History views (General - the whole world)

History views (General - the whole world)

20 RUB

Price per action 0.02 RUB (1000 items = 20 RUB)

All available stories are displayed at the top of the feed as circles with users ' photos and are hidden while scrolling. Instagram Stories views are added instantly and updated in real time. you can follow the status of the order in your personal account on the site. The order enters processing, after changing the status from the queue to the status is executed.

High-quality and fast views of Instagram Stories from all over the world. The whole point of the name of this function in Instagram is HISTORY. Tell a story. View stories on Instagram. Increasing views allows your story to get into the TOP - and therefore get into the recommendations of other users by attracting new subscribers.

This service adds views only for the latest history. Stories are available within 24 hours, so we recommend placing an order immediately after the stories are published in your profile. When placing an order in the "Your link" field, enter a link to your Instagram profile. Order processing starts immediately with minimal delay.

You can be sure that your account will be completely safe. We use only legal promotion methods and work in accordance with all the rules and limits of the Instagram social network. Promotion is done through the official Instagram API, which guarantees that there are no risks.

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High-quality subscribers from all countries with a minimal chance of being debited.

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The attraction from 79 to 112 thousand of followers through advertising on Instagram.

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With likes, impressions and coverage are added (displayed in the profile).

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Cost-effective option, viewing your profile history from shared accounts.

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Reliable subscription accounts that are enabled for recovery.