Current views (manual launch)

Current views (manual launch)

500 RUB

Price per action 0.5 RUB (1000 items = 500 RUB)

Everyone knows that the system on YouTube can detect automatic geting quite quickly, especially if you order very often only automatic promotion schemes. This means that there is always a risk of getting the channel blocked for this. But there is a risk-free solution — manual views that are launched by users from other, real accounts manually and without the help of special software.

Advantages and features of the service

Many users on YouTube are well aware that automatic and mechanical promotion systems have their drawback: if they are used too often and there are significantly more hyped views than real ones, then you can run into a channel block. But this can't apply to the manual launch of views, because in this case, the launch takes place without programs that speed up the process, so it will be simply impossible to detect such a get. For the system of the site itself it will look like a lot of views from the most ordinary users, who are regularly active on the site and manually view your videos. In this mode, you can also get YouTube views on all videos.

The advantages of ordering services from us are as follows:

  1. Start immediately after placing an order. As soon as the order status changes to "accepted by the system", manual views are added without your participation.
  2. Step-by-step adding of views, which is not in doubt, because all the procedure is completely natural.
  3. Views will be high-quality and with active regular accounts that show other activity in the system.

A minimum number of 1000 views is available for the order, which allows you to wind the corresponding number of real views in manual mode. To get the maximum effect from this version of the service, it is recommended to order from 100 thousand views, this is guaranteed to have a positive impact on the position of the video in the system.

Important: Views help keep videos on top of popularity by regularly displaying videos in YouTube trends when they have already reached the top 50.

You can use the same views for VEVO clips. All this allows you to maintain popularity and become more recognizable thanks to the promotion and advertising systems on YouTube. Internal promotion methods directly depend on the views and other activity of real users, so you can be sure of the effectiveness of this method way's.

Views in this case are not region-specific, and this should also be taken into account. You can always subscribe to YouTube views. Non-targeted views can be written off, even if they were performed manually. This risk is saved by using hold views, as well as alternating quick views and manual launch views to mimic the activity of real users and reduce the risk of these views being written off. However, this also, it does not guarantee 100 %, and in order for the order to be executed as correctly as possible, we do not recommend using several services for geting at once.

For all questions and problems of promotion in YouTube, you can consult our specialists, who are always ready to give full advice and tell you exactly how views will be wound up and how they will affect the promotion of the video in the YouTube system. Because today, for many people, the channel on the site is not just entertainment, but also a way to it is very important to keep track of statistics and promote each new video, investing in high-quality views of money to get the maximum effect.

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