Tell your friends VK (premium reposts)

Tell your friends VK (premium reposts)

1390 RUB

Price per action 1.39 RUB (1000 items = 1390 RUB)

Users share the record with their friends (repost it on their wall). We always add a bonus of +10%, based on the fact that some users can delete the repost of your record within a couple of days. Just like the social network itself with promotion, and users themselves can simply change their mind to repost your ad record.

Reasons why you should use VK reposts:
  • Subscribers and friends-this way you will get the biggest chain reaction, so when ordering promotion in VK, you need to choose exactly this option.
  • Groups, stores, and other communities-provided That you have administrator rights or are the owner.
  • Private message-repost is sent to a specific user in the message. No one else will be able to read the information sent. 
The order execution time for 1000 reposts is approximately 48 hours. Your entry must not contain more than two links. Links in posts for reposts for the selected service are prohibited.

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