Video views (very fast)

Video views (very fast)

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Price per action 0.29 RUB (10000 items = 2900 RUB)

Our era of digital technologies and the demand for communication via social networks causes a huge piety for resources such as Youtube. Many users do not miss the opportunity to watch the latest videos, learn more new and unusual things that go beyond the ordinary. Every day, Youtube is updated with tens of thousands of videos of various properties. It is visited daily by at least 450 million Internet users from all over the world.

The incredible capabilities of the resource can provide huge popularity for any of us. Just a few days is enough for a particular channel to gain millions of fans. But the competition on Youtube is very high, which makes the task much more difficult. In order to get ahead of the competition and bring your video to the TOP, you can order us a service for quick promotion of views .

Features of the quick view purchase service

We offer a really fast promotion of views, while we guarantee no sanctions from the Youtube administration. The terms of the order of service for promotion and after seeding in social networks:

  • The minimum number of views for an order is 100,000;

  • Number of additions up to 500,000 per day;

  • Keeping the user on the video page-10-100% randomly.

The proposed promotion will be most effective if you need to add at least 1,000,000 views of the material specified by the user. Video must be available for any category of viewers without age or gender restrictions. Adding the number of views takes place without attracting bots and software products that can negatively affect the channel's reputation, as well as lead to a ban. You can order the service on our website in a few minutes, and its execution will begin within 2 hours after the application is made. You just need to choose a package with the number of views you need and pay for the order.

Geting views is performed without hold videos at a high rate of adding them. The maximum number of views is 20,000,000. We can offer, but there may be delays in the process.

Views with retention are not guaranteed to last forever. If it is important to have guarantees for views, you can order reliable views. Premium orders provide reliable views and video retention.

At the same time, it should be taken into account that the maximum effect is given by geting views in a small number – up to 5 million per day. In this case, you can place an order automatically. If this amount is exceeded, please contact the administration, and we will start the order manually.

How geting will help you achieve popularity

It is known that Youtube users prefer to watch the most popular materials that gain a large audience. Get views and paid YouTube comments help attract target users. Successful videos more often it is in the field of view of those who follow the feed of the most popular videos of the day. This means that the chances of the material being viewed and appreciated will be increased.

What can be contained in the material? Yes, almost everything you can imagine. It can be used to test certain products, devices, mechanisms, and life hacks. Popular video is a great tool for advertising products and services, which many companies may be interested in manufacturers, famous brands, popular brands. There is no better way to promote your business.

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Comments from real users on the video, with a choice of comment type.

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