Subscribers to the group and public (VK business+)

Subscribers to the group and public (VK business+)

1290 RUB

Price per action 1.29 RUB (1000 items = 1290 RUB)

The highest quality of subscribers, quick start of the order. The minimum probability of write-offs and the appearance of dogs. A group or public page must be open and have no age restrictions to successfully launch an ad campaign. The order is launched with a guarantee. We guarantee a quick start of the order and a minimum probability of write-offs. To implement the service, the group must have 20 entries on behalf of the community, must not have age restrictions, and must be open.

Groups in Vkontakte open great opportunities for their owners, provided they are properly managed. Since Vkontakte users are willing to join groups and communities, the issue of promotion becomes very relevant. One of the main indicators of group success is the number of subscribed users. It is worth noting that a group with a larger audience not only attracts the attention of advertisers, but also new users.

Adding subscribers to a Vkontakte group is one of the most popular popular services for promotion in the social network. The more subscribers you have — the higher the group's position in the Vkontakte search results. It is also worth noting that users are more likely to join groups with a large number of subscribers. Usually, users who have long been registered in Vkontakte and have a sufficient number of views on their records join the community for this service.

You will see the first results of our work in the first hours of promotion. It will be expressed in new targets followers, likes, and sometimes comments from users who have subscribed to You. Our clients receive their first requests in the first week of promotion!

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