Output in the TOP 10 (iTunes of the Russian Federation) chart for a day

Output in the TOP 10 (iTunes of the Russian Federation) chart for a day

68000 RUB

Price per action 68000 RUB (1 items = 68000 RUB)

Do you want your track to be in the top of Russian iTunes all day? Now it's possible. The top position in the iTunes chart is an effective way to get high coverage and a lot of listeners for your song. Expanding the target audience, attracting attention to the song and numerical listening - all this will be available to you when you order the service to display the track in the top.

iTunes is the most popular music platform for selling copyrighted content around the world. If you as a musician plan to stand out, become recognizable, popular and be heard — then you definitely need to use this service with us. You will get a temporary audience among a new audience, increase your popularity and become more visible among millions of other musicians.

Musicians, artists, producers choose us! And here's why:
  • Complete privacy: guarantee of natural hit in the trends!
  • Speed guarantee: output to the TOP trends in usually takes from 4 to 10 hours!
  • The appearance of a track IN the top iTunes + increasing its position in the the top is absolutely safe.
  • Getting a track in the top Aytuns is only due to 100% of live listening to the song.
  • When making an order to get to the TOP, you will get a 100% guarantee of the result.
  • Work on promoting a track to the top is done immediately, the process is automated.

Output to the top iTunes trends quickly and efficiently.
A song that reached the TOP 10 instantly becomes popular in the world of music. Visitors to the iTunes platform are potential listeners of future tracks and other musical works. The customer of the service's services significantly increases the income from listening to the declared musical hits, songs throughout Russia and the CIS.

Once you "shoot" in the music industry, you can become popular. Next, it is important to keep this popularity. It's not easy to break into the highest positions on the iTunes chart. However, the result is worth the effort. Specialists will allow your track to become popular and popular among users of the service.

Why is it necessary to order the withdrawal of the TOP trends iTunes?
A huge number of world artists are regularly placed on the vast music platform. Promotion of an artist and a specific track can be done if you place the song at the first place on the chart. Top iTunes artists always attract the attention of music fans, so a high number of auditions is guaranteed. If you are confident in your work and make quality material, do not doubt that most listeners will want to buy your song to their own store. collection. In this way, you can expand your target audience by adding several million new listeners. In addition, through the iTunes charts, musicians often get into radio and TV rotations.

A guarantee is provided for the output to the top iTunes trends!
To order the service of output in the top 10 iTunes with us is a real chance to become a mega-popular, recognizable and financially secure artist, musician or performer of a musical hit or track. We provide guaranteed promotion of copyright works in the TOP 1,5,10,50,100 Of the Russian iTunes chart For one day. The service can be ordered for a day (day). Contact us and you will become a star.

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Output music tracks in the top 20 iTunes trends in Russia for the day.

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Output of music tracks in the top 20 iTunes trends in Russia for a week.