Subscribers to the group and public (VK standard+)

Subscribers to the group and public (VK standard+)

590 RUB

Price per action 0.59 RUB (1000 items = 590 RUB)

Our service allows you to join a group or public page with our accounts! This service works with a small delay (artificial speed limit for entries). The speed limit increases the security of your order, which improves the quality of this service. Before placing an order, we recommend that you read the service rules and basic information from the VK FAQ.

Important: for your VK order to be accepted: the page must have more than 20 entries on behalf of the community; The number of days since the publication of the 1st entry must exceed 15 days; the number of participants must not be less than 10 people at the time of placing the order.

This service is provided with a discount according to your tariff plan. The order start time is within an hour. To start the order correctly, you must meet the above conditions (from 15 entries and 1 entry for more than 15 days, as well as the presence of 10 participants).

Absolutely all participants can be written off, even if the quality is improved offer subscribers can not guarantee the opposite. You can always use the service of adding subscribers-regular offers, as well as subscribers from advertising. Experiment and choose the service to fit your goals for the most effective set of subscribers to your Vkontakte page.

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