Live subscribers from ads (from 79k to 112K subscribers)

Live subscribers from ads (from 79k to 112K subscribers)

269990 RUB

Price per action 269990 RUB (1 items = 269990 RUB)

The company SMOSSERVICE offers services in the field of promoting Instagram accounts to already existing and new projects that want to quickly and effectively develop. The best SMM Agency in the CIS will develop an advertising project focused on your activities, the specifics of content, products or services. We guarantee that launching official advertising on Instagram via Facebook will open up wide opportunities for you to find a new audience and attract representatives task force. Launch an advertising campaign on Instagram. The budget for promotion is 135 thousand rubles. Attracting up to 112,000 live subscribers from Instagram ads via Facebook.

Guarantees from the SMM Agency

The company SMOSSERVICE is a group of professionals working on the implementation of projects in promoting Instagram accounts. We are confident in the results of our activities and that the goals will be achieved. Therefore, we are ready to provide a full warranty package for the service provided.

Important features:

  • Strict compliance with the start date of the order. We guarantee that we will not delay the development of the project and the launch of the advertising campaign.
  • Quality assurance. We are focused on the result that you plan to get. Therefore, we focus not on abstract figures, but on real efficiency. As a result, you will get an influx of live target groups.
  • Do not merge the budget. We guarantee that the funds deposited as payment for the service will not have to be supplemented with new ones that arise during the implementation process project payments. The price of the service is fixed, so we will fulfill the order in any case, and you do not risk facing a drain on the budget.

SMESERVER – the best SMM Agency, working in media PR. We are ready to provide the widest possible list of guarantees to each client.

The speed of execution of the contract to purchase of followers quickly

The speed of order fulfillment depends on a number of factors. We guarantee that the number of subscribers will not be lower than 79,000 live accounts. Clicks on ads are performed by people who have read the proposed content in the post (photos, videos, and text).

The speed at which the service is performed is as fast as possible, since the ad is shown only among the members of your target group. People who are not interested in your activities, topics, or products will simply not see the post.

Only live people will come to you without bots and offers – they will perform actions, commenting on entries, ordering products, saving posts, etc. This is one of the following reasons why buying a target setting is the best, most effective form of promotion.

Best execution quality, live subscribers are cheap

We develop a project to launch your advertising campaign with a focus on a specific type of activity, the niche you occupy, the specifics of providing and providing information, as well as the characteristics of the target group. The ad post will be configured based on:

  • Features of your audience members. Gender, age, place of residence and number other aspects will be taken into account.
  • Specifics of the activity. The niche that your profile occupies in the media space should be taken into account when preparing the main characteristics of an ad post. Before launching, we check everything to get into your target group.
  • Visualization and filling of an advertising post. It is also important how the post is prepared, how the information presented in it is prepared and combined. Advertising should be catchy! We will set up a target for you so that your target group is specific I saw the post and was interested in it according to different criteria.
  • Design that fits into the framework of Instagram. The ad post will pass moderation verification quickly and successfully, so the campaign launch will be as fast as possible.

SMOSSERVICE Agency that will provide maximum effectiveness without any additional expenditure of time. You get high-quality services with a full package of guarantees!

The price of the service targeted advertising to Instagram

The cost of the presented package is 134,990 rubles. In the final in the calculation, you will receive from 79k subscribers to 112K. the Price of each varies between 1.2 rubles and 1.7 rubles.

By purchasing the offered package of services based on the development, preparation and launch of advertising materials, you get a guaranteed influx of a huge number of subscribers.

SMOSSERVICE provides every client with a complete package of guarantees, so you risk nothing by speaking to us. You can pay for the order in any convenient way from a huge number introduced. We place ads through the Facebook account, which provides the highest efficiency.

Do you plan to attract subscribers to your account? Contact the professionals!

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Likes on photos from active users. Likes come from mobile apps.

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Reliable subscription accounts that are enabled for recovery.

0.03 rub. for 1 item

Video views with coverage. Average speed of adding views.

89 990 rub. for 1 item

The involvement from 17 to 28 thousand of followers through advertising on Instagram.

0.79 rub. for 1 like

Likes are followed by impressions and coverage (displayed in profile statistics).

7.90 rub. for 1 item

Complaints about an Instagram account. Instant and mass sending of post complaints.