Video views with coverage (slow)

Video views with coverage (slow)

30 RUB

Price per action 0.03 RUB (1000 items = 30 RUB)

Instagram views with retention, coverage, and impressions - video views with coverage. Average speed of adding views. Instant start of the order, increased speed of adding views to the video. A large number of views increases the chance of getting a video in the trends.

Although Instagram is primarily associated with photos, but in social networks. the network has the ability to upload short videos. Such posts do not show the number of likes, as under normal photos, instead, the number of views. Adding a large number of views allows you to make a video in your Instagram more popular.

The start of the order is instant, but the speed of execution is average, which is justified by the low cost. The price of one view is 0.03 rubles, and accordingly 29 rubles per 1000 views. The quality of views is improved.

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