Verification in Instagram (Wikipedia + media, up to 30 days)

Verification in Instagram (Wikipedia + media, up to 30 days)

850000 RUB

Price per action 850000 RUB (1 items = 850000 RUB)

SMM-Agency offers promotion in social networks. The list of services includes verification under an extended package that includes work on preparation, writing, and adaptation to the Wikipedia format. Also, the SMOSERVICE team will collect, group and write materials for further placement on external resources – in the media, mentions of which will help to get a positive decision of the administration in issuing a tick. Promotion of an Instagram profile is not the only condition that contributes to verification, so the Agency's team works additionally on all projects that want to get a tick.

Cooperation with SMOSSERVICE

We offer cooperation to all public and well-known individuals, government, creative, commercial figures, for whom it is important to pass the verification of the profile. We guarantee full preparation of the project to fulfill your order. We will create an individual project, collect materials and use them exclusively on use.

By contacting us, you get the opportunity to remove the need to study the details of verification, requirements, rules, as well as write articles and create mentions in the media. Writing and posting articles on Wikipedia for business and opinion leaders.

Full support

From the first day when you place your order, we will start implementing the task. It usually takes no more than six hours to launch.

Our specialists will perform the following tasks actions:

  • They will collect relevant materials related to your personality or activity, select interesting aspects, emphasize the importance of certain nuances, and review the activity in the problem/solution contact (the current format for articles published in Wikipedia).
  • Write an article for the Wiki site in accordance with the system requirements. Verification, design, and placement of the material is performed. Be sure to take into account the features of wiki markup. We accompany the entire process from the first day to the moment approval of placement of article in the Wikipedia.
  • They will write articles in the media, since the mandatory condition for verification is the placement of mentions in the media. They are usually large information portals that are well ranked by search engines.
  • They will compare all the information, analyze the preparatory stages, check the results, and then submit an application to Instagram for consideration. From the moment of purchase of the service to the issuance of a check mark it takes no more months.

Guaranteed tick, Wikipedia and media

We guarantee high-quality services, full attention to every nuance and important event, compliance with current requirements and standards existing in Wikipedia, the media, and the Instagram platform.

If verification is not completed, the money transferred to us will be returned in full to the Bank's card or in another convenient way.

Our guarantee:

  • The check mark will be provided for a period not exceeding exceeding one month in time
  • If we undertake the implementation of the project, the tick will be provided with the maximum probability. However, if you still receive a refusal, we will refund you in full
  • Full support, contributing to a successful solution in a positive way for the client by properly organizing all stages of the workflow with your account
  • After passing verification, the check mark remains forever – its existence is not limited in the validity period, but the decision of the Instagram administration can not be canceled if it was positive

Reviews from bloggers

There are many reviews about the service in the network-they are placed by our clients on independent platforms. We have placed some of them on the site to make it as easy as possible for customers to access them. Feedback about our company is left by opinion leaders.


The company offers customers a whole range of advantages when ordering verification through our service:

  • Let's get started preparation within six hours. Almost instant launch of the project implementation according to your order! We will study the profile, make a detailed plan, and collect information on the basis of which we will write articles.
  • We take into account every detail. We cooperate with the media, recognized as reliable and safe, Wikipedia, develop an individual project and write content for your profile, personality, brand. We will put the right emphasis inside the information mass and design the articles in accordance with site requirements.
  • Extensive experience. The Agency's team has been working in the field of providing professional SMM services for a long time. We helped hundreds of Instagram account owners get a tick.
  • If the administration of the Insta-site refuses, we will refund the money you paid in a convenient way and in full.

Conditions for getting a blue tick

The following categories are given a tick in Instagram users':

  • The media, the public, and just famous people
  • Entrepreneurs, business figures, owners of brand representative offices
  • People of creative professions (actors, singers, artists, dancers)

The stages of verification

Order registration

If necessary, please consult our specialist in advance to get answers to your questions. Select the appropriate service package and make a payment.

Checking your profile

We we collect up-to-date information about you and your activities. We prepare the project, working through every detail.

Getting a tick

Issue a check mark displayed next to the profile name of the user in the Instagram app.

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