Likes on photos, videos, album (luxury)

Likes on photos, videos, album (luxury)

230 RUB

Price per action 0.92 RUB (250 items = 230 RUB)

With likes, impressions and coverage are added (displayed in business profile statistics). Like offer (live) accounts with avatars and publications. A quick get. The startup speed depends on the current queue. Start delays are possible. With likes, impressions and coverage are added (displayed in business profile statistics).

Facebook Instagram, like Facebook, uses an algorithmic feed, but the time of posting still matters. Publishing content at the right time can improve your productivity. the engagement of your subscribers, which, in turn, can lead to the fact that the social network's algorithm will "promote" your content, showing it to a larger number of users. The link must be specified on the photo / video.

Buy likes, impressions/views and coverage of Instagram posts — this is a complete package of services for promoting photos or videos in one service. These are not only high-quality likes, but also views and coverage, which increase the overall statistics of posts and affect their ranking. Especially this one the service is relevant for business profiles-the statistics of posts that contain these indicators. The order and calculation is based on the number of likes, i.e. 1 like is 1 like + 1 display / view and coverage. Speed: up to several thousand likes and views per day per post.

Users who put likes on a photo, all have an avatar. High-quality performance of the service with a guarantee. High speed and best quality of all services provided by Instagram likes. Most users are from Russia, followed by Ukraine and Belarus and Kazakhstan. 

Likes of SMO Service increase coverage and engagement, and have a positive effect on the statistics of commercial business accounts. Our likes for Instagram are absolutely safe for your personal and business profiles, photos and video publications. High-quality likes from real live and active users of the social network that will help your posts (videos and photos) get into Instagram recommendations.

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Likes on photos from active users. Likes come from mobile apps.

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Russian subscribers to the account, standard quality and high speed.

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Comments from bots and fakes, emoticons - high speed of execution.

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Viewing video clips. High speed for adding views.