Complaints about Instagram profile

Complaints about Instagram profile

5450 RUB

Price per action 10.9 RUB (500 items = 5450 RUB)

The company SMOSSERVICE offers services related to the promotion of social networks. One of the related offers is the ability to order complaints about your Instagram profile. We have several current options for customers. We guarantee high quality, fast order execution, safety, reliability, and a number of other advantages for all customers.

How to order on instagram complaints?

To make an order in our company, just select the service you are interested in. In the case of the same principle applies to geting complaints on Instagram. In the field that you see, you need to enter a link to your account. A few more simple steps and that's it-now you can pay for the order. The money is credited immediately, so the task is sent to complete as quickly as possible.

What service options can be purchased (regarding geting complaints to delete an account):

  • Start. The usual get action "Complain" on a photo in Instagram. The order is performed by pages that it is customary to call bots. A full guarantee of getting the result is provided. As for the speed, it can be estimated as an average.
  • Standard. Offer fast get complaints, which is performed on photos, videos, text. Offers complain faster than in the case of the "Start" package. We also provide an absolute guarantee of getting the desired result if you can find the necessary number of complaints to make a block.
  • Premium. Actions are performed by real people – real pages. The most efficient and fastest package. The expected result can be obtained in a minimum of time and, as in the case of other company offers, we will do everything necessary to achieve the maximum probability of blocking an unwanted publication or account.

Contact the best SMM Agency in the CIS to take advantage of a safe, effective, adapted service for Russian-speaking clients.

View the number of sent complaints about a publication or the profile is not publicly available on the social network Instagram, VK or YouTube. You can only complain. You can check for yourself how sending complaints works. Log in to your account, and send a complaint (complain). The same is done by other hundreds and thousands of users from their accounts for us, from unique profiles, unique devices.

We recommend ordering at least 4 out of 10 (40%) of the number of likes of the publication or potential traffic to the user's profile in Instagram. The most reliable option — order from 7 out of 10 (70%) of the number of likes of a photo or video. The higher the number of complaints, and the more intensive and continuous they are sent, the higher the probability of blocking the account or deleting the necessary publication.

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