need to additionally search for a place to buy fans or views. We offer a full range of services, among which everyone will find what they need need.

To order a service, just use the intuitive form. To order adding likes to a video in Tiktok.